First-Year Students: Health and Wellness Introduction

(music playing) Hi there! My name is Jessie Santillan and I am a recent graduate here at Syracuse University. I’m thrilled to welcome you to our Orange
family! I can tell you that being a part of this community will open up tons of opportunities to help set the foundation for you here at Syracuse and beyond. In fact, your first year at Syracuse is going
to be filled with signature experiences that introduce you to the University, connect you
with other students, and provide you with tools that you need to help you succeed. A core piece to your first-year experience
focuses on learning about and participating in opportunities that promote your well-being. All first-year and transfer students will
be required to participate in three key activities: Interactive, online health and wellness
modules – one focused on alcohol and other drugs and another focused on sexual and
relationship violence prevention. A performance-based presentation called
“Speak About It” that educates students on healthy relationships. and The Be Well Keynote and Expo featuring
ABC News Anchor Dan Harris. Through these activities and so much more, you’ll find ways to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy. And you’ll also learn what it means to
be a part of a healthy community. While the Speak About It performance and Be
Well Keynote and Expo will take place after you arrive on campus, the online modules should
be completed before you arrive. They provide helpful background information
and resources related to critical issues that some students face on college campuses. The Office of First Year and Transfer Programs
will send you an email invitation to access and complete these online modules. We cannot wait to see you. Welcome to the Orange family! (music playing)

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