Groupon Cashing In On America’s Health Care Crisis

>>As we know, private insurance is difficult
to deal with, and many Americans either don’t have private insurance, or they’re dealing
with a private insurer that refuses to authorize treatments that they need. So, capitalism works in funny ways. Now we have Groupon offering discounts and
coupons for various medical procedures. This was reported recently in the, so the
Kaiser Family Foundation publishes some news articles. They published something on this as well. And so, I want to show you a quick screenshot. It kind of gives you an idea of what some
of these groupons look like. And in this case, it’s for an x-ray. And the journalist, Kaiser Health news reported
this, Laurin Weber wrote this piece and she writes, Crown Valley Imaging in Mission Viejo,
California has been selling Groupon deals for services including heart scans, and full
body CT scans since February of 2017. Despite what Crown Valley’s president Sami
Beydoun called out the aggressive financial practices. According to him, Groupon dictates the price
for its deals based on the competition in the area, and then takes a substantial cut. So, okay, I mean, I don’t really have anything
to say about Groupon’s business practices, but I do have a lot to say about the fact
that people are relying on coupons in order to get some of the screenings that they need. By the way, I just want to note, for all the
people on the right who want to defund Planned Parenthood, when I was younger and did not
have health insurance, I went to Planned Parenthood when I found a lump in my breast. And they saw me for free. And there are people who rely on Planned Parenthood
for way more than reproductive health. So, just something to keep in mind-
>>Men and women as well. Men are welcome at Planned Parenthood, and
you can go get an STD screening, no matter who you are at Planned Parenthood.>>Yeah, Brittany Swanson who works in the
front office at OutPatient Imaging in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, said she
has seen hundreds of customers come through the center with Groupons for mammograms, body
scans and other screenings. And this is something that’s becoming more
and more widespread. It’s just something that people are turning
to because that’s what healthcare is in America.>>We need Medicare for all, that’s the bottom
line.>>Yes.>>We need universal, I just performed in
Canada this past weekend and Canadians are better laughers. You know why? Cuz they’re not worried about what happens
to them if they get hit by a truck.>>That’s right.>>Because they have health care.>>How much freer you live when you can actually
take care of your health and body and your loved ones. And just live your life and not have to worry
about getting sick or getting hurt. and it’s years ago I remember seeing Groupons for plastic
surgery, and all these other procedures, and I kind of laughed it off thinking do you really
want to spend that money? You might end up with an implant on the side
of your head, or something weird like that. And now seeing this, the fact that people
are getting mammograms using Groupons. They’re getting actual health procedures that
are necessary. It just speaks to how broken our system is. And I think it’s great that people can access
this, but it should not be this way.>>And it’s not just about the discount that
you get through the Groupons. I mean obviously, there’s a marketing aspect
to this, maybe someone has a private practice and wants to get some more patients through
the door. But there’s also one other point that I wanted
to make about how these procedures and these screenings are priced. There is no set price, right? So, you can go to one doctor’s office and
a mammogram can cost you, I don’t know I’m just going to thrown a number out there, $500. Then, you go with different doctor’s office
and they charge $2,000. You have no idea, and there’s no transparency
upfront. I mean, I remember getting so many surprise
bills. When I had a health scare and I thought all
right I paid my deductible, right? High deductible was paid out of pocket, there’s
no way I’m gonna have to pay more. And then, a month later I get a bill for $419
from the lab, right.>>Yes.>>So, these are the types of non transparent,
opaque issues that we deal with when we go see a doctor. So, when you have a Groupon that tells you
all right, you’re gonna get a mammogram for $99. There is a little bit of peace of mind knowing
I’m just gonna pay that $99, and I don’t have to deal with the rest.>>By the way whenever I use a Groupon at
a restaurant, I always get side eye from the waiter.>>Me too.>>And so, what’s gonna happen if I use a
Groupon for an actual health scare, is the doctor gonna be, you’re a cheap bastard. I’m gonna phone in this procedure.>>It is weird that that happens, because
the restaurant, and in this case, the doctor’s offices make these deals with Groupon.>>Exactly.>>They don’t like it.>>So it’s like, what do you expect? And something that a lot of people may not
know, but you kind of have the option to it. Some of these providers will actually negotiate
with you. If you can pay cash.>>And not go through insurance.>>Insurance, yeah. And so, that’s something you want to discuss
too, that’s an option because insurance providers, it’s a lot of paper work on their behalf,
and they have to wait months and months. So if you can pay right then and there, there’s
some negotiation there, so there are options, but again, it should not be this way.>>Definitely, and also don’t be afraid to
ask your doctor how much things cost before they actually start running tests and labs. If they’re being wishy washy on it, then that’s
a huge red flag. But I’ve just kinda learned to just right
up front say, hey, I need to know how much this cost before you do it. Because you don’t wanna be hit with all these
surprise bills. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s devastating. This is what we’re dealing with in one of
the richest countries in the world.

