Fernando the Silver Fox | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy, just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now we always start
in the same way and that’s by
sitting on our bottoms, with our legs crossed and we bring our hands
together at our hearts and we say our secret
yoga code word which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. There? Now, we are ready to begin. Now, shall we find out who
our story is about today? Yes. Let’s look through
the cosmonoculars Bringing your thumbs
and fingers together have a look through. Wow! Would you look at that? It’s so pretty. Goodness me! Can you see the picture? Can you see what it is? It’s a silver fox. It’s Fernando,
the silver fox of the night. Look… He’s doing yoga. Fernando’s doing aeroplane pose. Oh! Fernando he’s very good at showing us
what the dark is all about and so we don’t have to
be scared a bit anymore. Right. Let’s get ready for
a night-time adventure with Fernando the Silver Fox. We want to be able to
see in all directions so we get our necks
warmed up. We look all the way down and all the way up all the way down and all the way up. Coming back to the middle we look over one shoulder and over the other shoulder over one shoulder over the other shoulder and back to the
middle again. We tilt our ear
towards our shoulder Umm-Umm and we come back
to the middle. We tilt our ear to
the other shoulder and yes, there we go getting a lovely stretch
around our necks then we go round
in a circle all the way around one way and round in a circle all the way around
the other way. There! Now we’ve got
a nice warm neck. Time to make a sandwich I think
for a midnight snack later. We put our legs out long and we butter our bread. Ready? Butter! Butter! Butter! Butter! Butter! Butter! Bit more. Butter! Butter! Butter! Tiny bit more. Butter! Butter! Butter! There! That’s probably enough butter. Arms out wide we’re going to twist round and get something really
healthy for our sandwich. Let’s get some cucumber crunchy cucumber We twist around get the cucumber and we go Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!
Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!
Chop! Chop! Chop! Mmm! Lovely. Now we take our arms
out wide again and let’s get some
squishy tomatoes Mmm! We twist around and get
our squishy tomatoes and we go Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish!
Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish!
Squish! Squish! Squish! Done. We lift our arms up nice and tall bending our knees a little bit so we can put the top slice
of bread on our sandwich. There! Now we’re ready. We cross our legs and we lean over one way to get
a torch to put in our backpack. We reach behind us and pop it in using our other hand
to help it go inside. Then we reach over the other
way for our cosmonoculars and we put our cosmonoculars
in our backpack as well using our hand
to help them in. There! Now we’re ready to go. We just need to wait until
it gets dark enough so we hide in bed. Coming to your bottom bend your knees feet flat hands behind your bottom lift yourself up
into a bed shape. Huh! We need to be as
quiet as a mouse. Shhh! Coming on to your knees tuck yourself down into
a little mouse shape and breathe slowly
until it gets dark Haah! Huuh! Haah! let’s have a look and see
if it’s dark enough. We wiggle forward
onto our tummy. Put our hands underneath
our shoulders and lift ourselves up to have a look
out the window and Huh!
Yes, it’s really dark now. Time to go. We tiptoe down the
stairs very quietly. Shhhh! We get to the bottom and then we put
on our boots. Lifting up one foot trying not to wobble we put on one boot Whooop! and we put
on another boot. Let’s lift up the other leg. Try not to wobble. Whooop! There, two boots. We lift up one hand we put on our glove twiddling our wrist
around in a circle then we put on
our other glove twiddling our other wrist
around in a circle. Finally we wrap up warm
in a big warm coat. There! Now we’re ready to go outside. Coming to your knees we open the
gate very quietly take your leg out
to the side and lift your arm
up to the sky open the gate Wooooooop! bring your knees back
to the middle again and take your other leg
out to the other side. We close the gate lifting your arm Wooooooop! Right. We’re ready to go we’re outside Yey! Aah! But it starts to rain. Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!
Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter! All over us. We’re getting really wet and the mud is getting
really squidgy Coming to the side take a big muddy step Squidge! and let’s take
another one Squadge! into the woods We come to a
big hollow tree. Huh! Standing tall put one foot on top
of the other and your hands together
at your heart grow your tree up tall and Hmm! I think it’s time for
the tree test. Are you feeling strong
or wibbly-wobbly? Let me see. I’ll try and blow you down and let’s see whether
you fall over. Ready? Pheeeeew! Oh! I don’t believe it. I can never
blow you down. You’re very very strong indeed. Let’s try the other foot. Coming back put the other foot
on top this time hands together at your heart grow your tree up tall and let me see Can I do it this time
around I wonder? I’ll try and blow
you down again. Ready? Pheeeeew! Huh! I couldn’t blow you down again. Goodness me. Oh! you are a very strong tree. Now this tree is where
Fernando the Silver Fox lives. It’s his house. Jump your feet wide hands above your head making a house shape and here he is darting out of his house like a very sleek silver fox. Come to your knees he takes out one arm and one leg and darts Then he takes out
another arm, another leg and darts He says
buenas noches amigos. Come with me I will show you how
amazing the dark can be. Oh! This sounds exciting and off we go trotting
with Fernando Trot! Trot! Trot!
