Fitness APP | RADIAL PROGRESS | Part 1

setState is not required here, found it later. Issue is resolved later in video.

26 thoughts on “Fitness APP | RADIAL PROGRESS | Part 1

  1. Arey Yaar why bro the views are very low but the effort you put and the videos you make are just as awesome as this channel…

    Good Job Bro…

    Fully Satisfied with your videos…

    Can you just make a video about payment integration in flutter..

    Thanks in advance.. 😀

  2. Awesome work. But the views are very low. So guys please share this videos so that we can get more videos like this in future.
    Love u bro

  3. wht about the curves?????? Cool video by the way!!!!!!!(Those bezeirs always confuse me try to include them in video)

  4. Hope you could make a flutter app with node.js as backend.. Can you do that?? Its more of a request as we humans couldn't get content of anything..!! just kidding!!

  5. Sorry I didn't mention this earlier but you my friend, are a total life saver for all of us flutter learners. God bless you for providing us with such a good contents..!! Hope to see you are your channel grow as the flutter is growing and maybe will take the future of mobile app development. Because this platform is way cooler than other platforms. Google indeed put a slap in the face of react native and Ionic… Maybe some won't agree with me. But who cares! I am lovin' flutter…!!

  6. Why are you rushing? You make awesome videos, really nice content. People will always find excuses for being lazy. So please, relax, stay calm and keep with good work. Greetings from Croatia!

  7. Hey…a really like your video😍😍..and I'm also an android developer.😊 But I work with android studio, i don't know how flutter works.😅..But i like your app ui layout. So where i can get the ui layout…??

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