100 thoughts on “Groupon Cashing In On America’s Health Care Crisis

  1. Actually, I've had a friend who considered paying cash for an office visit. She was told she would get in trouble because she had insurance and it would be considered "fraud." And I was mistreated and humiliated when I had an injury that required stitches and a follow up to make sure there wasn't muscle or nerve damage. i was profiled at the ER as a drug seeker and basically ignored at the specialist's office. I have issues with my elbow to this day. had I been a Little League pitcher, high school quarterback, or some other privileged class, it would be a whole different story.

  2. as a Canadian, i don't know how you can deal with this, my health sucks and i'd be completely ruined if i was living in the U.S. being sick IS NOT a luxury, i never asked for that, it's not fun, not many people knows what it feels like to lose one's health, take it from me ; 'never take it for granted'.

  3. The reason why you would get side eyed buy a waiter when you use a Groupon is because they know that means you're thrifty and they are worried that you're not going to tip well.

  4. It is absolutely heartbreaking that we have to rely on coupons just to get an x-ray, or that our system is so broken that people have 2 think "hey before I go to the ER let me see if there's anything on Groupon". That is absolutely devastating. But at the same time I'm glad that these coupons exist, cuz maybe it will convince people to actually take care of themselves and go get those x-rays or whatever procedure that they need.

  5. Medicare for all! Vote Bernie Sanders or Elisabeth Warren! Realy, do it! Example from Germany: I´ve had a serious breakdown in summer, hardly survived, had to stay in hospital for two weeks, two blood transfusions, several infusions, medications and a minimally invasive operation wich all saved my life so I recovered completely and am healthy now. And now take a deep breath and hold tight to the chair so you will not be knocked over: Costs in total 2,609.52 €. What I have to pay, you ask? Hold on, here it comes: I had to pay 80.00 €. In written: Eighty Euro! The German health system saved my life for me, my family and my friends for just 2,600 € and I had to pay 80 €! That is what you get if the health care system is run properly and not the prey for financial sharks!

    Vote progressive! Do it!

  6. Americans want the best of everything and they should get it. We save the world and they ride on are coattails and take billions from us. Screw the world, It's America time now! We are not Europeans and we are not Canadians, if your an American and want to be like them, move there! and your problem is solved.

  7. Young Turks are known for genocide and extreme tribalism. Consequently, in the anglo-zionist empire these (Soros financed!) goons are now the popular news source for the fascist left. OMINOUS!
    Fake blonde, Fake News. FITTING!

  8. I had to use a groupon last year to take my kids to the dentist. Well we walked out with a 0 cavity perfect screen which i found odd given that at their last screening at another office WITH INSURANCE stated they had cavities. Groupon treatment

  9. Well, hold on there about Canadian free health care guys.
    The Conservative party has been trying to kill free healthcare for YEARS up here, and we're on the verge of an Election that is basically going to guarantee a Conservative majority thanks to some of the stupid shit Trudeau has pulled.
    We're not going to be laughing for much longer…

  10. We're the greatest and strongest nation in human history only because of Capitalism, it describes the main law of nature – only the strongest survive! If you cant afford medicine that's your problem, you aren't strong or smart enough. We were superpower for 200 years and still going strong, Democrats want to destroy everything we achieved with their stupid socialist policies! History proved that socialism is a disaster.

