Guy Tries to Get Leaner with the 7 Day Egg Diet

hey I’m Cesar Cipriano. Welcome to my channel, and I’m gonna do the egg diet. All Right a good friend of mine whose you all know and
love, Rob, we were messaging back and forth he told me he was gonna do the egg
diet. I looked it up and I thought, Hey that’s doable I think I’ll do it with
you. So quick disclaimer, the egg diet ended up looking up is not the one Rob
did. Hisis 900 calories a day. I never would have agreed to that one. But
if you want to see his, go check his out. Me… here’s the one I did. There’re
different kinds of egg diets. I’m not gonna go the keto route. I’m gonna go one of the traditional routes of the egg diet, and here the rules: It’s not just
eggs, but eggs will be your primary source of protein. It will be eggs and
other lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish. okay? Red meat is out I will
tell you I later. You also eat fruits, vegetables, and also
nuts. Healthy nuts. So that’s primarily what you’re gonna be eating. Anything you
drink has to be zero calories. So you’re drinking water, you’re drinking tea,
and whatever else is zero calories. So here we go. Seven days, egg diet, let’s do it!
For those of you who are following me on Instagram, I do the days of the year
every morning and most days there’s always some sort of junk food that’s
being eaten. So I have to batch record a whole week just so I could keep myself
true this diet. So here we go. All right day one. Let’s get the numbers.
If you don’t like feet… what’s the matter with you! My feet are sexy. Okay saved you the foot shot, but 156 even. That’s we’re starting.Llet’s get cooking. Alright
here’s my first shot at a soft-boiled egg… …and fail! Okay since we’ve dissected this
egg, let’s go through its makeup.The white… the egg whites.
It’s the albumin. It’s mostly water, and eleven percent of it is protein. The
yellow inside, the yolk, has all the vitamins, all the minerals, and it’s 18
percent protein. There’s actually more protein in the yolks by volume compared
to the egg whites. Breakfast: grapefruit some romaine lettuce, two eggs, citrus fruits
to help keep your LD’s low, and grapefruit I guess is the ultimate citrus fruit,
because based on all of the diet plans, grapefruit is very prominent. So here we
go. I’m still gonna try to nail the soft-boiled egg, today was a complete
fail, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes. All right, lunch. Check this out. Okay,
it’s just shirataki noodles, eggs, and kimchi. This whole bowl is 237 calories
shirataki noodles are zero calories. They go right through you. So this is a lot of
food for 237 calories. All right last meal of the day.
Here it is I made a video of this before, my famous protein pizza. I just did it
without the cheese. Garlic powder, basil. Other lean meats you’re allowed to have,
so I had some lean ground turkey, some romaine lettuce, apples ,and carrots.
So good morning, for breakfast I’m doing the two ingredient pancakes. all it is is
two eggs to each banana. All right, usually you would use a pan to make
pancakes, duh, but I don’t want to cook it in oil because I want to keep my LDLs low. So what I’m gonna do is put it in this, and I’m gonna bake it. All right, day to
breakfast here we go I got a head start on the grapefruit cuz I was hungry, and
the pancakes were still cooking. Let’s see how they turned out. I’ve done it before,
but I’ve actually done actual pancakes and
baked it on parchment. Let’s see how it turns out. oh my gosh so much less fat. Oh doing it
this way. I’m here in my grapevine here and I’m getting grapes because it’s part of
the diet, and what it does is helps lower your LDLs. Okay there’s a little
misconception of what HDL and LDLs are. HDL is high-density lipoproteins, LDLs are
low-density lipoproteins. Lipo. Protein. all it is is fat and protein. Okay? It is not
cholesterol they transport cholesterol. So when they say HDL cholesterol, it’s
actually HDL that carries cholesterol. Cholesterol is just cholesterol. What
determines whether you have higher HDL or LDL is your diet and exercise, and to
some degree genetics. But diet and exercise can help alter that. LDL, the bad kind,
sends it to your bloodstream, and causes plaque. the HDLs, will prevent that
plaque from happening, sends cholesterol where it needs to go, and also
sends it to the liver to get discarded. If you were confused about what HDL
and LDL are, now you know that they’re not cholesterol at all. okay? I’m gonna
get some more grapes. Here we go. Got some grapes, they’re amazing grapes. just
super sweet… oh yeah I say that a lot… oh yeah… yeah. Day 2 lunch, I gotta eat
and run. So this whole thing is 563 calories get
it going. Here we go, turkey, romaine lettuce kimchi, apple. Two days in. They say gas is
one side effects, it hasn’t been so bad for me, except for when I came to work out
tonight it wasn’t bad but I had a a couple of moments I have to say. So yeah, definitely training my clients before I have breakfast. Just
saying. Okay day three: grapefruit eggs and carrots. I like eating grapefruit in
the morning. It’s awesome. I like it, so I’m sticking with it. Okay so I’m wearing
the same thing as yesterday because I’m at a callback,
and out of habit, when I come to this casting, I usually get a snack. But I just
realized there’s no snacking in the egg diet. So this has to wait a week. whoops.
Okay see, I did not eat it. I will eat it next week. Okay chicken, circle of life.
From egg to chicken lots of greens, apple and I made my own hot sauce so that’s
how I’m getting down. Dinner time: okay… chicken romaine lettuce a whole bunch of
cauliflower, these protein bars that I made that don’t taste great, I gotta
