Fitness Transformation: Workout 1

hi everyone my name is Melissa bender and today I am sharing with you workout one in my fitness transformation series this is a series of workouts that I have developed for my brother-in-law to help him on his fitness journey to get more in shape more andorran lose weight and just be overall healthier so I'm really excited about this and I'm excited to get to share it with all of you you will be meeting my brother-in-law Josh soon so in the meantime you at least get to see the workout that I gave him to do today so I have him complete a fit test which I also shared a video for us all post a link to that as well the first exercise in today's workout is high knees and depending on your level of fitness you can do this for 30 45 or 60 seconds your goal is to keep going without stopping okay so here we go interval timer is set for one minute knees pump and live to a waist level and you keep moving the entire time make sure you're breathing you can pump your arms or put out your hands to make sure your knees are lifting nice and high and that's always that keep breathing no holding your breath during any of these workout moves oh just a few seconds left okay next exercise is a side plank so you can do this on either an extended arm or in your forearm if you have any shoulder problems or any problems with carpal tunnel go onto your forearm and so for that your elbow is going to be directly below your shoulder palm down on the floor and you can either stagger your feet and lift your waist or you can stack your feet one on top of each of the other if you're doing on an extended arm and goes directly below your shoulder and you lift and hold okay so I'm gonna do the for our variation today and the goal is to hold this for up to a minute as long as you can and you should feel it in your obliques so hang your love handle region getting everything nice tight and toned pull your core in so it's working and supporting your back the entire time keep that top elbow Maysoon the floor so you don't want to be tilted down like this you want to pretend your back and touch a wall behind you and your shoulders are stacked one on top of the other elbow pointing toward the ceiling hold it you are halfway done that was 30 seconds keep breathing remember keep that core tight really work it fifth don't know sorry 15 seconds left now so you're 45 seconds in breathe three seconds left okay so same thing on the other side so again choose your variation extended arm or forearm make sure that that elbow or the wrist is directly below your shoulder and stack or stagger your feet here we go so same thing check that your elbow is pointing up at the ceiling shoulders are one on top of each other you're not leaned forward you should feel it in your oblique in the love handles and really really feel all of this working body forms in a straight line you try and keep it there pull that core in tight and keep breathing you're more than halfway done already we just passed the thirty second point fifteen seconds left to go so you're 45 seconds in keep breathing three two one relax okay next we have jumping jacks so you can do this one of two ways did you go for a minute or you can go for reps which is what I'm gonna do right now so I'm gonna do 20 jumping jacks shoulders relaxed okay next exercise is bicycle so for this exercise you lay down on your mat or pulls down tight shoulder blades lift off the floor and hands come behind your head your goal is to keep your elbows spread as wide apart as you can and you're going to alternate legs and then bring your opposite elbow to your knee so left elbow right knee as your right elbow reaches to the top corner of your mat and then switch right out there left knee elbow reaches that's one to try and keep those shoulder blades up 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 next exercise is walking push-ups so I need another sip of water okay we're walking push-ups you're going to go into your push-up position if you aren't able to do a push-up yet you're gonna start on your knees so if you're doing the knee variation go on your knees body forms in a straight line do a push-up come up to a plank step your feet and your hands over back to the knees do a push-up if you can do the full variation I'll show you from the side this time what you're gonna do is pull your core in tight push up walk that was fun push up walk that's two three that was four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 last one 20 okay next we have sumo squats so for this one you're going to stand up become slightly more than hip distance apart hands come behind your head shoulders spread elbows point outwards we're going to squat and when you squat you want to keep your chest lifted and let your butt reach outward out behind you so your thighs come to parallel knees stay behind the tips of your toes so squat when you come up you're going to tap right that's one squat all the way down but reaching backwards every time tap left that's 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 watt reaches back 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 keep your chest lifted 19 tawny okay next exercise we have mountain climbers so this is a timed exercise and what you're gonna do is start in plank and jump your feet forward one at a time and the goal is to go for as long as you can without stopping I have the timer set for a minute so if you need breaks take them that's okay and then just keep going when you can so here we go halfway done try and keep your body forward enough that your hand stake below your shoulders I tend to move a little bit while they go so any seconds left 15 seconds left last five seconds okay oh got those arms next we have temple tap ABS we're down to our last two exercises another sip of water so for temple tap abs what you want to do is lay on your back like in bicycles you're gonna lift your shoulder blades this time palms meet at your chest legs are gonna extend core pulls in tight so pull it in extend those legs class you're gonna tap to the right corner of your mat and the left that's one two three look at your elbow four five that makes you extend and twist 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ohh last exercise is a plank so you get to turn over on your mat and your goal is to hold this for a minute if you can't that's okay we're gonna build up to it so we're going to do a forearm plank so elbows we're going to go directly below your shoulders core pulls tight and you're going to hold that statically for a minute or as long as you can here we go pull that core in to support your spine make sure the elbows are below your shoulders and breathe try and form a nice straight line with your body and don't forget to breathe do not hold your breath halfway done that was 40 seconds we're at 50 seconds to lesson tend to go 4 3 2 1 you're done ok guys don't forget to check my blog for the workout break down all the information you need to know or this workout will be there it's all available at bender Fitness com+ over 275 other free workouts that I've done over the past year in several months and to stay in shape so you'll get to see everything I do to keep my level of fitness where it's at and hopefully improving uhm so check it out bender Fitness calm and I'll see you tomorrow with a brand new workout bye guys

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  1. Not only are your workouts great, but you seem like such a sweet person as well. Thanks for making a ton of hardcore and awesome workouts! πŸ˜€

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