FRENCH WOMEN DIET CRASH TEST: Our Results!! Parisian Diet Challenge

I suppose you guys want to know if I
lost weight – yeah that’s the real question! Salut Youtube! Hey! We promised you that we would be back and we’re back
for the one month check-in video after our eat like a Parisian diet so this video
is gonna be all about the triumphs or successes the results I know a lot of
you have been asking me if I lost weight and you’re gonna find all of that out
later in the video don’t you worry about that and we’re also doing a kind of
sister video on Kate’s channel. Yes so on my channel you guys are gonna hear all
about the struggles so the behind the scenes of what wasn’t working some tips
to help improve if you’re tackling this diet at the same time so if you’re
looking for what went wrong check over on my channel. We’re not gonna get into
all the detail because we did a whole video on this but for the last month
we’ve been experimenting about this whole French woman don’t get fat
diet, so anyway it’s the eat like a Parisian diet or Parisian if you pronounce it the way I do with some pretty basic principles
which we’ll recap very very quickly so the first one was portion control so you don’t have to cut anything out of your diet but you just
need to make sure what you’re eating you do it in moderation. The second one
was no snacking so it’s three meals a day and if you’re going to snack it was
like nuts or a fruit but that’s about it the third one was cooking at home so we
tried to say no more than two meals a week out and really try to make sure
you’re buying local produce and not eating a lot of processed foods and that
you’re just cooking more at home. The fourth one was drinking more water so
say goodbye to all of your sugary drinks your Coke Zero if your lemonade’s and
really concentrate on water. For nights out if you kind of like alcohol we are
saying try to stay away from beer and cocktails and go more for wine. And
the more water you drink it helps with the portion control anyway so that’s
great and then the fifth one was all around trading your stilettos for
sneakers meaning that walking as much as you can so that may mean parking your
car a kilometer away from work it may mean stopping one bus stop earlier it
also mean taking the stairs when you have the opportunity again all of our
strategies, tips, how we went about doing that is in the video which I’ll link it
down below. So without further ado I know you’re all hungry too hear what the results are, did this actually work. The first thing that we will have to
talk about is kind of a vehicle I guess that really helped us with our
success and our food journaling and mindful eating and forming new
habits which is an app that we were both using called the YouAte app and it’s an app
that’s really really different to what’s out there on the market you’re taking
photos of what you’re eating, you track your emotions so it’s very much why did
you eat that how does it make you feel all of these kinds of things it’s not
calorie counting that’s not beating yourself up on the fact that you had a
697 calorie lunch as very mindful food journaling and the reason we chose this
app for this challenge is because it’s the Pariaisn spirit, they’ve got this intuitive feeling of what feels good what doesn’t, they do a lot
of self-regulating without actually needing to count how many calories it’s
how do you feel after you eat a meal and so that kind of tells you what you
should be eating at your next meal, when and how much. It’s just something that’s
a bit guilt-free in a sense. I used to do a lot of food journaling that was
based on calories now when I did that and I went above the amount of calories
that I had eaten for the day I kicked myself and with this type of food
journaling that’s really just based on how you feel, there’s not a lot
of effort in terms of it doesn’t take a lot of time for you snap a photo, select how you feel when you eat beam and you’re done. You can decide to
yourself whether you are on path or off path you decide whether you were on path
or not there’s no one telling you that you were naughty. For example if you go
out to someone’s birthday party and you have some birthday cake that can
absolutely be on path for you because that’s a normal part of life, an approach eating, a lifestyle that you imagine I would say that this was the number
one success was using this app and a lot of you have been asking me if this app
is free or not so yes they absolutely have the free version that’s how you can
have the beautiful food diary where it’s tracking all the photos of your food, track your emotions and your feelings and that mindfulness piece. You
can follow a friend yeah which is great but yes really good motivation the fact
that you can follow friends and kind of keep each other on track together and
yeah many many different other things and then you also have a premium version
where you can modify your own mindfulness questions and your own emotions, you can track your liquid so how much water you’ve been
drinking and that kind of thing which is pretty key for the Parisian diet and if
you’re one of those people that likes to have everything connected you can
definitely do activity tracking on the premium version and you can even sync it
up with things like your Apple watch for example to really make sure everything’s
connected. So, lucky us YouAte have sponsored this video in that we’re going to be able to give you guys five premium memberships to the app. The way we’re going to do this is that download the app and take a screenshot
of it being on your phone so if the iPhone or Android I’ll leave the links
down below send it through to me in my DMS on Instagram at _NotEvenFrench and you’ll automatically go into the entry to win a Premium Membership
for a whole quarter and we’ll see you as friends on the app.Now shall we get into
the more juicy results? We’ve both approached this a little bit differently
like I needed to lose weight I explained everything in the in the video that we
did. For you it was more health and well-being. Yeah mine was more about like
I wanted have more energy all around I can sleep like 15 hours a night
I need an alarm clock to wake up I’m cranky in the morning I wanted to give
myself a bit more energy yeah and then I was also really hoping that I would have
some kind of impact on my skin I can get quite a lot of like hormonal acne
and I was hoping that by eating a little bit of a better diet that that would
also help with that. Though I would say overall it was definitely a positive
