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Hi, everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is
Benji and today we have a sweet, gentle, relaxing,
cozy yoga for you. So grab a blanket,
grab a pillow, hop into something extra
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Hi, pals, welcome to
your cozy time lemonade. Let’s start seated. We’re gonna get our blanket and
or our pillow and we’re gonna bring it just
behind the hips here, just underneath the hips so
that you can sit up a little bit taller and just feel a little
supported as we begin today’s practice on the floor. So come on down to the ground. As you’re ready,
sit up nice and tall. Let the hands rest gently
on the knees or the thighs, we’re going to
tuck the chin slightly, lengthen through
the back of the neck. Soften your gaze
or close your eyes. And as you relax your shoulders,
just see if you can lift your sternum just a bit. Lift your heart. So starting in a little
seated meditation posture, just bring your
awareness to your breath. There is no right or wrong here. Today’s all about easy,
breezy, feel good, gentle, relaxing practice. So just allow yourself to come
as you are with whatever you’re coming to your practice with. It’s all good. Bring your awareness to the base
of the spine and start to draw, draw. I get Zen’ed out already. I will lead the class,
start to draw a little energy, a little line from
the base of the spine all the way up to the crown. And notice if this invitation changes the way you’re sitting or changes the
way you’re breathing. Again, just starting right
there at the base of the spine. And drawing a line upwards
through that center plumb line all the way to
the crown of the head. If you’re practicing
this in the morning, maybe you set a little
intention for your day. If you’re practicing
this midday or in the evening, maybe you allow yourself to kind
of let go of the day thus far and just give thanks for
yourself for carving out this time to simply be present. Gently draw your hands
together at your heart, take a deep breath in here. And exhale to let everything go. And one more time. Big inhale in. And exhale
to relax the shoulders. Let everything go. Awesome, hands come to
the knees or the thighs. This time, palms face up just
changing the energy receiving here with palms face up. We’re gonna draw
the chin to the chest and then nice and slow you’re gonna draw big circles
with nose one way. And then eventually
you can reverse it and take it the other way. And then reverse it again a
couple of times back and forth. Gently begin to
deepen your breath here. Find that inner smile
working out the kinks. And then allow
these big circles, whichever way you’re going here,
to get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller ’til you find yourself stacked up again,
up through the spine. Head of her heart,
heart over pelvis. That line from the base of
the spine all the way up to the crown is there. But now let’s see if
we can take it beyond. So lifting up beyond
your physical body, beyond the roof for
the ceiling or the sky. To infinity. Alright, take a
deep breath in here. Long breath out. Take your right hand
over to your left kneecap. Take your left hand
over to your right kneecap. Inhale to lift the chest, rock
the pelvis a bit here back. And then exhale, tuck the pelvis, round the chin. Excuse me, around the spine. Tuck the chin,
bow the head down. Inhale to lift and lengthen. Exhale to round. Now move a couple of times here
with the sound of your breath. The next time you’re up. Go ahead and
lift the finger tips. Keep the elbows hooked. You’re going to
continue to wrap around here. Find Eagle Arms. Inhale, lift the elbows. Excuse me, exhale. Repeat,
chin to chest, round through. Inhale, lift, long belly. Exhale, navel draws
back chin to chest. Inhale, lift. Think Upward
Facing Dog or Cobra here. Exhale, chin to chest. Good, inhale to unravel. Come back to center, Sukhasana. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out. Alright, now take your left
hand to your right kneecap. Right arm crosses over
to touch the left kneecap. Inhale, look up. Exhale, chin to chest round
through. Really stretch it out. Back body here. Use your breath.
Inhale, look up. Exhale, chin to chest. Inhale, look up. Exhale, navel draws back. Inhale, lift the fingertips,
keep the elbows where they are. Wrap the arms,
elbows lift up. Long puppy belly here
as you breathe in. Stretch. Exhale, round it through
as you breathe out. Inhale to lift,
we’re rocking in the pelvis here and then
exhale chin to chest. These can be small gestures too. Inhale, lift the
elbows and exhale. Good, inhale, unravel. Beautiful, palms
come to the knees. Take a deep breath in. And a long
extended breath out. Gorgeous. Hug your left
heel into your center, send your right leg out long. Flex your right
hose towards your face. Take your left hand
to the ground and inhale. Reach your right arm all the
way upside body stretch here. Inhale in. Exhale, pull your
right thumb back, lift your chest up
towards the sky. And then slowly
come back to center. From here, you’re gonna bring
your hands right out in front. Keep the right toes flexed. Inhale in, exhale maybe coming
onto the forearms here. Inhale in maybe
you come a little lower, lower bringing your
head to the ground, maybe not. Close your eyes
and breathe deep. Action point here is to pull
the right hip crease back. Keep the right toes
pointed up towards the sky. So we’re engaged
through the full right leg, right femur, hugging
into socket here actively. Relax the skin in the face. Relax your forehead. Awesome, then
took the chin, slowly roll it up. Switch, bring your right heel
in, send your left leg out long. So this thigh bone’s kind of
hugging in the socket here. I’m flexing my left
toes up towards the sky, or I like to give the cue of
flexing your toes towards your face to really activate. Then bring your right
hand to the ground. Inhale, reach the left
fingertips up high and then find that side body stretch
as you take it up and over. Inhale in, reach. Exhale, spiral
your heart up towards the sky. And then slowly come
back through center. Reset and we’ll bring the
hands or the fingertips out in front and start to
walk them forward. Maybe you come
onto the forearms here. You might notice this
side is very different. Keep a nice active left foot
there as you breathe deep. Maybe coming
down a little lower. Maybe not today. Maybe that’s for another day. Try to bring your attention to
the sound of your breath here, use it to anchor your mind,
your thoughts. Then tuck the chin,
slowly begin to roll it up, keep the left leg extended. Use your fingertips to support
you as you kick the right foot out, sorry, buddy. And now we’re in it,
seated wide legged shape. Hi, buddy. Did I wake
you up from your nap? Apologies. So here you’re going to bend the
knees just slightly to start, bring the fingertips forward and
then you can walk the palms or the fingertips forward. Maybe come onto
the forearms here. And then from here you can
work to straighten the legs. Inhale in, exhale, allow the way to
the head to soften down. And again, use the sound of your
breath here to anchor you to stay present in the moment. Big stretch here
so big breath. Press through your heels, flex
your toes up one more breath, inhale. And exhale. Great, inhale in again. Use your exhale to tuck the
chin and roll it back up. Awesome.
