Fitness, Nutrition & Health Certificate

– Alright we have a burpee, pushup, eight mountain climbers… up and up. This program highly prepared me to enter the field of group exercise. I felt confident because I
had had hands-on practice and I was trained by people– working professionals in the field– who had experience in
what I would be doing. – [Voiceover] The Santa
Rosa Junior College Kinesiology Department’s Fitness, Nutrition and
Health Certificate Program prepares students for
a variety of careers. With extensive class offerings, students get real-world practice which helps them prepare for
national certification exams. – The JC made it much
easier to gain employment. There’s definitely a high-demand
for personal training and it continues to grow. Personal training is something that you can make a lucrative living out of. – [Voiceover] Rather
than studying exclusively from a textbook or just
taking a weekend course our students get a
chance to work one-on-one with clients and get
immersed in the field. – The JC students are very well prepared. The classroom has provided
them a great education and the practical experience
has been wonderful. The Junior College curriculum is a far better course for these students because the online courses
and the weekend courses don’t have the time to go
through the curriculum. It’s key that these classes are taught by industry professionals. They understand what’s
going to be important for these students once they
get out into the real world. The students that have
come out of the program have been great employees and we feel very, very happy
to have this partnership. – [Voiceover] Students learn how to do fitness related tests for clients such as the VO2 Max, which
measures aerobic capacity and measurements for body-fat composition. They learn how to work with clients of all skill levels and abilities including how to prevent injuries. The curriculum we teach is
evidence-based on science. Our students take classes
in anatomy, kinesiology, principles of health and
wellness, sports psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition. – A strength of this
program was its grounding in evidence-based practices and research so that as new research comes out and best-practices change we can change with that
and continue to provide the best workout we can. – [Voiceover] As part of the program, students do internships and many are immediately offered jobs following their internship placements. Students can get a certificate to prepare for a full-time career, a part-time job, or to launch a second or encore career in the fitness industry. – There’s a huge demand for fitness instructors in the area and it doesn’t seem like there’s
enough of us to fill them so we need more. – I took the program because it allowed me flexibility for my schedule as I was changing careers and also because the instructors were so
passionate with kinesiology and I feel in love with the program. I was finishing up the program at the JC while I was pregnant and one of my instructors
told me about Fit4MOM and it became such a great
idea that resonated with me. I was able to start my own franchise and teach group fitness classes while taking my son to work with me. I would absolutely
recommend the JC program. It allows you to have the experience and practice all your skills before going and teaching on your own, whether it be a group fitness instructor or personal training or anywhere in the
field that you wanna go. – [Voiceover] For more information about the certificate program log on to (upbeat music)

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