– All right everybody, we’re going to take you down a drive down Fitness Street, AKA Soi Taied, here at Phuket, Thailand right now. We’re at the beginning
of the street, right here and the crazy, crazy traffic here. (background noise drowns out other sounds) and we’re going to take you
on the back of the scooter and show you Fitness Street now. (relaxing music) There we go. That’s the smile I wanna see. That’s cool. Yep. – Do you want two? – Just one. – One?
– Yep. Are you going to eat it now? – Belgian chocolate. – Can we have it after class though? – Okay, okay. Okay. – Should I get lots? – Just get six of them. – Have a great day. – You too. – Bye. – Picking an outfit before you have your Muay Thai class. I love it. You going to train in them? – I don’t know. – I think you should. – Oh, my gosh, they have hedgehogs. – I think you should. – There are hedgehogs. There are eggs. – Try on the mermaids. Go. – (clerk murmuring) Small. You want two? – Try it on. Yeah. – Oh, (murmurs) – No, those two. I like that. – They’re cute, yeah. – Very, very nice. I really like it. I think the pineapples actually I like them. I really like them. The pineapples, though. – Yeah? – Okay. Model them? – They think I’m crazy. – Turn around? Turn around? Yeah. – Mmm. – Is it nice? – Mmm. It is so – Is it? Amazing? – Good. Mm-hmm. – All right, everybody. Robs is about to do a
1-on-1 private session with Kru Paeng here at Tiger Muay Thai. I’m going to be filming the highlights of her training session. It is also the last day for us here. We’re flying out of Phuket, Thailand tomorrow morning, off to Burma. That’s going to be a
separate video series. Stay tuned for that. We’ll be in Burma for one week, and then I fly back to Melbourne for a week, and then off to the UK for Christmas with her family. And I meet them for the first time, so stick around for those videos. But in the meantime, I’ll be filming her in her new avocado leggings that we just bought or she just bought 10 minutes ago. She’s about to go and do a training session. So, let’s get into this as she stretches and warms up right now. Over to Robsy-Bobsy. – I’ve got here an amazing trainer, this guy here. (rooster crowing) Tiger Muay Thai, with this
rooster in the background! Is that your rooster? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh you’ve got two? – One… Two over there, and (background noise overpowers voice) – He’s a great man. – Good luck to you, my friend. – He’s a great man, this guy. I’ll see you next time. – (mumbles) – Next year. Next year. (relaxing music) All right, quick update. 8th of December. It’s about 6:20 at night. Robs is about 20 minutes of the way through a private Muay Thai session with Kru Paeng here at Tiger Muay Thai. You probably noticed the, it’s not as high intense as her usual, or even my private sessions here. He’s kind of well known
around here as being a very relaxed trainer. So he’s focusing more
on technique with her. And so if you’re looking
at doing Muay Thai or even just fitness but you were looking for
something really cool like Muay Thai, then definitely train with Kru Paeng. He’s definitely a respected trainer around here and definitely Yeah, 700 baht. 700 baht. And I’ll throw
the conversions up, but it’s definitely worth it. So, yeah. Great training
session in progress right now. Our 30 seconds. How do
you feel, Robsy-Bobsy? – It’s amazing. Today it’s quite like that kid over
there. Turn the camera, oh, you missed it. It’s really hardcore fitness. (rooster crows) It’s just technique, and he’s a master. So it’s like I don’t know, so amazing learning from him. It’s slow, but it’s really making me think, and it’s really making me be present. So I’m really enjoying it, yeah. And look, I’m a Christmas
tree, apparently. I mean, it is Christmas coming up. – Is that what he said? – No, I’m just thinking it myself. Look at it. (grunts) (grunts) – And again? – That’s how you do it! It’s like it clicked! – He does the tap. – It’s amazing.
