EVA Air In-Flight Safety Demonstration Video (Online Version)

33 thoughts on “EVA Air In-Flight Safety Demonstration Video (Online Version)

  1. This was the most painful part of my flights with Eva air. There were better ways to get the point across than some stupid dance show. Air France, Asiana, and Ana had better videos. This video is a good deterrent from flying with Eva.
    Some parts of these video made the dancers look like they were on drugs or having seizures.

  2. wow so many haters! this is so much better than the boring/generic ones! not every airline can pull off modern dance for safety video! 😉

  3. I liked it, I thought it was a refreshing change from the countless other safety demo's I've sat through. In fact I liked most everything about EVA Air. LAX > TPE > BKK and back. I pretty much have the buckling, adjusting, and unbuckling the seat belt down pat. Not that complicated once you get the hang of it. Tray tables and seat backs too. Pretty sure I would know what to do with the oxygen mask if it dropped out of the ceiling. Never had a water landing so can't say for sure if I could handle the inflatable vest but I would hope so.

  4. This is the worst safety demo I have EVER seen. Pathetic. 5 mins 30 secs of JUNK. Safety demos are to give people LIFE SAVING information. Keep it SHORT. Less than 2 minutes. What the hell is this theater??? Is this a joke?? FAIL.

  5. Terrible safety video, doesnt really help to understand anything, even how to buckle and unbuckle seat beat. All I can see is just people dance.

  6. I travel 3 times a year back to Taiwan, after a year watching videos more than 6 times, still have no idea what the … AS "5 STARS" SAFETY RATING AIRLINE, Eva should replace this safety video immediately. You can't understand without reading lines below. Please separate "SAFETY" with "ART", be simple and clear. The worst safety video ever seen.

  7. Eva Air, you need to improve this. This looks a lot like Air Astana's safety video except the other one is more impressive.

  8. What is the point of dancing? Why can’t they just use the good old safety video? I cringed so hard whenever i see this video

  9. It was hard for me to stay focused. By the 1 minute mark I was already searching for another video to see. Sorry EVA I think this is a FAIL>>>>>>>

  10. I honestly like the old one much better than this one. The whole point of a safety video is to demonstrate Inflight Safety and what to do in an emergency. Trying to captivate passengers by having a bunch of dancers isn't the point here – and its really distracting. What matters more is that everyone knows how to stay safe and react in an emergency.

  11. This is a joke, right? After landed at the airport I had to pull this video out to show my friends and laugh at it. This is such a terrible video from safty point of view. Both ladies sitting next to me in EVA plane agreed as well. During the English speaking part, the video does not match what it was saying. Bunch of dancers dancing to unrelated things. THIS IS A SAFTY VIDEO! .What if I don't speak English or Chinese, then I may wonder why an adult putting the oxygen mask on another adult, or why the dancers are pulling out the vest from a cubic box and not the seat. I know many of us has been in a plane before so it may not be that important to us. However, if a person has never been in a plane before then I can see a whole bunch of confusing popping up.

  12. J'adore ! I love it! It is fresh and creative! For some reason, it feels even better to watch aboard a plane!

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