experience for me and I saw positive results out of it I want to be really
clear that I still have room to improve there are certain parts of the challenge
that were a lot easier for me and then there are other parts that I really
struggled with so all around globally I definitely saw more energy and I think I
got a lot of comments from my husband which is some really good feedback I
actually would wake up on the weekends without an alarm in
a better a happier mood and especially because part of the challenge is walking
a lot the fact that I was combining exercise with eating better and it gave
me more energy in the morning so Rosie and I spent a lot of time walking to
work for example 45 minutes there 45 minutes back I could see that was
like a big change on how I was feeling throughout the rest of the day. I have had a
very hectic month and I just have not been able to get to the gym, I wish
I could tell you that I was going three times a week
and I was a superstar but I’m just not but walking to work as often as
I could, I tried to do it at least four times per week I just felt like at least
at night I’d sleep better. What I found it sometimes it’s hard
to find time to go to the gym but I found it never hard to say to myself you
need to leave work twenty minutes earlier so you can walk or you know meet
someone in a bar so walk the thirty minutes instead of take the metro. Yeah
you’re going there anyway and so it doesn’t seem out of the way. So that was
my first one which went great yeah and then the second thing that I
was really focusing on was kind of seeing if it would improve my skin I
would definitely say that part of the time I saw a massive improvement and
another part I didn’t see as much of an improvement but because I’m also trying
to improve something that’s hormonal acne I think that’s kind of just how
it’s gonna go for now so that’s quite happy with a couple of weeks how my skin
looked better and it was definitely like cleaner there was less like little red
splotches around so I would say that was a positive impact as well. Like most
girls your skin goes downhill but when there wasn’t that
time of the month, my skin was so much clearer, I was so happy because I was I had boxed myself into like “you’ve got adult acne” and actually no, you’ve got a bad diet! Something that I felt through forming these new habits is that I’m just not hungry between meals anymore which is something
that I didn’t think I could ever achieve and to be quite honest I thought when
French girls said that they were lying. It’s like with smokers you
know some smokers every time they’re drinking or every time they’re on the
phone they feel like smoking I think snacking is a habit, it’s not a need, I mean I was very rarely hungry when I wanted a snack so these new habits really helped and I do feel like I’ve shrunk my stomach because I was eating huge
portion sizes which is how I was able to put on an extra ten kilos over the past
five years because I was enjoying French food away too much and okay maybe for
the first week I felt really hungry when I woke up in the morning for example but after that first week I actually think I just kind of shrunk my stomach physically and
I’m genuinely so satisfied and not hungry at all and eating smaller
portions not snacking so for me that’s a giant
win what’s really exciting about this is I still had pasta I still had burgers on
a Friday. You’re not cutting out massive food groups are feeling like
you have no treats for a month. I don’t feel deprived I don’t feel down. I suppose you
guys want to know if I lost weight. This diet will never give you dramatic
results you’re not gonna lose 15 kilos in a weekend because because
you’re only eating eggs for five days. Dramatic results over a short period. Yeah we’re talking about a lifestyle change this is something you can do forever but
considering that I did not go to the gym I’m really happy with my results because
I’ve lost 3.7kg which is I believe eight pounds and yeah it’s a lot given how small the sacrifice felt. In addition I lost
two and a half percent body fat so that’s a good sign that it’s coming out
of fat not muscle my muscle mass stayed consistent so that that’s always good.
What was really happy for me is that I lost 4 centimeters off my waist so I’m feeling better I mean I don’t think you can really see the results from the outside but it’s at the stage where – I disagree – I’m starting to see the results. Again this
is something that may take 3 4 or 5 months to fully get me to my my ultimate
goal weight but it’s something that I can keep up which is super exciting. Cool
so what’s next for us? We obviously still want to keep going we are gonna do another check-in after the 3 month mark so watch out for that but there are some
things that we’ve learnt and some things that we’re gonna do a little bit
different.So I would say for me I did not do the best job with cooking at
home and I actually thought the hardest part was going to be for me like not
snacking and then ended up being something like that I could do the
cooking at home was really difficult I think I had a busy month a lot of work
trips and so often I would come back it would be late at night there’d be
nothing in the fridge and it just seems so much easier to order something so I
decided that going forward I’m going to create meal plans so that I decide what
we’re gonna eat for the week ahead of time and go to the store buy exactly
what I need it so that everything’s ready to go and I’m also gonna try to do
more cooking on Sundays like batch cooking or make soups that can last the week or things like that so that I don’t have a really
easy excuse to get delivery. On my side I need to I definitely need to do more
exercise if not for the mental clarity and I think that that will help to
accelerate the results that I’m getting from the diet alone weight wise so
that’s really exciting. So guys don’t forget to check out the video on Kate’s channel that’s all about the struggles because you know it’s real, dieting is not easy and it’s not always obvious and it
didn’t go perfectly even if it sounds that way. We’re gonna get really real
in that video and tell you everything. Guys don’t hesitate to check below you
can download a menu that has the first month of what Rosie and I ate so it can
give you a little bit of info and some motivation if you’re working on the
challenge yourself and otherwise we will see you guys next time for the next check-in. So see you then! A bientôt !

