Health Insurance Stock At Highest Levels In A Year

howard in the alaska we played in the
last segment uh… mentioned that uh… starts work at a fifty to your height he
misspoke uh… it’s at a fifty to weak heart
which means that it’s the highest it’s been in the last year uh… this cake so that’s at conway there for stocks fifty
two-week hot right and uh… discover later makes a mistake
when he repeats but uh… and stocks actually have got popping down over this country but
what he’s referring to it uh… in uh… opt on october twenty
seven when joe lieberman said i will join a republican filibuster and kill of
the public option health-care stocks of the major seven
companies began arrives uh… in that time of the nasdaq composite believe went up
one point four percent and the dow jones only went up two point
three percent so you have a context e the so the markets rose but only a tiny
bit since october twenty seventh the now wen li remained a dot com now let’s
check out the top seven uh… insurance stocks and see how they did coventry
health care up thirty one point six percent signup up twenty nine point one percent
aetna up twenty seven point one percent wellpoint incorporated up twenty six
point six percent united health group up twenty point five percent and humana up
thirteen point six percent you know what that means that means the
right or wrong wall street thanks julia healthcare companies win as that interest it industry insider
told politico we win we win no cover but run competition everything goes to private insurance we
get exactly what we want if the public option was so irrelevant
why did the company’s fight so hard against it was so irrelevant admitted it
was known that it was going to be killed why did their stocks go up anywhere from
thirteen the thirty two percent obviously they don’t think it’s
irrelevant wall street doesn’t think it’s irrelevant they think it’s
enormously relevant so hot cum bear insures that address but when we made a point to put their
lives the public eye she was not in any way no one ever cared about that thing when talkback carping in complaining about gore chris
matthews if you don’t think it’s relevant you’re
crazy by the way one other thing feingold put out a statement saying hey you know
what honorable for this thing uh… there are parts of their a
comparable with but in the end i got a vote yes i can look no one is
that not act disagree with him but i think he’s uh… at least coming out of from uh…
ernest and and principled direction i don’t question is motivations i do questions tactics a but he also
included uh… this little section here that also gives you a sense of whether
he thought obama for for the public option are not unfortunately the lack of support from
the administration made keeping the public action in the bill and uphill struggle removing the
publisher from the senate bill is the wrong move panel eliminates twenty five
billion dollars in savings i’ll be working members of the house and the
senate we got the bonneville the nation is a special provisions is included it won’t be of course because when they
go to conference as feingold indicates though obama white house will once again
not have their back they will look to kill it

100 thoughts on “Health Insurance Stock At Highest Levels In A Year

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  2. So, it looks like we will have a national health insurance bill that will feed more profits into the private health insurance industry.

    The last time Wall Street was this happy was when they thought George Bush was going to succeed in partially privatizing Social Security.

    This is looking more and more like a new way to siphon off more funds for a payout to Wall Street.

  3. This could have been a rebound. Any type of bad news brings a stock price down. If that bad news in unfounded, the stock price bounces back to where it was.

  4. Stocks are not as risky (or a gamble) as you think if you can learn to diversify and manage them…Now doing the old mentality of " BUY and HOLD" will get you killed….Its gambling and risky if you dont know what your doing, its logical educated guesses and proper managing that will get you a good ROI (return on investment)

  5. Progressives THOUGHT they had the House and Senate.

    In reality, it was business as usual, with only figleaves to hide the greed. Possibly an improvement to the status quo, but not much.

  6. Health Insurance companies are doing 17-27 times better then the rest of the publicly traded market? WOW! Not surprised, but I do regret not dumpling my entire life savings into the top seven health insurance companies, then I might earn enough to cover a possible future illness.
    Once this passes, it will go to hell fast, and the GOP who raped this bill of all meaningful reform will be the foist to start the finger pointing.
    Grow a pair Dems (SELL OUTS)!

  7. Don't jesusify the government and obama… Dont perpetuate the autocratic consensus, the people of the nation are equally to blame. Where is the staunch activism, so vibrant in the 60s? is that the only time peopled cared?

  8. Rep Alan Grayson was killing it though, only dem i could ever support, but like i said, there is nothing Alan can do, that i can't… Stop the Autocracy.

  9. i just feel that this is going the way it has gone for years the insurance companies have bought and payed for success and once again we at the lower end of the totem pole wind up with nothing more than the smell of crap in our nostrils hope it doesnt make us sick

  10. i don't know why they worry. I get free healthcare in Canada, but we still buy health insurance for better or extra coverage. And if we had a mixed system, i would buy more

  11. this SHIT is FUCKING sad and just PISS me off!

    i well bet in the next few years it well get worst.
    i feel it well be like the 60's with young people fighting the goverment and maybe we well not give up like dam hippes.
    its not just health care its all the goverment its all broke!

    and i voted for obama to change and fix it GOD DAM IT!