Nice and easy we’re going to bring
the soles of the feet together. Take your hands to the
ankles or thumbs to the arches. A little Cobbler’s Pose here
before we come onto the ground. So sit up nice and tall. Let the tops of the
thighs get really heavy here. Option to keep it lifted or to send the heart
forward into a fold. Try to bring your
nose towards your toes. You can also use the thumbs here
to create a little self massage. Massage the arches of the feet. No need to push or force here. Keep it nice and easy. Then when you’re ready,
slowly come up, you’re going to
bring your feet to the mat, knees all the way up,
bring your hands behind you. I’m gonna shift just so you
can see me and then you’re gonna windshield wiper
your legs to one side, any side. So the key is to start
with the feet wide though so you can really
get a nice rotation. Pause here. Breathe. Close your eyes. Good. Then take him through
center and to the opposite side. Pause there, breathe.
Close your eyes. Pay attention to the
sensation in your body. Work to keep
elongating your inhale and extending your exhale. Good. The moment we’ve
all been waiting for. We’re now going to extend the
legs and come to lie flat on our backs, so pull
your blanket to the side, grab your pillow for your head. Imagine that and let’s
come to lie down together. Hey-o! Okay. Go ahead and extend the legs out
long when you get there and take a nice full body stretch. Reach the arms all
the way up and overhead. Big stretch. Inhale in here. Exhale, walk your
heels towards the bottom left corner of your mat. Then shimmy your head and
shoulders towards the top left corner of your mat. Grab your right
wrist with your left elbow. Peek at me if you need to. Feel this stretch in
the right side body. To take it one step further, you’ll cross the right ankle
over the left and breathe like you love yourself. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Awesome, from here, slowly uncross the ankles,
release the bind. Walk back to center. Inhale, reach the
arms up and overhead again if they are not already,
and then walk the heels towards the bottom right
corner of your mat. Shimmy the head
and shoulders towards the top right
corner of your mat. Grab your left wrist
with your right hand. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale, close your eyes,
relax your jaw. Maybe cross the left
ankle over the right here. And with your eyes closed here,
imagine you’re on a sunny hill, maybe by a body of
water or a field of flowers. Awesome, then unravel,
released the bind, come back to center. Bring the hands down
gently at your sides. Walk one knee up, then the other
walk the heels up towards the sits bones. Inhale, begin to lift the
hips as you press evenly through the feet.
Interlace the fingertips, if you like behind the tail,
find a Bridge Pose here. Lift the chest to the chin,
the chin to the sky. Press into all four
corners of the feet, shins forward and
then slowly release. Awesome, soles of the
feet come together once again. Knees wide,
Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. Close your eyes here. Inhale in. And exhale out. Good. Press in to
the soles of the feet. Bring the knees together. You’re gonna grab your blanket
and we’re gonna use it now to cover up here so you
can do whatever you like. You can take the blanket. You can roll up
like taquito or burrito. You can cover yourself
however feels good. If you are in a
warm environment, you can roll the blanket up
and put it behind your knees. Definitely get comfortable now. Place the hands mindfully,
gently at your sides or maybe on the low ribs or the belly. After you get settled in find a little inner smile. And let’s breathe together. Breathing in for five counts. Breathing out for seven. Ready? Here we go. Breathe in for
five, four, three, two, one. Pause. Breathe out for
seven, six, five, four, three, two,
empty on the one. Good. Big inhale for five, four, three, two, hold the breath. Exhale for
seven, six, five, four, three, two,
empty on the one. Inhale for five, four, three, two, one. Pause, hold.
Retain the breath. You’re doing great. Slow exhale for
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Now close your eyes. Here we go,
big inhale for five, four, three, two one. Pause,
retain the breath. Relax. Exhale for seven, six, five, four, three, two, empty on the one. Good, inhale for five, four, three, two, pause, retain the breath. Empty for seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Two more rounds, here we go. Five, four, three, two, one. Exhale, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Last round, big inhale for five, four, three, two, one. Hold your breath. Retain. And exhale for
seven, six, five, four, three, two. Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty, empty on the one. (sighs) Let it go. Allow your breath
to return to a nice, easy rhythm, a natural flow. Take a second here to
just notice how you feel. Reside in the
role of the observer, you don’t have to do anything. No to-do lists to master. No ambitions to conquer. No deadlines, no goal. Allow the weight
of your body to relax fully into the earth. Just be. Move slowly here, gently bring your
palms together and bring your thumbs right up to the
third eye and give yourself a little massage
here on the forehead. If you’re super chilled out
and you want to be here longer, just pause the video and stay. Stay awhile. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time
and energy with me. I know we all live
and lead very busy lives. So I think it’s important
that we carve out this time for ourselves and cheer each
other on to do the same. It’s important
and I appreciate you. Hope you have a great
rest of the day or evening. I’ll see you next time. Take one more deep breath in and exhale to whisper Namaste. (upbeat music)

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