Emperor Valley Zoo Reviews Safety Measures After Python Bites Keeper

according to reports the zookeeper then fell to the ground while the snake attempted to wrap itself around him other zookeepers intervened and shortly after the snake was returned to its enclosure by two others the zookeeper was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital for treatment and later discharged the emperor Valley zoo confirmed that the incident took place they said the zookeeper involved received immediate assistance from his buddy zookeeper who was present with him during the feeding in keeping with a protocol which the zoo practices for certain animals the snakes jaw was removed forthwith from his clothing and he was treated for scrapes on his stomach area the Burmese python is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world it is a non venomous Python and has a big appetite preferring to eat large birds or sized animals and can grow to five meters on average the Python has rare word pointing teeth which can firmly hold on to its prey then it can wrap its body around the large prey although the species has a reputation for docility they are very powerful animals capable of inflicting severe bites even killing adults professional or multiple keepers by constriction the management of the Emperor Valley zoo said it is evaluating the circumstances which led to this incident so that further safety measures will be instituted if necessary Karen Kosair Philip TDT news

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  1. I saw this but the visitors were knocking on the glass and from what I know irritates them and he op6to feed and that's when he was bitten 😡😐

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