Fitness Training For Beginners : How to Do a Bridge Exercise

So the last core exercise that we’ll work
on is actually core and glutes and hamstrings as well. It’s really good for your posture
and also it helps support all the movements that we’ve been doing before with the dead
lifts and also the abductors and adductor’s. They are called bridges. We’re going to lay
down on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart, arms by your sides, palms flat
down, elbows flat down. We’re going to push into your heels and push your hips up towards
the ceiling as high as you can and then come back down. Exhale, pull your belly button
in towards your spine as you lift up and then back down and feel your shoulder blades are
also rolling into the mat as well. So you’re going to extend, feel the glutes pushing your
hips up and then lower back down and extend up towards the ceiling or the sky and back
down. Exhale as you lift your hips, inhale back down, exhale as you lift your hips and
inhale back down. Try to push your shoulders into the mat each time that you’re lifting
your hips and hands in through the floor so your whole body is really working very hard.
Go for it!

11 thoughts on “Fitness Training For Beginners : How to Do a Bridge Exercise

  1. @nataliawasilewska97 join wresting. everything you claim you cant do theyll make sure you will.i did. now im a heavy weight freerunning machine.

  2. I do this at pt but it doesn't do much for me. they make me do 10 but it doesn't feel like anything unless I move up to about 20 or more. idk if I might just have wrong form or if it's not an intense enough exercise for me.

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