– Oh man. – [Robyn] You connected knees. – We just had fun guys. This is about having fun. Nothing serious, just have fun. (energetic music) – I mean it’s been amazing. Truthfully man, god I could have kicked your ass for sure. (energetic rock music) ♪ I’ve been gone for a while ♪ ♪ Now don’t be scared ♪ ♪ Right now I don’t know if I’ll ever ♪ – Good morning guys. Welcome back it is a Saturday. It’s the 19th of October 2019. Just waking up, quarter
to 8 in the morning. Just walking out of our room here at Phuket Moreti house. We’ve been here for almost a week. We check out tomorrow. I think I had $262 for the week. But it’s really an amazing place. Definitely check this place out
if you looking to stay here. I’m really tired, it been a big long week. Training and filming and
you know meeting people. It just been a incredibly
crazy awesome week. I’m really stiff really tired,
in a little bit of pain. But anyways so we’re
gonna have Robs and I, we’re just gonna go to Cocoville resort which is a two second walk. Literally across the road from here. For coffee and we’re probably gonna make the stretching class. At Five Elements yoga,
we’ll bring you along. Good morning. (speaking in foreign language) oh no not me. We’re gonna try to make
the stretching class at Five Elements yoga and then Robyn has a one p.m. private class
at Dragon Muay Thai. We’ll give you the highlights of that. And then I have a group class Muay Thai at Evolve health club,
here on Fitness Street. So give you the highlights of that and everything in between. So stick around today’s
gonna be another packed day. tomorrow Sunday, day off, no training. then maybe no filming so. Anyway come along and enjoy the ride. (calming music) She’s going home today guys. – It’s so sad. I’m so sad, I don’t wanna leave. – That’s it huh. – Yeah but I’m coming back. – When? – Well if I can do it next
year around the same time. It’s been amazing. – Okay, you better come back. – I’m definitely gonna come back. – You got this video as evidence. – Yeah, hold me to it. – Is mom coming? – She is, she’ll be very keen. – You better come out here too. – Yeah good old Sue, Sue
will make the travel. (laughs) – It was lovely to have you. Nice to meet you. – Lovely to meet you guys, everyone come. – Come in here big you hug. – Awe, sorry I’m so sweaty. I’m a sweaty mess. (camera click) (light music) – All right guys, 9:30 in the morning. It a Saturday, day six of our adventures. We’re about to do a stretching class at Five Elements hot yoga resort
here on Fitness Street. There’s the sign of the front there. I think it’s a pretty good
idea given that the whole week we’ve been training. We’re really stiff we’re
really tight in my body. I think this is just great
way to finish the week. Just doing a stretching class right here. I don’t know how much it costs. Like 350 baht or something per person. Check out their website. Anyway we’re gonna go to class. Where’s Robs? There you are, she’s
naturally flexible this one. (calming guitar music) All right guys I think it
eleven o’clock in the morning. 11:30 in the morning. It’s a Saturday, we’re on Fitness Street. Harry from Brisban. Were here at the Five Elements of Yoga and we just finished a stretching
and Meditation class just now. How good was it? – It was awesome, it was challenging. As you can see I’m sweating my ass off, but no it was awesome. I feel awesome after it so. – You’re pretty good man my
flexibility really terrible. – Yeah that’s something
I’m trying to work on. – So no matter what level
of flexibility you are. Come here it really, really, I mean for me training Muay Thai like everyday during the week. This is just a prefect way to finish off– – Yeah. – A training week. And that’s my girlfriend there. Robyn, she’s like
advanced, different level. – Yeah it’s always tough
seeing some people good at it. And you have no chance. – So if we can do it, or I can do it. You can do it to. So how long you here for mate? – I’m in Thailand for two weeks but i’ll be on soytibe for
two weeks just training, and focusing on getting better. – Getting fitter, getting stronger. – That’s it. – And first time here? – I’ve been to Thailand when I was 20. So I’m 28 now so second time. – You’re fresh man, I’m 34. You’re fresh. – Yeah. – But first time on this street, yeah? – Yep, first time. – Last thing, top tip for anyone wanting to come in here and train. Never been out here before,
what do you suggest. Never been here before,
are there freaks out? Is it dangerous? – Definitely not dangerous,
everyone’s friendly. – People ask like is it safe. – Yeah definitely safe, yeah. For both females and males,
I’ve come alone this time so. – And you’re staying in here. – Yeah just room seven here. – Yeah, did a little walking
tour of this place yesterday. See in other video. But this little resort has
a package for the ice bath, the yoga room, accomodation,
a pool, the change room. Cooking classes. – Yeah. – So you’re looking for a yoga
specifically retreat package here on Fitness Street. Check out this place, not
paid or endorsed to say that. – Yeah. – All right man, thanks very much. – Thanks a lot, stay safe bother. – Yeah you too man. (packet cracking) – Hi guys, yeah it was incredible. You know its, with all
this Muay Thai we’re doing, and all this crossfit training. Yeah it just reminded me
of the fact you have find balance in your training. And this morning I was feeling
like I really need to rest and find that balance. So I’m really glad I did this class. And she’s awesome, the
