Fixbit – A fitness system for carbon footprint

if you care about the planet sustainability you know we need to
reduce carbon emissions, Fast! some people think that the problem has become too big to solve, that individual actions don’t fix anything and that corporations should be the ones making a real effort that guess what? that doesn’t have
to be the case. By using Fixbit you can be part of the change you want to see in the world driving the reduction of carbon emissions like never before! Fixbit is like a fitness system for your carbon footprint. It helps you manage
your carbon footprint, just like you manage your fitness goals How? by tracking your lifestyle and shopping choices just like you track your fitness activities or calories. Fixbit allows you to: When you go shopping all you have to do is scan the products barcode and you’ll get to know its carbon footprint rating. With Fixbit you’ll be able to choose the products that have the lowest possible carbon emissions. If we start making simple shopping decisions based on the need to cut carbon emissions, we will be able to speak in a loud collective voice ensuring big corporations get the message Sign-up to get amazing updates.

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