Essential Oils + Wellness Haul: March Essential Rewards Unboxing! [CC]

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome back to this month’s essential rewards unboxing. I feel like this might
be a little janky. I’ve got my camera like balanced on a table but then again
if you watch my day in my life videos, you probably figured out, I
balance my camera on all kinds of things so I just kind of set it up and figured
that this would work just fine so if you don’t know what essential rewards is I
have been doing these unboxings every month for like the last year and a half.
I don’t have all of them up anymore because the products that I’m going to
be showing you are natural health and wellness products and I unintentionally
made like claims about the product so a lot of them are not up anymore but I
think I have the last like four months worth of hauls up on my channel so if
you like watching this video you can go check those out and basically what
essential rewards is kind of like a loyalty program. Hey Dan, Bye Dan! It’s basically a way to get the products from young living that you use regularly
deliver to your doorstep every month and by signing on to this loyalty program
they basically give you rewards that’s why it’s called essential rewards and
you get rewards in two different ways. One you receive points for being on this
program and those points can be redeemed like cash on the website and then also
by purchasing through the rewards program by having this shipment every
month, you get free products and those free products that they just give out
they call them…what do they call them? Oh! They call them promos! Those change
every month and this month’s promos which you should still have time if you
end up wanting to sign up to qualify for this month’s promos, I wanted to get this
video up earlier for you guys but I didn’t. I had a lot go on in the last month
you know that if you follow me or let’s say on Instagram but even I’m here
talked about it it’s just been a crazy month so I’m gonna go ahead and just
unbox this and share with you everything that I got and yeah I’m pretty cuz I
know I’m very excited about the promos this month and I’m also just very
excited about my order this month this whole shipment just I’m excited! I decided I needed to turn off that fireplace. I was being a poser. It’s really not that cold in here. The fireplace wasn’t making me hot so all
right guys..I’ll go ahead and hop right into this. So first up…ummm I order these basically every month because I am so obsessed. It’s actually I’d say my favorite oil blend that Young
Living makes potentially and that is the blend called valor you hear me talk
about this month after month and so like I said pretty much every month I order
two bottles to refuel or refill my stash. I love diffusing valor I love wearing
valor I love adding valor even to other mixes even though valor is already a mix
and it is a mix of black spruce leaf oil, camphor wood oil, blue tanzy which is one
of my favorite single note oils I figured that out through valor
um frankincense oil and geranium oil and it is just so delicious and when I first
got valor, it’s very interesting that I find that oils can work this way. I
liked it, I wasn’t obsessed with it and then the longer I had it I literally
started to crave it like I grew an obsession towards it. So valor, you are my
bae. Okay they send you your oils, by the way, in these little like cardboard tube
thingamabob areas probably should have done this before but I was trying to see
what is in each tub because some of the oils that I got this month they’re actually
for a giveaway that I was running so I’m trying to like I’m kind of seeing as I
go but I ordered two bottles of an oil that I love that I haven’t ordered in a
while and that is peace and calming and I realized I was like wait every time I
go to reach for peace and calming like I don’t have it anymore and so I’m super
happy to have this refilled in my stash and peace and calming is a blend that
consists of tangerine oil… I love tangerine oil um orange oil, Ylang Ylang oil, patchouli and blue tansy which I mentioned before and blue tansy
I said this in last month’s haul if you saw that um it’s really interesting
because I went on a vacation when I was a kid to Monterey with my family and
there was a smell out there that I had never smelled ever again and it stuck in
my memory is one of my favorite smells ever and I didn’t figure out till Young
Living that that smell was blue tansy. which I guess is like a it’s a chamomile
flower I think so really cool that I found the scent because now I can have
it all the time but that is a smell that is in peace and calming and I love it
and it’s great for sleep support for peace just like the title says and I..hmm so
good! Oh! So yeah thieves was a promo this month duh because this month’s promos are all thieves based which if you watch all of
