Go on the set of Sasha Banks’ Muscle & Fitness Hers cover shoot

– [Voiceover] SmackDown may
be without a General Manager, but RAW certainly has The
Boss, at least for now. Sasha Banks making a
long-awaited return to RAW, sending a statement to the
Women’s Champion, Charlotte. The Boss wants to become The Champ, and while Sasha awaits the
opportunity to strong arm herself into becoming the face
of the Women’s Division, max strength and conditioning lands her on the cover of the latest
Muscle and Fitness Hers. And only This Week is there to capture Banks’ account
with the magazine. (cameras clicking) – This is my first ever magazine cover, and it’s really exciting. – Putting Sasha Banks on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers
is going to be perfect. – She’s not like another pretty face. She’s got like tight abs, tight core, everything is very well
balanced about her. – I mean, just look at
me, I’m a legit boss. A Sasha Banks workout is intense. A lot of cardio, a lot
of strength conditioning. This isn’t your run of the mill exercises. These were hard extreme
explosive exercises. – I hope that Sasha being
on Muscle and Fitness Hers will help inspire more women and men to further their fitness goals. – Hopefully that empowers them to want to want to join
fitness and workout. – Hopefully the message will get out, that as extreme as they are in the ring is as extreme as they are in the gym, and it really showed today. – The overall look of the
photo is B-O-S-S, boss. I looked fierce, I looked
on fire, I looked on point, and I was feeling it. Those photos are going
to come out amazing. And I hope all the fans
pick up my cover on stands. – [Voiceover] Learn Sasha’s workout in this month’s Muscle and Fitness Hers. It will get your heart rate soaring, just like my reaction
whenever I see Sasha.

100 thoughts on “Go on the set of Sasha Banks’ Muscle & Fitness Hers cover shoot

  1. I just watched you on RAW and it was cool how you rolled back to keep Dana away from the rope you deserve the championship belt

  2. Sasha Banks I love you 😍😗😘😙😍😗😘😙😍😗😘😙😍😗😙😘😗😍😗😍😘😗😙😍😘😗😙😍😘😗😙😍😘😗😙😍😗😘😙😍😗😙😘😗😍😙😘😗

  3. my name si ezekiel i leave in phillipines im12 years old i wish i can see you in phillipines im super fun sasha banks and bayley pls i wish i can see sasha banks the boss and bayley the hugger

  4. I have a very huge crush on her and a very very pretty legit boss and i think she will have allof tge women's title

  5. and to think her husband is nothing much to look at dam sasha average joe guys get all the hotties rusev married lana women's brains are back to front these days

  6. i am a straight woman… i appreciate the female body… but.. omg… there is something about sashas whole appeal.. i would totally turn for her.. i love her so much!

  7. Eimai h Elenh uelv na sedv apo konta ua erueis sthn patra an den erueis uelv na eruv ekei alla eimei 10 xronon kai den mporv na eruv eimai mikrh🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  8. Sasha Banks Boss is that it on my way e? I was in a half up e of those who have been typing in my opinion that you will need to get type in touch with you have 65

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