woman in there is awesome. She’s so tactical, she’ll come and look for your specific issues you have. – Yeah I know she’s. – She’ll like massage arts. And she’s also, she at the end. We were laying there and she
just gives you a reminder that you know your body is your
kingdom and you have to look after it. And yeah amongst all this
hardcore training you got to find the balance to centre and stretch. And look after your spine,
look after your hips. My hips are bugged apparently still. Reminded, so yeah it really
important to find that balance. I think the ladies here, I
know you probably want to have days off, when you’re like shopping, or having your nails done, or having your lashes or whatever. They have this place
right on the premises. We can go and chill and
have your nails done. – Elegant eyelash. after you get done with your session. – Yeah. – So it pretty cool like that. – There you go. – And you got your, Ally’s
Barbecue, you got JK Bistro. JK we had last night. Yeah its got everything
you need in one place. – Thanks Robs you’re a legend. Come come come come. All right, here on Fitness Street. We’re going into the shack for a smoothie. Open the doors. – Hello. – Cheers to us. We have a peanut butter lava shakes. How much protein is in this? – I’m not sure , I haven’t actually asked. – All right we got protein
shakes here with extra peanut butter, here at the shack. And we’re here Fitness Street soythaieat. Come check this place out, I
was here a couple years ago. And the shakes around 220 baht each. 20 grammes of protein. – Yeah. – Yeah 20 grammes of protein
in these cool shakes. And I’ll show you real quick. Check this out, they got little
slices here I’ll show you. So they got like raw tiramisu slice, with the calories, an
collagens marked on there and the amount of protein,
carb, and fat there is. So the macros are marked yet. Snickers slice, overnight
oats, banana bread, peanut butter cups. They’re really nice by the way, I had them two years ago when I was here. And these protein balls
they do wheatgrass shots here as well. Their menu is just there. I really love this little tiny shack, they call it a shack, The Shack. And come check it out if
your ever on Fitness Street. Have a protein shake, and then
walk down to your next class. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Its twelve o’clock right now. We’re gonna smash these,
and then we’re gonna do. Robyn has a class this at
one o’clock this afternoon at Dragon Muay Thai, a
private one on one session. Stick around I’ll give the
highlights of that class. How your shake mate? Is it good? (upbeat music) – Hi guys welcome to Fitness Street. That’s where I’m at, at the moment. And I am about to do a little
private Muay Thai class, here at Dragon. I don’t know if you guys know, but I’m a Pilates instructor
and so I’m not a fighter. I don’t know a lot about
this but the reason why I do it is just because I love fitness. And it’s another alternative to practise, get fit, get in shape. Other than your Pilates, or your yoga. And I tend to find that you know when you are practising Pilates. And then you take part in these exercises, you kinda feel stronger for it. I’m really excited to train with Charn. I trained with him last year. And I’m sure Brad will link up
that video to show you guys. He’s the most awesome trainer. He makes you feel really comfortable. Can feel a little intimidating at first when you’re getting into
the whole Muay Thai thing especially if you have like the punches being thrown at your nose. So yeah he’s just a great
trainer if you’re starting out. So I’d really recommend him. So guys come join me now
as I take part in my class. – [Brad] Let’s do this. – Let’s do this. (upbeat music) – All right just jumping in here. Its one thirty in the afternoon. Robs is halfway through
the private session. Roosters in the background. she’s doing so well, she’s going through the fundamentals of Muay Thai with Kru Charn. so combination I’ve not seen before. And she’s learning them
for the first time. So she’s having a lot of fun. And what I love about Kru
Charn is he so playful and he’s very light hearted. He’s very approachable and so . You know just makes
the learning experience a whole lot easier and less intimidating. She’s doing so well. As you know she’s a Pilates instructor and it’s really cool today. There’s a nice breeze
passing through here. so yeah it’s just a nice change
for a very very hot week. So anyways I’ll take you
back to her private class. How do you feel Robs? You’re learning something new. Having fun? – Very very technical class. – [Brad] Yeah? You’re a fast learner. Yeah look at you though. – It’s so hard. – [Charn] So hard (laughing) – It’s so hard because– – She’s– – Can I tell you why? – Go on. – Because when your brain doesn’t focus. – Yeah. – And you’re not present
to what you are doing. You don’t think. Like everything else
going on in the brain. You have to be so present to pick it up. Cause its like, like a
sequence you have to follow. I struggle with that cause
I’m like, yeah its like a mind thing more than anything. – [Brad] So your mind is wandering today. – Yeah big time, just shows you. – [Brad] We got to focus. – Show you how present you are. – [Brad] You got to focus mate. – Yeah I do. – [Brad] Got to focus. – I do. (upbeat music) – [Brad] That’s it guys. – I’m stitch. – [Brad] The end. How do you feel Robs? – Oh so good. – [Brad] Yeah? – What an amazing trainer. – [Brad] Did you learn anything? – An amazing trainer guy