  12. @duleekrauser i feel there is a difference between us and the 60s. the hippies almost got change but backed down at key moments due to fear and tactics used by the majority; with the amount of information, violence, and corruption we see through our media, we hopefully wont back down as generations past have.

  13. The point about the stocks is kind of a moot point. In the span of one year maaaaaany stocks have gone up more than 20%. Some jumped more than 100% from their point 1 year ago. Almost all stocks are doing better now than they were a year ago, some significantly so.

  14. @DeadKennedysNirvana8 I think it's hi-larious that the US thinks it can continue being a world superpower with a de-industrialized economy where industry has been outsourced overseas.

    Lol! The very idea is ridiculous. We're going to run this superpower…….on service jobs and shaky derivatives financial markets. Please.

  15. I don't even see why progressives thought they had the House and the Senate. Most of the Democrats elected were not progressives. They were typical DLC "New Democrat" (i.e. center-right corporatist) vermin. Pelosi and Reid especially.

    Grayson, Weiner, Feingold, Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kuicnich, Howard Dean, etc., now those are real progressives. Even John Edwards.

  16. THERE is the real opposition right there, the Republicans are the party of NO anyway, so it is basically Progressives v the Corporatists.

  17. I agree completely. I wish we could do some reform about that, but it will never pass because noone would vote to cut their own pay in the House and Senate. Something has to be done or the country's going in the crapper.

  18. @ryderawr Even though the US has used nukes before it's doubtful it will again. Launching a nuke at another country pretty much guarantees you will get nuked yourself.

    Not to mention there is no telling how many nukes many countries have these days. With all those missing nukes from Russia and Kazakhstan……

    At the least it ensures embargoes on your country which crashes your economy.

  19. fuck obama, i had the most faith in him, but i was a fool, made into a fool, i should have known these presidents and leaders are mere puppets..nothing else..

  20. The problem is, the majority of the ones who were in Congress under Bush are still there under Obama.

    The only real answer is to get a bunch of people, register, and go to the primaries and help nominate more Progressives.

  21. The US also seems to be the only country that treats healthcare as a purely economic issue, whereas most countries see it as a social and moral issue.
    As I see it the solution to your broken electoral system is for you all to get off your sofa and make your voice heard…. you…. not someone else… you.

  22. Alot of people did get off their sofas and had their voices heard at town hall meetings. It was against healthcare though 🙁

  23. True, but I'm not thinking of 50,000 astro-turf Faux News viewers, I'm thinking 100 million Americans with a thirst for real change.

  24. @mert828 The only solution is changing the political system. Personally, I think proportional representation would be better than a district system.
    Perhaps a few amendments to the US constitution are in order?

  25. Ive seen how godam expensive healthcare is in US, I feel lucky to live in UK, free healthcare and barely any waiting lists.

  26. @CannibalCorpse909 LOL, the Democrats have ALL the power and they STILL cannot get it done. This is why Democrats should not be in power. Why you people vote for them is beyond me. We should have checks and balances–maybe 1 party gets one house, 1 party gets the other OR the Congress 1 party and the President the other.

  27. I keep saying that. Even with a stacked Congress they still can't give their constituents what they want. So what is the point in voting for them? Well the obvious answer you will get is "To keep the Republicans from getting what they want" which I would say is a valid response were it not for the fact that Obama is giving them everything they want.

  28. @hypnofan35 You could start by dumping the BS from the corp lobby, the very same authoritarian creeps, like Ron Paul try to pose as a solution, while supporting more inequality, less openness and deregulation to the point of neo fascism. less democracy etc.
    Move to the left, join the real opposition to corp corruption. Tax the elites back to Earth orbit, or push them aside.
    democracy and freedom for all.
    reason and honesty in Govt.
    kick the corps, arms, oil lobby out.
    turn on RP hard.

  29. The S&P 500 and the DOW are also at their 52 week high. And if you compare their individual gains a lot lag these indices or aren't up that much.

    So although I agree there needs to be insurance reform but the stock price doesn't say that much at all.

  30. you realize that 80% of millionaires are first generation right? meaning they worked from the poverty level to high "elite status" in one generation. You also realize that regulation is what keeps people from being able to start companies right? Thus hindering people's freedom.

    I'm all for removing influence from the government, I think lobby money is nothing short of a bribe. But freedom of business, deregulation gives freedom to people to change their lives.

  31. you mean government regulation? the reason the stocks are going up is because they know that it will be mandatory to have health insurance, and without the public option, they know that you will have to buy from a private insurance company. I would call the stocks going up common sense for anyone who has half a brain.

    And I'll enjoy capitalism when we get capitalism, right now we have socialism for our health care. We haven't had capitalism in America in about 40-60 years.

  32. I never heard of him, but on a quick 2 minute wikipedia of him, I would say that his views are right in line with mine. I might have to pick up some of his books, thanks!