Trot! Trot! It’s fun being out in the dark with Fernando the Silver Fox and the moon is
huge in the sky. A big full moon
beaming down on us. So it’s not that dark
at all actually. He leads us to a very
dark looking cave Hmm! Hands down tuck your toes lift your bottom and make a cave shape. There look to be some rather
big scary shadows in this cave and we’re not
sure about them. We sit ourselves down and tuck ourselves
up into a little ball. Uhhh! Rubbing our ears because we’re a little bit
scared of the dark especially big scary shadows
that we think are monsters. Fernando says amigo do not be afraid open your eyes
and have a look it is nothing to
be scared of. So we open our eyes and sure enough it’s not a big scary monster. It’s a little bat hanging upside down
from the top of the cave. Oh! Standing up turning around take your legs wide and bend all the
way forwards Putting your hands
down on the floor so you can look through your legs Yey! Hello! I’m Bot the Bat. I’m just practicing hanging upside
down from the ceiling of the cave. We give him a little wave and a smile Cheeeeeese! He wasn’t a
scary thing at all just a little bat. Fernando says, come we must
go to have more fun in the dark and off we go to the lake. Sitting on our bottoms we bring our feet together making a big wide diamond shape
with our feet and our legs we look down into the lake and Huh! what’s that? We can hear clumpy clumpy footsteps and they’re coming
this way. Aaah! Taking your legs out wide holding your ankles. What could it be we wonder? A big scary monster Clump! Clump! Clump!
Clump! Clump! Maybe a dinosaur! Clump! Clump! Clump!
Clump! Clump! Oh! No, it’s going
to eat us. We hug ourselves up
into a little ball again and give our ears a rub. Uhhhhh! Fernando says, amigo,
do not be afraid, open up your eyes
and take a look nothing to be afraid of. So we do and sure enough he’s right it’s not a big scary monster its Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams. Oh! Coming up onto
one knee everybody bring your arms up tall and Tak! Tuk!
Tak! Tuk! Tak! Tuk! like Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams She wouldn’t be able to spread
her star shine for good dreams unless it was dark so she needs the dark. She bows her horn Oooooooo! and off she goes. Tak! Tuk! Tak! Tuk! Tak! Tuk! Phew! Again something we didn’t need
to be afraid of in the dark. Just Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams. Fernando leads us to a
crooked branch for a little rest. We lie down on the ground and put our arms out wide We bend our knees and take them over to one
side like a crooked branch and then over to the other side
like a crooked branch. Huh! We decide to share
our midnight snack. Remember?
Our sandwich. with Fernando the Silver Fox
while we rest here. Sitting up crossing your legs Mmmmm! we’re ready for
our sandwich Hmm! We eat it up. Umm! Ahm! Ahm! Ahm! Ahm! and we rub a hand
on our tummies and pat our heads
at the same time. Well done, everybody. All of a sudden the ground
starts to rumble and shake. Oh! No, what could it be? We’re going to get
swallowed whole. Oh! No, it’s the dark. Ahhhhh! We’re so scared we give ourselves a hug again and we close our eyes
and rub our ears. Fernando says, amigo, open your eyes nothing to be afraid of take a look and sure enough out of the
ground pops a little mole Hmm! On your tummies hands under your shoulders he wiggles off
out of the ground Oh! Sorry, am I in
the wrong place? Oh! all right I’ll
go back then, bye! And he wiggles back
into his little hole. So, yes, we didn’t need to
be afraid of the little mole. Huh! Amigo, it is time
for you to go home. I hope you have enjoyed
your time in the dark. Punch it in Uh! Okay, we just punched it in
with Fernando the Silver Fox but before you go
you go with my friend the Tooth Fairy She needs the dark as well. Of course the Tooth Fairy and here she comes standing up she flutters in Haaaaah! fluttering her fairy wings she lands gracefully on one leg and twiddles around in a circle. Aah! We’re going to go
home with a tooth fairy. We can’t wait. Bye Fernando! We take the Tooth Fairy’s hand and we fly lifting ourselves up gliding through the air trying not to wobble Yey! Seeing if we can swap
our legs now as well lifting up the other leg Wow! it’s amazing flying
with the Tooth Fairy. Of course she needs the dark
to make her work as well. So the dark is never
as bad as we think. We arrive back at our house and we land on our windowsill. Uh! Huuuh! She opens the window and we creep inside. She blows us a kiss and inside our room is still we come to sit and notice the dark
all around us. We can see our toys all our things and our big comfy bed which is calling us. We get into our comfy bed and get ourselves long and relaxed lying all the way back Haaah! The dark is not that bad. We’ve realized so many
things about it today with our wonderful story with Fernando
the Silver Fox of the night he’s the coolest fox
in the world and the night is pretty special. If it wasn’t for the dark there would be no Tooth Fairy there would be no Santa Claus. Now we realize how
special the dark is how magical it is how wonderful It gives us time to rest. What a lovely story! We start to wake up again. Wiggling our fingers
and our toes letting our wrists come around and our ankles come
around in a circle. We bring our knees up
to our chest and have a little
hug with them. We roll over onto our side and start to sit up Whaaah! Coming back to our
cross leg position just as we started with our hands together
at our hearts and we finish just
the way we started with our secret
yoga code word Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. Well done, everyone. That was amazing. I hope you’re never
afraid of the dark again because it’s not
as scary as we think. Well done. I’ll see you all next time for
another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!

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