– Tap, tap. – Yeah, that’s good. – Robsy. We’re leaving tomorrow. – I don’t want to go. – We’re leaving tomorrow. – I really don’t want to go. I’m only just beginning. Damn. It’s hard, guys. (grunts) – Yes! Yes! (cries out) – Okay. Good luck to you. – Hello everyone. I am at Tiger Muay Thai And I think, as you can see, I’ve just finished a class in my new, by the way, avocado leggings. They’re pretty bright. Avocado leggings, pink gloves These wraps. I look like a Christmas
tree, it’s quite funny. – A Christmas tree. – But fun, really fun. Anyway, so today’s been pretty hectic. I actually have been filming a Pilates course So I was I did, what, two, two and a half hours of Pilates before coming here. And then last minute, decided to do this class, this private class with the trainer, Kru Paeng. And he is I mean, it’s 6:00 at night
so there’s no one here. He is one of the, he’s a very advanced trainer, like a master. I’ve trained with him before, but today I learnt the most incredible techniques with him. And he, the difference I feel with him is that he, I think because he’s so old school and he’s a master, he also concentrates on the art of what Muay Thai is. For example, I went to see a fight the other day to watch some of our trainers, and I noticed, one of them was doing this thing with
their toe, like this, as they were fighting. I was sitting up there, I was trying to figure
out what it all was for. And then Kru Paeng today
showed me the technique using the toe, and then
the power of the kick and how to do that. And it’s changed my whole mindset, around the power of the strike of the leg and how to actually do it. And so it wasn’t about just punching, although I was giving it. (stutters) By the way, figured out my gloves are too big, and that’s why my hands are sore. I unfortunately got, I think a size, one size too big. And so I figured that out today as I was training. So, really important to get the right size gloves, because you will get hurt. My hands have been very sore. I’ve had to take anti-inflammatories for them. But yeah, it was just the most awesome session. Such a nice way to end off being here after three weeks. I’m actually so sad about leaving because I feel like I’m just, I’m just beginning. I’m starting to, I’ve clocked it. Like I’m starting to get it, and now we’re going tomorrow. Although, Burma’s probably
going to be pretty cool. But yeah, I’m just, I’m so grateful to be here, and gosh. If you can get here, come. It is the most awesome experience, kind of life-changing as well. So, yeah. I really enjoyed it. Yeah, I’ve learned a lot, and yeah, that’s it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Brad for bringing me here and telling me about this awesome place, Soi Taied. Bye. – You’re on. – Fuck. Goodbyes are hard. Goodbyes are really hard. It is the 8th of December, it is about 7:00 at night and this is the final video for the series of training here at Fitness Street. I’m really sad, guys. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to leave, like Robs now, she’s filming right now and she just had a private 1-on-1 session with Kru Paeng just a moment ago. And just a short reflection on the last three weeks of training, not just here at Tiger Muay Thai but also doing training
sessions all over the place, mixing it up with
strength and conditioning and outdoor training and the thunder, and the lightning in the background right now. Every night, there’s thunder to see us off. But over the past three weeks it’s been an incredible experience. I’ve been here a few times now on Soi Taied/Fitness Street. I’ve been to Tiger Muay Thai a few times. I’ve met a few of you already watching these videos, face-to-face while I’ve been here. It’s been incredible just to see how you’ve watched the February series or the October series last year, older series last year and you’ve actually come out here and tasted it for yourself. You know, once you’re here, you don’t wanna leave. I don’t know anybody that’s come here and gone, I can’t to leave. So it’s really sad right now. Six days a week training, meeting incredible people
from all around the world from many different countries. Just quickly, I just
noticed this actually. Have a look at all the flags up on the wall, up on the ceiling just a representation of the people that come here from all
around the world and train. And Tiger don’t know I’m
even filming this video; I’m not getting paid to make this video by anybody. This is just straight from the heart to the lens that if you just want to lose a
bit of weight, get in shape, do something new with
your fitness journey, try something different. For me, I have an amateur
bodybuilding background and I was in the gym for years, training and lifting weights and this is just an incredible, different type of training that I’ve only discovered a couple years ago. I’m not even that, like I’m at beginner, intermediate but even then, if you
just want to come in here and get in shape, meet new people. One guy that I met from one of the videos is like fat camp, and he loves this place. You’ve got to come out here and experience it for yourself. I’ve done gajillions of
videos on this series, go and check them out, from where to eat to what to do, where to train, how much it costs, scooter hire, ice baths, Unit 27 strength and
conditioning training, training programmes, meal plans, the lot. Go and check them out. If you ever come out here, let me know. But yeah, super sad to leave. Hopefully one day, if I
haven’t met you already, maybe I’ll meet you one
day out here at Tiger or Top Team, or TMY, or Chokchai, or Unit 27, or training on the beach or on the street somewhere in the world. Thanks for watching the series, and I can’t wait to come back with Robsy, back to Soi Taied/Fitness Street. Thanks again, guys. (foreign language spoken) (relaxing music) – And coconut. I love coconut so much. They’re not the same in
bottles anywhere else. I don’t like I like the normal and real ones.


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