100 thoughts on “FRENCH WOMEN DIET CRASH TEST: Our Results!! Parisian Diet Challenge

  1. Salut friends! What did you think of the results so far?! I'm so excited for the 3 month check-in…and yes there will be BEFORE/AFTER photos!! Have a great day! Bisous ♥♥♥

  2. Salut j'ai perdu 13 kilos en trois mois rien qu'en supprimant le sucre non nécessaire (boissons, snacks…) je me sens mieux et j'espère que ça va continuer à descendre… bonne continuation à vous deux… à bientôt

  3. It is really funny and interesting to hear my cultural habits talked about as a diet. Hadn't thought of it that way. Good luck on your experiment !

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    Edit: I recently read that France seems to be the first country where obesity rates have stopped increasing. I hope that it remains like this and that our healthy eating habits spread around the world 😀

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    Congrats on doing so well!

  8. Great job girls!!! You both look radiant. 😀
    I'm curious, do pregnant Parisian women have this style/habit of eating as well? I think the French in general are not shy about eating healthy fats in their meals; and I think this helps with feeling full and able to get on without snacking before the next meal. Were you still enjoying French butter and fois gras? 😀

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  22. 1. I think y'all are both beautiful!
    2. Self confidence is very attractive.
    3. When I was in Europe for three months the only time I rode in a vehicle was between cities. But I did spend a month walking across Spain. I never watched what I ate and I lost thirty pounds. Since being back in the states I've gained it all back.

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  26. This is very inspiring! I would say I followed the advice about 70-80% and am consistently down about 2lbs. I live in the countryside so walking to go places (in winter) is not an option, but I have been aiming for 4-5 days of at-home workouts per week. Will definitely continue, and agree with what others have said, 1-2 lbs per week is definitely a sustainable healthy weightloss! Yay from @apronstringscookbook

  27. Great job! 3.7 kilos is a great result for a month. My wife and I mostly cook for 2 nights each time so we alternate between a new meal and a leftover. It makes home cooking much less time consuming. You do have to choose the right kind of meals (like stews) that taste good as leftovers.

  28. The biggest difference in France that I have noticed is the quality of food. I feel like produce, etc. is far superior to what I find in the US and my stomach feels better in general here. However, I do think a lot of the French diet is very dairy and meat heavy which I do not like at all. Although it is “balanced”, finding a vegetarian option or something without copious amounts of cream seems to be a challenge at times.

