GE Healthcare AIR Technology™ First Impressions

hi you guys welcome how are all of you how many of you have used conventional coils to scan patients before all of you yeah good good and what are your thoughts on the conventional coils advantages disadvantages it's simple simple use some don't fit or work well with certain patients how might you change the coils for the better make them bigger later a little more flexibility learning what do you think GE has under here some type of new coil what do you guys think of this that's it this is the only house here's new air technology coil very cool yeah yeah it's like a here here go ahead hold it grapes and actually we have more coils under here he's a handle very versatile flexibility the old coil was a hundred and forty five grams per channel ge has reduced that to 35 grams per channel who wants to take a guess at how many channels are in the coil 430 with their conventional coils what is the normal field of view coverage up to 15 centimeters this air technology coil has a field of view coverage of 65 centimeters you get a whole femur on there that also includes two joints whereas with our old coils you're only able to include one joint you're scanning a femur with the current coils when you overlap the coils what happens to the imaging what happens to the picture you get a coupling effect how will the fact that this new air technology coil will not cause coupling how will that change the way I think you get a good homogeneity throughout the field and any subsequent area that might be outside that you're really looking at it might be something of concern to the radiologist you think the radiologist will be excited about this technology I go yeah that's great do you think GE is taking the next step in imaging with this coil I get something that it goes it helps the hospital it helps the employees and it makes the patient feel a lot more comfortable so it on all levels I think they're really stepping up the game absolutely how soon can I have one of these you

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