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Dude, what are you doing? We have to go to the shoot for Go Gourmet and here you are scanning the bio-metrics of these vegetables! I am screwed up right now, what do I tell you! I am very irritated! What happened? On one side mom has asked me to buy vegetables! Okay! On the other hand, the director is after my life! I don’t understand vegetables! It’s okay, keep calm! Today, I’ll take you to a modern farm, okay? And there I’ll give you a A-Z course on vegetables! Okay? We’ll get tomatoes there? Tomatoes, cucumber, you’ll get everything! Let’s go! Bro, you said you’ll take me to a farm! This doesn’t look like a farm from any angle! This is modern farm! What is a modern farm? Should I tell you everything here? Let’s go in and check! And we’ll fill your bag with whatever your mom has ordered! Hi Kanika! Hey! I was waiting for you actually! Sorry, I’m late! He is Shashank! Kanika! She is a grower in Nature’s Miracle! You were asking about the farm, she’ll tell you about it! Come, we’ll show you a miracle! Guys, you have to wear these things! It’s a hygiene protocol! So guys, this is our pepper zone! We actually have 4 zones – Strawberries, tomatoes there, cucumbers there and peppers here! We are growing hydroponically here! What is that? What is that? We’ll break it down! Hydro is water and Ponic is working! So, we are growing plants here and we are giving nutrients… … to the inert medium which is the coco weed! We give nutrient infused water to that through the drips! Oh, these are drips! Yeah, you’ll see water here! We only give the amount of water required to a plant! So, all this is computerized? Yes, fully automated! We have colored peppers… Red Yellow And green! Also, all peppers are green first! Really? Do you know that? So, I challenge you guys! Challenge? Maybe you’re on the wrong show! No, we’re on the right show! So, I’ll challenge you to eat this! Red pepper? Yeah! Will you try? I have a good tolerance for spice! Are you sure? This is not spicy! Of course, it’s not spicy! This is what they call… This is damn sweet! This is actually sweet! This is what they call Snack Pepper! Let’s go! Oh my god! This is beautiful! I’ve never seen this variety of tomatoes before! Look at this! What all varieties of tomato do you have? Basically, we have three varieties! We have candy tomatoes, we have block plums and cherries! But in those basic varieties, we have lots of variations! I never knew there are so many types of tomatoes! Did you know? Tell us in the comments! Tomatoes beyond desi tomatoes! Tell us in the comments, if you know! Do you want to pull? Yes, aunty told you to get tomatoes, right? Can you give me some, please? We cut it! The are for my mother! Mom, tomatoes! We’ve given him tomatoes! I’ve got my tomatoes! Let’s go now! So guys, we have snack cucumbers here! Snack cucumber? What is snack cucumber? Tiny cucumbers! At least tell me one recipe! You didn’t tell me last time too! So basically, there is feta cheese and burrata cheese! So, take either feta or burrata, pan toss these cherry tomatoes and add some sunflower nuts or… …add any other nuts! I mean you’ll eat your fingers! Else, come to the cafe someday! He’s giving fresh recipes! This is the benefit of such friends! I’ll cook and they’ll eat! She will grow the vegetables, he will cook them and I will eat! It was a fantastic day! Everything produced here so fresh! And everything looks so beautiful! I know! So, I got you some fruits! For your mother and for your restaurant! Thank you so much! You have the ingredients now, at least cook something! Let’s do one thing! Let’s go to Go Gourmet and make a salad from this! What do you say? Okay, let’s go! Thank you so much for this, Kanika! Thank you, Kanika! Come, this is the kitchen! Hello chef! Hey Sadaf, how are you? I am good! Meet Shashank! How are you doing? Shashank, he is the Corporate Chef of Go Gourmet! So, all the good food comes from him! So guys, please make something for me! I am very hungry! We’ll make! What will you do till then? So, I’ll go now and meet Mr. Arjun and find out the story behind Go Gourmet! You guys both get to work! Great! See you guys! So, I’ll be your sous chef today! I’ll help you to cook today! Hello! I was looking for you! Hi Shashank! So, this is Mr. Arjun Bhartia! He is the brains behind Go Gourmet! So, I can’t wait to see your kitchen! Come, let me show you around! Let’s go! How did you come up with the concept of Go Gourmet? How was that beginning like? So, I used to work in Gurgaon and I realized at that time, this was in 2010! There was actually nothing healthy to eat! So, I thought there has got to be something that is healthy, reasonably priced and something… …that is available everywhere! That’s the most important thing! Sounds good! So, let’s do a Roast Chicken and Kale Salad! We’ve designed this! We get fresh vegetables, then we have cherry tomatoes that comes directly from the farm! Our main concept is it reaches to the customer in a fresh way! So, here’s the kitchen! This is the main cooking area! This is the hot area! Basically! So, this is actually functional 24 hours in a day! 24 hours! So, something is being made here all the time! It’s healthy food so, a lot of spinach! Oh yeah! Like Popeye! There are so many things in your menu! Where did the paneer tikka wrap come in between? So, we are making a fresh and healthier paneer wrap! We are getting fresh vegetables cut in it! We’ll use low fat paneer and the gram weight of that paneer… …is not high! It’s not very oily! We will do a Falafal wrap! And it goes to get grilled live at the stove! Oh, wow! So, you get a nice crispier wrap when you want to have it! This is the main assembly line! After all the food has been prepared over there, it’s put together and packaged over here! I can’t help but notice a weighing scale over here! Everything is weighed over here! You know the calories counts we write on a packaging, this is the only way to be accurate! This is being packaged now! This is the Tomato Ravioli with Mushroom! The whole idea is to be able to give a vast ray of products… …but in a small space and everything being prepared properly! Thank you so much for talking with me! Thanks for coming by! It was fantastic! Let’s go! Now I’m going to find Shashank! He was hungry! Listen to me! Is something ready to eat? Everything is ready, sir! The food is ready, we’ve packed it! Can we go out to eat? Oh, we’ve come here to eat? Hello! Yes, sir! I’ve got you here today! It’s really nice! Look, apart from the food I’ve cooked for you, there are sandwiches here! Incase you want to order that or if you want to have some juice! Dude let’s have somthing to drink! So, I;m going to have Hibiscus tea, what about you? I’ll have the pom lemonade! Looks very colorful! I know, it looks very colorful! Sir, one hibiscus tea and one pom lemonade! And you’ve set the food, right? Yes, the food is ready! Let’s go and sit! I got Pomegranate juice, lemon, sugar… Thank you! And this is what I made you! Okay! This was our surprise! So let;s try this now! Start, sir! I’ll start with salad first and I’ve never said this before in my life! Toss this dressing in… …close the lid! Look at this! It wasn’t green before, now it’s all green! You can see the greenness here! Now, if you look at it, all our kale leaves have been properly tossed and are up! It’s really colorful! The flavour of Kale leaves is very good! Cheers! How is it? Oh, damn nice! Let’s have the burrito bowl! Yes, the burrito bowl! Pick this up! How is it? Very nice! So Mr. Chef, what should we do? Mix it properly first! The whole bowl should be mixed! Now that you’ve said! Should I do it like this? Okay sir! It is ready! Now sir, one spoon of this and a little sour cream! Together? First eat this Now a little this! How was the flavor? The amount of flavors that explode in your mouth, it’s like a party happening in your mouth! It’s a chaat meal! Item number three is Falafal wrap! Damn nice! This looks like something you can have on the go! Ready? There is beetroot in this too! Yes, it has beetroot, falafal! This has a little tahini! Tahini? Tahini is like a sesame paste! Try this now! This aioli does magic! Even this wrap is absolutely fantastic! Aioli makes it wonderful! By itself, it’s nice! But by this… …out of this world! It’s level goes out of this world! We’ll eat now and we’ll see you on the other side! We had an amazing day today! First we went to Nature’s Miracle! Everything was so colorful! Delicious food! Then we went to GoGourmet to taste some amazing food! The food was amazing! Sir, tell us how much will you rate GoGourmet? I made the food there! I assembled it! I think rating wise, that Mexican bowl was yum! Yes, that was fantastic! The juice was tasty too! It was amazing! Based on all these things, I’m going to give them 4 rating! 4 stars! It is very nice! If you want to come here then the price for two will be around Rs.400-500! which is fantastic! It’s a great alternative to your lifestyle! You’ll lifestyle will change! Eat healthy, eat well! Correct! So, today’s trivia question? You ask! Today’s trivia question is what was the name of the cheese that Sadaf told today in the recipe… …at Nature’s Miracle? Rewind the video, watch it and tell us in the answer in the comments! Anyway, please keep liking our videos, please keep commenting on our videos, subscribe to our channel! And share the video as well! Share the video! Till then I am Shashank I am Sadaf And you have been Served!