  29. Weekly meal planning is the best idea for eating healthy imo. And also for your wallet ! My parents always did that and now I've got into n this habit and thanks to that I never (rarely) eat processed food/delivery.
    Do you have a few tricks to share to avoid the 10 am snacking because even tough I eat a consequent breakfast I still can't manage to end the morning without being famished at 10 am. Of course I'll eat some fruit so it's not that bad but in the work environment where chocolate, madeleines and biscuits are available it takes a lot of effort not to fall into this trap. I would really like not to be hungry at all but it seems impossible.

  30. It's just weird to see this as an experiment because as a french it's just seems normal to me.
    Like, I don't even understand how you DON'T have three meals a day. Like… when do you eat? In france the meal's hours a so important, eaven in work place, everyone eat together at noon, and in family everyone eat together at 19 or 20.
    When do you see everyone if you're not eating together??
    And you say you try to eat outside no more than 2 times a week… How many times a week do you go to the restaurant in a normal week? How do you have the time and the money for that??

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  33. I am really impressed, 3.7 kg in a month with so little sactrifice that s amazing, I think I ll be giving it a go

  34. I hate talking about "régime". I prefer to say that we are careful with what we eat. We can really enjoy a healthy meal, having some some sweet or fat dish but only occasionnaly, making exercice but only sport we appreciate. I think it is what you did so congrats ! I think the secret is to find the good balance and that all of that become a habit.

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    Your food is maybe the fastest in the world so of course if you eat all the time and don't doing any gym or sport you're fat. That logic isn't it ? So of course when you live like that and discover a country where people eating normally for a human body I can understand why you call that a "diet " but it's not girl. Every French people know how to eat good and healthy, the difference is just between people who apply that everyday, people who apply that sometimes and never. But it's NOT A diet. If you try to make a french diet I think you die 😂

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  39. If you buy a slow cooker and fill it with veg and a piece of meat then some water and herb's or spice's, cook it all night and you will have enough dinner for the next three days. It is so gorgeous and filling without the calories. I do this once every week. Xx good luck Ladies. Oh and one of you pronounces Parisian properly and one of you doesn't. Xx

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    You’re perfect 👌 ☺️
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  43. That is great!! I wish in the US that there were trams and trains. I would love to use them more. I definitely want to start moving ald just exercising more by myself at home. That is a great plan to continue this though!

  44. Vous êtes en train de découvrir comment on se nourrissait avant que les industriels ne s'en mêlent. Ça fait quand même un moment qu'on connait les effets de la bouffe industrielle, des sodas, du sucre, du grignotage etc…..Comment se fait-il que vous sembliez découvrir ça maintenant que vous habitez en France? On n'en parle pas chez vous? Les parents vous laissent vous nourrir n'importe comment (et vous conduisent partout)? J'ai des enfants de votre âge, c'est vrai que jeunes ados, j'ai dû parfois expliquer pourquoi je n'achetais pas certains produits, pourquoi on buvait de l'eau à table, et s'ils voulaient des sodas ou des sucreries, ils avaient leur argent de poche mais moi j'évitais d'en acheter… Ils savaient ce que je pensais de la malbouffe et à la maison on essayait de bien manger et avec plaisir.. Je me rends compte que maintenant, ils ont la vie plus facile que vous: pas de souci de poids, pas d'app pour apprendre à se nourrir, pas de comptage de calories, le plaisir de cuisiner et de partager un bon repas avec des amis, ou de se faire un truc vite fait (pain fromage avec 2 feuilles de salade..) sans se prendre la tête avec la nourriture.

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  47. Kate: If you take a look at the vid you did before cutting out the Coke Zero, you’ll see how much “sunnier” your personality is after the challenge. Cutting out soda had a tremendous effect on my own moods. Makes sense due to the refined sugar in all soft drinks. Good for you :))