finish it, and another apple. Day 4. I went to work, I had a late start, and it’s
already lunchtime. So I’m having breakfast and lunch together. So here it
is. and then here is my first shot of the poached egg. Let’s see how well I did. Yes.
Yes! I discovered that all the other egg diets, one is actually egg and grapefruit
diet. So I guess I’m kind of doing that, sort of… ish, and what they do is they
have grapefruit with every meal. Yeah, brunch, and then I’ll just have dinner.
Got the hot sauce back cuz I’m doing it doing it again. I’m adding the grapefruit
and the Apple again, more chicken, a lot of romaine lettuce, carrots and this here
for the whole day including all this stuff, I’m still at 1,350 calories. But it’s filling. Day 5 I got hard boiled eggs, celery, and just
these. You know how I do. Soft-boiled eggs let’s see if I got it. No. Lunch: I got some caramelized onions,
garlic, basil, olive oil Pizza… my protein pizza, it’s mostly egg whites and fiber. Right. Here we go, more of these, and then some carrots. All right.
Last meal of the day, here we are, just turkey with some vegetables and
an apple. I have two hard-boiled eggs and then of course grapefruit because I’m
addicted to great food right now, it’s a phase, and you’re watching me go
through it, so happy breakfast. I bought plenty of eggs but I want to
eat out. So Huckleberry I’m going. I can’t eat this, but the Eggs Verde is all about it. When we’re talking about the size of eggs,
think about weight classes and combat fighting. Okay a large egg has to be
above 1 and 3/4 ounces, up to 2 ounces. Extra-large egg is up to 2.25 ounces and
then jumbo in is up to two and a half ounces. this is the weight including the
shell so the shell on this is about a quarter
of an ounce size of a jumbo clearly it’s a lot more, but when it comes to making
ingredients in the size of the eggs, pretty much identical. The last day same
thing four eggs and grapefruit. Nothing special so I’m just gonna eat this. We
all know where eggs come from, and if you want to know the difference between
white eggs, and brown eggs white eggs come from white chickens with white earlobes.
Brown eggs come from chickens with red ear lobes and technically they don’t
have white feathers. Hens can lay eggs from one a day to every other day and
they live about 8 to 10 years. They never really stop making eggs, they just slow
down at the end of their lives. Alright so it’s day 7 and I never really
tried to master the soft-boiled egg so here we go. Look at that! Oh liquid gold! Did it okay
okay poached eggs was easier for some reason. I’ve got this one down on day seven, mini
victory for me. I don’t care hahaha I’m super excited. For last lunch, it’s apple, some citrus,
and just no frills scrambled eggs. Mostly egg whites I you only used one
egg and the rest are egg whites, but it’s creamy as heck. Check that out.
Creamy! Alright last meal with the plan a whole bunch of chicken I got to finish
up six romaine hearts, I’m finishing up six romaine hearts. And I got some apples, and oranges, Oh little thingies. These! The redundancy ends tonight! I am so excited
I will finish this up, I will weigh myself in the morning we’ll talk to later. All right?
oh! yes! last meals let’s do it. okay moment of truth, Day 8. I’m
using a different scale, but I mean it all measures weight, it’s fine. Okay
I’m guessing because I was in a deficit I definitely lost weight. and who’s not surprised yeah. I lost 5.2 pounds in seven days. The
diet has you in a constant deficit. So of course you’re gonna lose weight. And the
secret to satiety is like I said before in the previous video, is
protein and fiber. and that’s pretty much what you’re
eating the whole time. I was in a constant deficit, but because the protein and
fiber, I stayed satiated the whole time. It
definitely works. The diet… it’s a thing. Is it sustainable no don’t do this forever.
You should have a balanced and varied diet if you can do it for the rest of
your life, you’re just gonna slow down your metabolism. It’s gonna catch up to
you. Doing it for a short burst like seven days, some people do it for 14 days… it’ll
work. I hope you learned a lot, I did. Please like the video, subscribe if you
haven’t and leave a comment, let me know what you
want to see next. All right love you bye. this one is looking’ at me funny. There’s
a difference between… oh what… is that. I need water. Alright. Numbers. Get it going. I’m so full!!!!

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  1. I think that your version of the Egg Diet is much better to do than the one that Rob did that was inspired by Versatile Vicky. So if I do a video for the Egg Diet for a length of time as a video, I think that I will do your version maybe with a couple of alterations. I had been trying to grow my channel as well, and I am now in the middle of a month-long exercise and diet routine which I think is a little too long for a video for the editing and uploading in general.

  2. Thanks for the video.
    I start the egg diet today.
    Want to do it fo 10 days. Start weight is 120lb…. can’t wait for the ending result.
    I’m doing Versatile Vicky egg diet

  3. I love this way so much better than the other because they starve themselves Feel like you gain more weight afterwards when you’re done with it I’m going to try this I weight used to 203 now I’m 195 you are so amazing you help me so much with your other videos thank you so much you make thing so much easy and fun to diet too

  4. I love your videos and always feel as though I get good information out of them. Keep them coming and I will keep watching!

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