Half Baked (4/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Gets Some Medical Marijuana (1998) HD

[ Woman On P.A. ] Dr. Kablecki,
please report to Clinical Studies. Dr. Kablecki. Janitor ? Janitor ? Aaah ! Sorry about that.
What is it, scientist ? Could you, uh– l know this
isn’t your responsibility, but would you be a dear and run
this down to the supply department ? – lt’s on the second floor.
– Just run this down ? Yes. But make sure you bring
the order right back to me. l need it A.S.A.P. Got ya. l know this
isn’t your responsibility,
but mop the rest of this shit up. l’ll be right back. [ Sniffing ]
What it smell like ? Smell like– No.
[ Sniffs ] No. l smell weed, man. Hey. Here you go.
[ Sniffs ] – This all you need ?
– l guess. l don’t know. – Just a sec.
– Okay. [ Sniffs ] Damn. Either someone’s having a party, or
somebody gotta do their shirt laundry. – [ Sniffing ]
– Here you go. One pound of marijuana,
and you can sign for it right here. [ Gasping ] l– l sign for this,
and it’s mine ? And l take it ? [ Grunting ]
Oh, yeah. Thank you.
Thank you very much. [ Sniffing ]
Some good shit. [ Laughing ]
Oh, thank you, thank you,
thank… you. Look, here’s– here’s a little
something for your troubles. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Shh ! Let’s not tell anyone
about it, okay ? Sure. Shh. Hey, why didn’t you tell me
you were into this shit ? – We could’ve been hangin’ out
months ago.
– [ Laughs ] No, no, no. The Food and Drug Administration are
having us do a study to determine what, if any, are the medicinal purposes
of marijuana. Mmm. Wow. lf you ever need
a guinea pig, let me know. My grandfather was
in the Tuskegee experiments. Oh, really ? Anyway, thank you,
janitor. Enjoy. Thank you, scientist.
Got any papers ?

100 thoughts on “Half Baked (4/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Gets Some Medical Marijuana (1998) HD

  1. now louisiana is opening their 1st medical dispensiary…they knew where this was heading when this movie was made…im kinda high so i dont have time to spell check

  2. I mean back then all we had was Mexican brick weed… to get medical weed back then was like seeing a leprechaun. Not like it is today.

  3. 02:22 Underrated and dark af joke lol. Totally didn't catch this when I saw this film as a kid, lol.

  4. Back in the day when selling weed would get you an easy 25 to life in prison. Since it’s so freely available and legal in so many places I really hope they start commuting people’s sentences for ridiculous terms for non violent stuff like weed. It’s sad really

  5. I love how he handed him the broom and told him to sweep up like
    If you're gonna bring me up to your level I'm bringing down to mine lmao

  6. Realistically, the weed they had would have been supplied by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and grown at the University of Mississippi. The weed they grow there is low potency, and it seems that they use leaves and stems as well as flowers

  7. 2:18. "If you ever need a guinea pig let me know. My grandfather was in the Tuskegee experiment". The genius that's Dave Chappelle.

    Thank you Janitor, thank you scientist. Too too funny😂. The euphemisms in this short clip; just bravo!

  8. David Chapelle and Martin Lawrence should do a blue streak 2 or another movie together man I'll like that 😁

  9. I love how when the scientist hooks Dave up, he keeps grabbing at buds when he is not looking.
    Lmao always one of my favorite scenes

  10. 2019 and his dream is true. Old tech hippies walking from Mercedes van to back door with far more than that every day.

  11. Anyone notice him reaching into the bag and grabbing more when the scientist was handing him some… 😅😅

  12. Had to find this scene after having the same reaction to the rumor about Fromsoft making an open world game with G.r.r Martin

  13. I just got a few Maui Wowie vape cartridges the other day, and I keep thinking of the scene in this movie where Dave Chappelle says "Maui Wowie!"

  14. When he signs for the marijuana that’s exactly what I do when I sign for my weed parcel at the post office every time lol. CANADA ! What a country !

  15. The Tuskegee experiment was when they infected a bunch of black people with syphilis for 40 years that’s why the scientist was wtf

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