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  1. Fata/buratta cheese dono mai se koi ek 😍😍 shashank bhai great reviewer and a great chef with shashank

  2. sad to see eat treat pandering to these corporates just for some sponsorship.
    At least mention that this video is sponsored…

  3. Yes definately..with trend shifting towards healthy foods more such places should be explored……nice video btw.
    And the answer is fetta /burata cheese

  4. A comment I have wanted to make for some time now.
    Shashank, Served was a great segment till you were doing it alone. The connection you make with the audience, with your happy go lucky foodie attitude, is second to none, not even Rohit and Abhishek.
    But ever since the new person, the one who is a chef, came into the show, Served has not been the same.
    The quality of the content has suffered, mainly in terms of the anchor(s) making a connection with the audience. I am sorry to say, and this is my individual perception, but the new person seems a bit aloof and arrogant, particularly with his gait and dialogue delivery.
    Of course, I am nobody to represent the opinion of other viewers, but notice a downturn in the traffic and reception of the more recent videos.
    In conclusion, Shashank, you were better off presenting Served alone, in a way that only you can.

  5. Modern farm hota..
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    Jo Dikhta hai ..Matlab Jo dikhana hai ..
    Wahi bechna..
    Out of 10 /9 people are selfish and selfish in social media..
    They are once…
    But they will not like my comment because ..
    Truth is bitter then neem

  6. There's a kiosk at my workplace but apart from the udon chicken bowl and the garlic dip didn't find the food very tasty.

  7. So, basically they adopted the EUROPEAN everyday foods name of fresh and healthy food. You can buy this kind of food in all European supermarkets. But European they don't consider this is healthy because after wrapping anything in plastic its not healthy.

  8. Man I still wouldn’t eat produce out of green house, these are still climate controlled products grown artificial

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