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have you been living with an ugly smile way too long well why not put your smile and your teeth in the hands of a dentist and his team who truly care about the patient experience please welcome dr. Roja Carlos he is the owner of AZ dental wellness he's here to explain what makes his dental office so different great to have you back wit back Thank You Susan glad to be here tell us a little bit about your practice I know this really is a it's a heart project for you oh yes definitely what we try to do is we try to make our office as comfortable as possible as warm as relaxing so it doesn't really feel like you're in a dental office the minute you give us a call on the phone you're treated with a with a warm greeting and the minute you step through the door we're just all smiles and you feel comfortable right away family friendly is is one of the terms that you all say it you become like family to these patients yes we're very very good listeners and we really treat our patients on a personal level some of our patients we really get to know them very very well we get invited to weddings and a patient of ours as a pilot he just flew our whole staff to Santa Monica California today for sure all right so you specialize in a number of treatments cutting-edge treatments let's start with all on four what is that all on four treatment is for a patient who is missing teeth say they've been wearing dentures for quite some time and they're just not really happy with them what the all-on-four procedure is is where I place implants you can see from this patient he his name is James he flew all the way down to Oregon just to see us he had no teeth on the top and he had a few teeth on the lower what we did in one day was replaced eight implants Kuk total in his mouth four on the upper and four on the lower as you can see and he was able to walk out of our office that same day with that just a beautiful smile and that's important for you you don't want anyone to leave your office not having teeth or feeling good about them so yes alright so James he came in from Oregon to see you and I want to show this is his look this is the all-on-four right yes and what was he what was he like after this treatment he was absolutely ecstatic he was so happy to get teeth in his mouth that you don't have to take in and out anymore and in just one week he was able to chew properly and it's just a matter of just you know your overall health we want you to be healthy not just have a great smile but we want two teeth the function as well he probably regrets waiting so long James well good for him and you also specialize in another treatment called veneers yes veneers are well they are cutting edge technology as well because what we can do is we can transform someone's smile this is a patient who had very discolored misshapen teeth and veneers are just a thin laminate that we we place over the top of the the teeth where you know they come out and this is the treatment being done they just pop right on yes yes after we've prepped the teeth and we send it to our lab that we use it's very simple procedure where we just place the veneers right on and we don't and again that we once we're once we have the veneers we don't take them in and out they're permanent they're permanently in there and you walk out with a you know beautiful smile what do people tell you when you hand them the mirror doctor how it's just you know it's it's what makes my job gratifying that I mean it's just a life-changing experience when we've done that so many times over for our patients fantastic all right let's give you a special offer thank you so much and creating beautiful smiles you can create one for you get one implant plus one crown for two thousand $199 or get a single veneer for $799 AZ dental wellness they are located at thirty fourteen North Hayden Road Suite 104 in Scottsdale to book an appointment please call four eight zero seven four seven one three five two or visit the website AZ dental Wellness com

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