  48. Ca m'a vraiment surprise de savoir que vous mangiez 6 fois/jour. Pour quelqu'un qui ne mange que 2 fois (sans grignoter) ça parait vraiment énorme ^_^.
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  49. This is sort of off the subject, but I have a question that has been bugging me. USAmerican here. Wound up spending 5 days in a hospital in Arles last May. [Viral Pneumonia, ick] That's just a sidebar to explain the situation. But the question deals with "coffee" the drinking and serving thereof. My first morning there I was asked if I'd like to have coffee. . .YES! YES!–now I've always considered myself to be fairly adaptable–But! To my shock. I was presented, not with a nice big mug. but with what we here in the US would think of as a "coupe style cereal bowl" full of coffee along with a large soup spoon. My reaction wasn't the most polite, but I did really try and just couldn't manage to drink/sip it. I finally scraped up enough "Francais" to ask if Toute le Monde drank their coffee from a bowl and was told that for "petite dejeuner" yes/oui, but for le dejeuner, nope/non. WTF? Have you ever come across this? Is it some sort of "rural/out of the mainstream/old-time thing?" I was further told that the nurses were served coffee in a cup but everyone else, patients included, got the bowl treatment. Mutch head scratching!

  50. Why are there no links under the video as you say ? Also no advice on HOW you overcame he obstacles , temptations, and especially what techiniques died you use to break old habits? You also say that you posted what you ate each day on instagram. I didn’t see anything like that on Instagram. Just wondering….

  51. Un petit conseil pour éviter de grignoter entre les repas : lavez-vous les dents après chaque repas et MÊME après un thé ou un café. Non seulement en prenant l'habitude d'avoir la bouche propre ça vous passera l'envie de les repasser une ou deux heures après en grignotage parce que ça vous obligera à les laver à nouveau (et au bout d'un moment, ce n'est plus un principe, mais une certaine forme de dégoût à rester la bouche sans se laver les dents directement après le repas), et en plus c'est assez efficace comme coupe-faim : personne n'a envie de manger du dentifrice (à moins que celui-ci soit à la fraise).

  52. Could you a more in-depth video on portion sizes, maybe shows us as one’s idea of a small portion size is different for different people.

  53. As a French, I try to follow the AJR ("apports journaliers recommandés") which is what we should eat per day, how much vitamins, fat, sugar, proteins etc.. But I don't watch it, I just kind of know it by now.
    Yes we do not snack very often, we don't eat while watching TV in the evening.. we don't eat outside or delivering often (2 times a week ?! Maybe 2 times a month..).
    About sport, I would say most French don't do sport at all. I don't, I just walk to to town center (10min) at least once a day, sometimes I go a bit more far away, like 20 min or so, but I never go to the gym, or running or yoga..
    Eating is a HUUUUUGE part of our culture, obviously, and we are used to moderate the portions, in fact we don't DO it, it's just the portions we are used to eat. When we eat outside, we will take a soda or wine, when we invite friends at home there will be alcohol and sodas, but we mainly drink water. With syrup, with lemon juice, a lot of water.
    For the "gouter", the afternoon 4pm snack, we mostly eat some sugar, like nutella on bread with milk, or marmelade, or patisserie.. but most adults don't even snack during the afternoon.

    The most important meal for French is : THE BREAKFAST. Breakfast is a main meal here, coffee is followed by tartines, orange juice.. that's how we don't get hungry during the morning before Lunch.
    Advices about food, AJR's, sugar portions, salt portions, fat portions are everywhere here in the commercials, the TV games, written on the food you should be careful about.. it has become very natural for all of us.
    But we do get fat, mostly by aging.

  54. Check out "Nina and Randa" – they cleared their hormonal acne with their diet!
    Just cutting out dairy and oil cleared my skin completely!

  55. Eliminating processed foods/sugar/dairy/flour and cooking beautiful meals myself cleared up my skin. Plus regular skincare. Clean/exfoliate/moisturize. Vitamin A+C.

    I’m still experimenting with food sensitivities… but the mindful eating has had a huge effect on me overall, I now feel the foods that aren’t good. I eat less but better and enjoy food much more. And almost ALL of it is in line with what you said about French lifestyle! Wow!

  56. Off the subject, but I’m wondering who is doing your make-up or are you doing itself? Did you have advice from someone in Paris. Both of you have great make-up, especially your lipstick :0)

  57. I have to say my first reaction is that you both look healthier than when you started! Great job!

  58. I am surprised this is a French approach- to track and journal everything you eat. This seems like a very American kind of almost obsessive thing. I never picture French women obsessing and journaling and recording it all. No offense or anything; I just find this approach being French quite surprising.

  59. just watched the start the diet vid, now this…u both look soooo much better….wow. well done. one can definitely see the results from the outside. really. there is more of a glow and freshness. and thinner-ness.

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