  11. Capitalism should be abolished. It only fosters and rewards greed, ego, and promotes fascism. It is a failure and as we see USA continue to go down quicker than trump on his daughter it is more and more evident that it should be allowed to go extinct.

  12. Its ok Capitalism come sit over here. Let Socialism have there 15 mins they will come back in 20 years. I no i will be doing good with the gold an silver i will be getting in that time. I will be rich bitch

  13. At this point I honestly wish an alien empire like the United federation of planets would just come take us over and force us into a better society. Lol

  14. I know a chiropractor and a general practitioner who opened their new office where patients pay cash. They take no health insurance.

  15. 300$ for an xray? Here in Portugal if you skip the public system and go to a private doctor you can get a colonoscopy with sedation for the same price.Xray for 50 Euro

  16. For the record, these are Diagnostic Imaging facilities run by radiologists. I know because I used to be an X-Ray Tech, and I've since moved on but still in medicine in a different role. This is equivalent to getting a coupon from an urgent care clinic or comparing prices of urgent care prices or of vet office prices. This is a good development, but I wish the profits would go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. -Jon Seale under GF's account. Sorry but I don't know my youtube password at her place.

  17. I suspect a big reason waiters might give coupon users side eye is that often people tip based on the discounted price rather than the normal price.

    Also while the restaurant did indeed make that deal with groupon, the employees had absolutely no say in that decision and get nothing out of it except more work at a reduced tip rate.

  18. My only concern with “Medicare for all” is how would effect the healthcare workers. I am a nurse and in America there is a shortage of Nurses. Also I hear that healthcare professionals make less in Canada & UK than in America. How does this work.

  19. “Capitalism is a funny thing”
    It’s created more Millionaires than ANY system period-FACT.
    If We were Socialists this Anti American CHINESE Communist channel wouldn’t exist.
    Where are all these people with no health insurance? I don’t know a single person?

  20. Ana Is Multi Millionaire asking her Dr how much bandaids cost?
    Do Americans really believe this crap?
    She closes saying “we’re the richest nation in the world IT SHOULDNT be like this”
    Everyone who supports this channel 100% hates America right?

  21. Waiters probably give you the look when you pay with a Groupon cuz the waiters are probationary worried your going to be cheap in regards to their tip. The restaurant preggers make the Groupon desks not the waiters. Many times these people danger money on their meal but then avoid paying a tip. Of course not everyone, bit there are certainly many who will do it.

  22. I'm English – I feel for you all – I really do. This breaks my heart. Groupon for a mammogram? That's third world living.

  23. One of my mom's neighbors just died today, he was 84 and up until this past year rather healthy. Turns out he had stage 4 cancer and was hiding that fact because he could not afford to get treatment. He had medicare + supplemental insurance and they STILL wanted $2000 before they would do it. He was diagnosed in May and just was able to get better coverage about a month ago but it seems the doctor was a bit inept too as they did not start him right away on treatment even though he was still stable at that point. He got tossed around entirely by the system and now he is dead, another sad statistic in the healthcare crisis.

  24. As to "abolishing" private insurance, the angle is obvious in Medicare for All. "No I am not abolishing private insurance. People over 65 have Medicare and there are tons of commercials on TV for private insurance for them, but it's supplementary insurance and insurance of elective procedures like plastic surgery. What we are abolishing is NOT private insurance, but double coverage in which private insurance tries to profit from the coverage already provided by Medicare for All. We are no longer going to be putting our lives in the hands of people trying to profit off our health crises.  If they want to insure young people for non-essential health care or supplementary pay plans… Go for it!"

  25. It cost around 250$ to 500$ after the insurance reimburse you for an EpiPen in the USA.
    Cost 120$ over the counter in Canada. 30$ if you have a prescription 🤔

  26. We've all heard about the Military Industrial Complex, but there is another monster that is three times bigger, and that is the Medical Industrial Complex. To protect their health, people have to focus on their lifestyle choices, and avoid doctors as much as possible.