my day in my life videos or my cleaning videos you might be like thieves I’ve
heard you talk about thieves the like the cleaner and the cleaner is actually
based around the essential oil blend that they make and so I got tons of free
thief stuff that I’ll be showing you in a little bit and I’m so excited but also
they sent a thieves oil so this was totally free as a reward for being on
their loyalty program. Yes! Yes! so exciting I got the citrus baes! I got orange oil, citrus fresh which is a blend of…oh if you’ve been reading my info boxes lately
for my like semi secret not-so-secret giveaways just for people that like
really pay attention to my videos I’ve been giving away lots of citrus fresh
and citrus fresh is one of my other favorite blends and I’ll read it to you
and you’ll be like oh that’s right it’s one of your favorite blends um this has
orange peel oil, tangerine oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, Mandarin oil and spearmint
oil it’s so good and then I got some tangerine oil. Citrus oils are some of my
favorite oils I feel so basic bae
saying that I feel like in the oil community people that are like really
into oils make fun of people that love citrus oils but I love the citrus oils
so much they’re like happy oils and so uplifting and they make everything smell
amazing and I just I was actually like excited while placing order to like
refill my citrus stash! Okay so I got a bottle of lavender oil because lavender
is life. Lavender was my gateway oil into all oils because I saw literal
miracles take place with lavender that I can’t say because we’re not allowed to
make claims that extreme about oils but you can find a lot of this stuff online
that other people might talk about but lavender is great for sleep support for
skin support that’s one of my favorite things about lavender um and it’s just
so calming and soothing and I love it so much! Then I ordered some lemon oil. I love lemon to diffuse, I like lemon
occasionally for skin care but you have to be really careful with all citrus
oils do not apply it before going out in the Sun or you will literally get a burn
like my sister burned herself that way someone that watches my videos actually
burned herself that way like it’s horrific so if you ever use any on
citrus oil on your skin do not apply it before going out into the Sun it says
that on the packaging um but I just wanted to say that because I literally
was like horrified when I saw that on my sister and my subscriber I’m like “nooooo”
so um yeah but I love it and I also love lemon for cleaning the other day I had
some gunk in my bathroom on the edge of like the counter between where like the
counter in the mirror and the counter hit and I haven’t been able to get this
gunk out and I was like “Oh I’ll use lemon oil” and so I put some lemon oil
and let it sit for like two minutes scrubbed right off like thick gunk it
was crazy so I love this stuff um and then I believe this was free…yes this
was a promo they sent me orange vitality which if you don’t know the difference
between the regular labels and vitality oils…the vitality oils are
labeled for ingestion so you know when looking at this you can ingest it. I
around Valentine’s Day made an oils video and I made some orange chocolate-covered
strawberries and I used my orange vitality in that, oh my gosh, it was so
good. It was actually upsetting..delicious! Okay, so um next up I don’t know why it’s
packaged like this but okay I got a bottle of grapefruit oil. Grapefruit,
another one of my favorite citrus blends and I’m so happy that I got this again
because I just ran out of my grapefruit oil. (random clinking noise) Can you guys hear that? There’s a lot of like gardening… Yeah so grapefruit oil. I just ran out of my
grapefruit oil so I’m super excited to have that be restocked. I love to diffuse
it. I like to put on grapefruit vitality oil in clear sparkling water and making
my own like grapefruit soda so so good okay let’s open up the next tube. Yes oh okay so this is definitely promo because I actually have heard of it but I don’t
know if I’ve ever smelled it this is Kunzea oil so this was
free I don’t know anything about what Kunzea does um but got that oil for free
and then Northern Lights black spruce I ordered and I love Northern Lights black
spruce I’ve described this as like walking through a forest after it rained
so I love to diffuse this at night after a shower with like some lavender maybe a
little bit of orange or tangerine and a little bit of blue tansy and it’s like
yeah it is like walking through a forest after its rained and it’s so good not
that I’ve spent a lot of time in forests after its rained but that’s
what I imagined and it smells amazing and the oil is harvested from black
spruce trees that um grow underneath where the Northern Lights are in Canada
