FUEL: Champion Weightlifter Morghan King Lifts Double Her Own Bodyweight

100 thoughts on “FUEL: Champion Weightlifter Morghan King Lifts Double Her Own Bodyweight

  1. Her breakfast looks awful.Also, i never understand y atletes are so eager to be the best. Especially americans get all crazy about it. And the tragedy is that ull never be the best. Yeah, sure u can win a prize, but does that means ur the 'best'… point is ull never be satisfieded.Just say ur addicted and keep it real.

  2. While I commend her dedication, if I lived in Colorado I sure wouldn't be lifting when there's so many amazing things to do outdoors, while blazing legal weed:)

  3. Obviously not alot of women get double body weight. Your only 105lbs bruh double your size is easy asf imagine if you were 150 plus dumbass bitch saying most women can double body weight cause they ain't 105 you skinny bitch. Btw I'm 19 230 pound powerlifter don't talk shit.

  4. 1:11 The editing is beautifully executed with the slowmotion video of her lift and the audio overlay of her talking. On point!

  5. I want to understand how come some female weightlifters have more muscle mass and defintion compared to others even though all of them lift heavy and train in the same range and same intensity.

  6. Who cares? If you walked by her on the street you would just think that she’s one of those jogger basic bitches. #NOGAINS

  7. So weird people still thinking one of the biggest sources of cholesterol is considered good fuel aka eggs aka unfertilized chicken periods :

  8. I wanna squat in your snatch then u can cleanly jerk me coach is like she is beutiful that makes here good weightlifter keep this guy away from your kids he will be snatching them

  9. Fasting is the best way to cut weight and get ready for a competition. You'll cut weight ridiculously fast and thus won't have to dehydrate yourself two days before the competition to drop the last few KG's of weight.

  10. Damn, 2 and 1/2 hours lifting? I've done two hour lifting sessions and 30-45 min sessions. I found that I get better and quicker results when I do the shorter length sessions. I guess everyone is different but damn. that's a big difference.

  11. Too bad we couldn't get rid of bums making rude comments.
    Really tough sport at extreme disadvantage as lifters Asian,middle east still getting away with drugs.

  12. Women will never be stronger than us or superior us fatass americans with hair lost weigh 400 pounds with small dick can be stronger we eat bug mac and walk for second so we work harder

  13. I love that she wants to be the best she can possibly be instead of the best there is. You are your own biggest threat! Great motivation!

  14. 2 and half hours/session and 9x a week🤣🤣🤣 i am 2 and a half too but 5x and here i thought im a badass with 5x a week😱😱

  15. Ha. Wait till one of them transgender dudes says hes a woman- your championship is over. lol queerssss and mental disorders

  16. this chick is an animal! i knows she's not a powerlifter but i would love to know what her squat bench and deadlift is too.

  17. whenever i see women scared off weightlifting due to fear of "getting big", i just point them to this woman, tiny, slender and feminine, yet very strong.

  18. This is so inspiring! I’ve never thought that someone as short as me would ever be able to do something like that. I guess that the secret is to never limit your mindset like I’ve done. Anyways, she’s amazing.

  19. Dont worry in 2019 , you will lose to a trans-woman aka a man who couldnt compete with other men so will come and compete with women AND !! They will tell you to tolerate it … because ya know … science isnt real … and testosterone running through your body for 25 years doesn't affect anything

  20. And some of the worlds strongest men lift double or triple there weight only difference is they weigh about 300 to 440 world record deadlift I think is around 1100 1200 by Eddie hall not trying to shit on her but come on what does she weigh I seen this 150 pound Asian dude bench like over 400 also pretty sure there's like a 16 year old girl who dead lifts 400 benches over 200

  21. Oh man wouldn't you have massive bruises on your shoulders from that? I bet your body must get used to it. You go girl!

  22. I cant hear anyone pretend to care about what they put into their bodies, when they are ingesting dead rotten flesh in your body. No way to hate yourself more. If you get it you get it

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