Fast Total Body Track Workout

welcome to, I’m Chellena Ginsmore, I’m here with Angela Gargano and she’s going to be showing you a short
track workout let’s get started we’re gonna start off with some forward lunges
to a kickback reaching up and hip extension number to squeeze those foods
on the way up a nice step forward weaving in and out gonna do these exercises for 30 seconds
and then moving on to next class get to a 90 degree angle at both need to
move on to the next exercise which is side shuffle then I can go get to the
other side you can ask what they were doing each exercise for total of 30
seconds now we have our modified guerrillas like
an interim but you’re gonna do a guerilla jump forward to watch out by
hand wringing their legs and their marks backed out breathing and on the way back blocking the hand that feed him by the
hands training a leg alright you got it we’d like you to do each exercise for 30
seconds more times thru thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video
let us know how you do in the comments below and stay tuned for more videos
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4 thoughts on “Fast Total Body Track Workout

  1. Gee why didn't my coach teach us this? I did track back in the day (110 HHurdles & Relays). We did the plyometrics [lottsa bounding and hopping] but not your aforementioned techniques in video. 

    Great stuff!

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