Kru Charn he’s so good. Really helps you to understand. The technical aspects of it. Load of time because of the adrenaline you just want to punch like crazy. – [Brad] Mhm. – Lock everything down. Everything down and then you
can like learn the basics. And realise how unpresent
you actually are. – [Brad] Yeah, you gotta be in the moment. – You got to be so here
its really hard as well to get focused. That’s super cool. – Alright its two
o’clock in the afternoon. Day six, Saturday. Just finished a private Muay Thai session, Robs is all done. Were now leaving Dragon
Muay Thai on Fitness Street. That’s it right there. And we’re gonna get back to our room now and pick up my gloves
and my wraps cause I have a group class on the other
side of the street at Evolve. Evolve health club so I’ll give you some highlights of that class. Can’t wait guys, can’t
wait bring you along. When you get a chance check out Cocoville, and Titan fitness. Alright off we go. Look at her so ripped. – No no. – So ripped. It’s that little old place
that we’re staying at. Phuket Muay Thai house. Our little swimming pool. Funny enough there’s actually
hardly anyone staying here. There’s like only, I’ve maybe seen like half a dozen people here. This is our little room. Room six. (rap music) Good day guys. Its four PM day six, Saturday. Fitness Street, I’m about to start a group Muay Thai class here
at Evolve health club, here on Fitness Street. 350 baht, drop in session. I think it’s beginner level not sure. Maybe it’s mixed, but yeah
back on Fitness Street. This is the new Evolve health club here. That’s what it looks like. And that’s Fitness Street just there. Phuket top team is that blue roof there. And Latte Cafe is just there go there first guys its really amazing. There’s a fight store just here. And this is wherever were
doing the Muay Thai class. So Robyn gonna be shooting
highlights of this class. I’m pretty tired to be honest
with you it is Saturday. We’ve been training
everyday for the whole week. Anyway but I wanted to shoot this video, cause I wanted to show people that are looking for training on the street. What it’s like to train here at Evolve. Doing a drop in Muay Thai session. Anyway enough of me talking. It’s almost four o’clock. Class starts in five minutes. (rap music) This guy can do the splits real quick. Do the splits real quick. Go ahead. Watch this. – [Robyn] He can do the splits. Wow. From Iran, teaches Muay
Thai here at evolve. And I’ve never seen another
man do the splits like this man here. Except Van Dam. He’s the Van Dam of Fitness Street. Can you do it between two chairs? – No I use to before. – [Robyn] What about two motor bikes. – Sorry. – [Robyn] What about two motor bikes. I’m thinking of Van Dam. (rap music) – Oh man. – [Robyn] You connected me. – Were just having fun guys. Its just about having fun. It’s nothing serious, just have fun. Just fun. That’s all it is. That’s all it is. – [Robyn] Look who it is. (rap music) – Its six o’clock Saturday evening. We’ve done six days of training. We’re finished guys. The ends of our first
week of Fitness Street. We just finished our class
at Evolve health club. And it was an amazing session
guy, by this guy here. – [Robyn] It’s super. – [Both] There he is. – It’s so chill here. It’s like a really chilling vibe. – It’s really cool. It’s really really awesome. Paid 350 Baht, drop in sessions. Just off the streets, walked in and here we are two hours later. We’re on the floor sweating like crazy. It was a really good class. Really enjoyed it. Did some clinching before
which I’m not good at that. – [Robyn] That’s really intense. – [Brad] At all. I don’t really know what I’m doing. But you don’t have to do the clinching. You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. You just do bag work one on one with one of the instructors here. You don’t have to spite
if you don’t want to. You have to to do anything
you don’t want to. – The only reason why
I’m saying this is with the clinching it’s really like, completely in your personal space. – [Brad] Very close. – [Robyn] And I don’t, I
think when I do the BJ gean I get use to actually being
so close in body contact that I could probably try the clinching. But it’s like. – Sweaty and close. – It pretty feline. – Its not for everybody,
I don’t really like it. – So it not like you have to do it. – You don’t have to do
it it just you know. – [Robyn] But it looked
intense when you did it. Some strong guys. – [Brad] Yeah very experienced. Very experienced guys. – [Robyn] Like Alex has
been here for a year so. – Yeah a year, Yeah yeah
the French guy yeah. – He seemed very strong. – Yeah very strong. The agenda is we check out tomorrow. We’re moving to Tiger
Muay Thai beach side. Which is a little bit out, near
the street but further away. We’re there for a week. We’re gonna shoot some content there and show you what the beach
side is like at Tiger Muay Thai. So stick around for the
next week’s set of videos. Fitness Street. So yeah can’t wait to bring you guys along and if you have any questions
let me or Robyn know and we’ll try and help you out. So yeah. that’s it mate. – See ya later, see ya tomorrow guys. – Yeah maybe I don’t know if we’re gonna film anything tomorrow. Maybe like a quick talk. – Oh wow okay. – See ya next week guys. – Bye. – Goodbye. (rap music)


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