  27. You think coupons just fall out of the sky? Hahahahahahahaha. Lets all laugh together hahahaha. They come out of my paycheck.

  28. I’ve asked MANY times before making an appt and they NEVER can tell me. “We don’t know what we are going to do yet.” I say “I just want to see a Dr. to ask questions about this flu.” Nope..they wouldn’t give me a number.

  29. Here's a tip: some providers will give you a year at no interest if you set up a payment plan. It's better than putting the whole thing on a credit card. Also try to negotiate directly with the provider and see if they can offer you financial assistance. Another reason not to vote Republican. They like things this way.

  30. The Groupon I'm going to use is called a single payer healthcare system where greedy blood sucking parasites don't price gouge the sick and dying.

  31. The reason that waiters give you the side eye when you show a groupon is because most people don't realize that the waiter is going to pay taxes on 12% of the entirety of the sale regardless of what you actually pay with your discount. So, for those of you who tip based on the bill after the groupon has been applied, you are literally costing that server money.

  32. Problem with TYT is that they believe certain services are rights when they are indeed exactly what they are, services.

  33. Waiter is probably giving you the side eye because so many people don't tip based on the full price of the meal as they should, but on the discounted price.

  34. Ana Kasparian….About your suggestion that patients should start asking doctors "how much" a certain procedure/medication/etc is, and doctors who won't provide the prices are dodgy…. 

    I am a retired RN. Here are the problems with what you (and many "free market libertarians" suggest)
    1.) Direct patient care providers (for the most part) have NO IDEA how much things cost. Insisting that they tell the patients they are treating how much each pill, procedure, medical equipment, specialist consults, IV tubing, enema, syringe, etc before the care is administered would essentially grind this hypothetical hospital unit to a halt. Care providers would spend 90% of their time trying to chase down accurate pricing information to pass onto the patient

    2.) In many cases, patients may be unconscious, grievously injured and/or on the edge of death. How are they supposed to inquire about pricing? Should doctors stop administering life saving treatment and start making phone calls to find out how much everything will cost? Only to then pass on this information to an unconscious patient who has significantly deteriorated while the doctor was "price checking"? Say the patient is still conscious and they don't like the price the doctor quoted for the 4 pints of blood that is the only thing standing between the patient and death? What then? If the patient says they can't afford it, would the providers have to let the person die?

    3.) Pricing in hospitals is NEVER consistent….prices change depending on which insurance the patient has (or doesn't have), which company supplies equipment/meds, etc, who the doctor is, what unit the patient is in, the patient's "status" (re: outpatient, observation, outpatient in a bed,
    inpatient, rooming in…..etc etc etc), the severity of the patient's condition, etc etc etc

    These are just the tip of the iceberg re: why asking doctors/nurses/providers about how much things cost is a bad idea.

    There are other possibilities re: price transparency that can achieve the goal of price control:
    In Japan, the government sets the price for every procedure, pill, equipment charge, nursing care, etc etc. This information is readily accessible to EVERY person who uses Japan's healthcare system. Let's say, for example, you need an arm x-ray. The procedure will cost the SAME in every single medical facility within Japan.

    They could also "bundle" the price of care (but that can even get tricky because every person is unique and has unique needs.

    Again….tip of the iceberg

  35. Yeah. Our system is broken. I'm fairly certain that I broke my arm in a fall down some stairs several months ago, but I didn't go to the E.R. or to the doctor. I just couldn't afford it. I was still paying off an expensive E.R., hospital stay, and surgery from about 4 months prior to that and I didn't want any more medical bills. I wasn't 100% sure that I broke my arm, so I decided to wait and see if it started to heal on its own. Stupid? Maybe. Probably. Months later, my arm is mostly healed, and it didn't cost me everything I had in savings. All it cost me was a little bit of range of motion and strength. I wish I lived in a country in which I was more afraid of a (potentially) broken arm than of crippling medical debt.

    Is there a Groupon for arm X-rays?

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