I guess and so I don’t know there’s some kind of belief around what that does
like energetically to the trees but all I know is it smells amazing and my
mind and my body love it. Oh you know what that’s what’s going on I have
multiple bottles of grapefruit because it’s grapefruit oils that I have been
giving away recently so I have multiple bottles of grapefruit but this is not
technically part of my E.R. haul because I’m not keeping them there giveaways for
different people that are in my little community so by the way I didn’t open
this up at the top of the video and then I’m gonna go into my favorite promos of
the whole thing but if you’re ever interested in essential rewards or any
just essential oils or thieves cleaning products or any of it feel free to send
me a DM on my oils Instagram account. I am a distributor for Young Living
because after buying their products for a year I realized ok I love them so much
I’m just gonna like sign up and have my own little community and links and team
and all of that so if you want any information just feel free to send me a
message there. Okay so the best promos of all this is
like the promo month I think everybody waits for the whole year because it’s so
good! People ask me a lot where I got my thieves glass cleaning bottle that says
thieves on it and it was during this promo month last year so they didn’t
send that again but I just got all the free thieves so first off I’m excited
because I’m almost out I got a bottle of thieves laundry soap and I love this
stuff it smells amazing I love that it is plant-based and I
mostly use this to be honest on all of my darks um like my pastels and just
anything I want to be gentle with. I still use a traditional laundry soap on
towels, rugs, sheets, although actually I use these on my sheets the other day so
that’s not even true at all but I still alternate with a traditional laundry
soap um but I love this stuff and just like everything else in my life I kind
of strive for this like balance you know I’m not completely dairy-free and people
would be like well why do you use things like vegenaise I’m like because I just
don’t want to have like all of the dairy, all of the time.
I’m kind of like that with everything in my life so yeah smells amazing, love it!
Next up, I got a free bottle of thieves dish soap which is also amazing now what
Dan and I like to do with the thieves dish soap is we actually water it down
because it’s not a huge bottle and he likes to use a lot of soap today I think
when I water it down I’m gonna end up adding some baking soda to the mix
because I’ve heard that can make it suds even more sometimes with more natural
soaps you don’t get as much of a suds but I’ve heard the baking soda really
suds it up um but yeah so pretty excited about that. Dan is the one that
does the dishes and I don’t even know that’s pretty much that’s pretty much it
then oh we got a refill of thieves housecleaner. You know if you watch my
day my lifes or my cleaning videos I’m obsessed with this cleaner plant-based, works on every single surface I’m not kidding toilets, stainless steel,,
on countertops, windows, mirrors, everything and then you’re not breathing
in all of those harsh chemicals which I really like. When I used to use
traditional cleaners, I always felt like everything had to be open I mean don’t
get me wrong I like opening windows when I clean but I felt like everything had
to be open because it was like toxic and like my skin would feel pruney and my
lungs would like burn and you get none of that with thieves cleaner it’s
amazing! um then and I’m super excited about this
for the produce that I do buy from grocery stores and that is the thieves
fruit and veggie soak so it’s just a cleaner for your fruits and veggies and
I’m excited to give this a try so I’ve gotten this before and I haven’t used it
yet so if you’re like “wait I thought you would already like given it a try..”
No this second bottle is just a reminder to me that I need to actually give it a
try so then I got a new a bottle of the thieves hand soap which I am obsessed
with and happy to have this on a backup I have the big refill and I just
refilled like all of our hand soaps with the thieves hand soap but I’m just
excited to be getting more. Oh and then this is cool
they sent over a microfiber all-purpose towel. I’m assuming just for like
cleaning and stuff so yeah that is it guys. That brings us to the end of my ER
unboxing. I’m gonna go ahead and link the playlist down below if you want to
look at my previous er unboxings and don’t forget feel free to contact me if
you have any questions or you want any information. If you end up joining
my team my little oily family that would be so exciting and yeah I don’t know I
feel like I end these so awkwardly, I’ll see you guys hopefully back here soon with
another new video bye! {Music playing}

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