  33. lets see, strongest economy, hong kong. How free? oh? completely? what about china, you mean they have capitalist regions that are doing better than the US? And they have a higher percentage of their population at middle class than USA does? How can that be! government will solve everything, they know best! If we can plan out everything, then we wont ever have a bubble burst. Go government! I choose you!

  34. unrelenting capitalism… right. You might want to look into that. It takes 5+ years to introduce any new technology into the medical field. Think about that, you are being treated with 5 year old software / hardware because of all the regulation. Health care is one of the most regulated, non free enterprise markets we have. That is where the corruption comes from, if anyone could enter into the market, it becomes extremely difficult to control.

  35. @bluefootedpig BS, inequality has grown hugely, and a million will get people a home.
    it is not rich.
    those who earn a million a year is rich.
    If the USA taxed the same as EU, every single US tax payer would be 11,000 $ better off.
    You have the meanest and nastiest corp crooks manipulating you.
    Tax the rich back to Earth orbit.
    Dump crooks and corps stooges like Ron Paul, he is for more inequality and less democracy. he even wants the rich to decide who lives and dies (charity) corp workhouse BS

  36. lestliness… I like your gloating. You mean, as is always the case, when "democrats" take over is when real Republican change can occur under that disguise. And the Republicans can then increase their own political/corporatist power using the recoil against the Democrat party.

  37. Cenk maybe you'll soon realize that capitalism isn't so wonderful. Capital decides the way things go. There can be no democracy until it is smashed.

  38. I don't know why you idiots can't get it through your thick skulls..THERE IS NO PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON!Republicans and Democrats are opposite cheeks of the same ass. Yes I criticized the democrats in my statement but where did I praise the republicans? Oh you assumed didn't you? Go figure.

  39. I did assume. It was a fair assumption, given that your statement would be read that way by the majority of the readers on this page. Now that you've come out, I can safely say I think you're right, and a third party would be at least a step in the right direction.

  40. Let's just drop the pretense.

    Let's treat every dollar like a vote, and however many dollars a person or corporation has, that's how important they are.

    Capitalism at its finest.

    Hell, we can get Glenn Beck to run the Oligarch Party. It'll be awesome.

  41. You want the computer that keeps you breathing to be 5 years old?

    You really need to look up what regulations are, patients are a form of regulation. To regulate is to put in rules, so the rule that you cannot invent a generic of a brand is a regulation. Zero regulation would mean anyone could copy anyone. Also they do not in the least help, that crazy investment, is the cost to get approved and go through the regulation. Medicine costs almost nothing, regulation costs millions.

  42. When are we going to throw these rat bastards out of the capital and put our third party independent candidates in office people?!

  43. Cynical Government 101: When you're out of government, demand change. When you're elected, promise "reform". When you legislate, change nothing.

  44. If you want to pass a healthcare bill so badly that you are willing to pass this piece of shit.. ATLEAST TAKE OUT THE MANDATE!!! You are enslaving every american citizen to the greedy insurance companies.. They are vampires with a blood lust. This Bill is ATROCIOUS!

  45. first of all, would you mind showing me where it costs? new medicine costs nothing, as you are required by REGULATIONS to research it and test it. I can pick up a root, grind it in a mort and pestel and produce it as a drug for about 15 bucks start up cost. So 15 bucks to produce a natural drug, but I cannot due to regulations.

    As far as patent, you need to look at the history of that, first person to develop has the edge by name. This is how it has always worked, yet there is still innovation

  46. I am merely pointing out the it is regulations that cause the cost of medicine to go up. That in a totally free market, like the above poster commented, the cost of medicine would be dirt cheap, even if dangerous. Although that can easily be changed by making the doctor responsible for the drugs they prescribe, so if there wasn't any tests, the doctor wouldn't prescribe them as that would make him liable.

  47. Exactly, I was about to say your smart. But its common sense really. When I was like 13 I started caring about these things I thought views like this were prevalent and thus "common sense", but its not. Some people have had there minds bought whole sale through partisan affiliation and simple manipulation by intrested groups. The tea baggers are point in case.

    So I dunno what to say, in today's climate I regretfully have to conclude you as being 'smart'.

  48. That is extremely true, but before all the regulation and big pharama, the vast majority of drug testing was done at universities, now the vast majority is done at the drug company. If you removed the cost of producing a drug and getting it approved by the FDA from a few million to a few thousand, then you could see universities doing research to cure a disease. But right now, the only people that can afford to pass a drug by FDA is big pharma, hence I do not support regulations in medicine.

  49. true, but as china has gone away from the regulated market, the areas that have been set to free market or at least more free have boomed. Free markets allow for massive expansion, but also higher unemployment as people fail to keep up, a regulated market slows it down, but hinders free enterprise. So free markets fail due to lack of learning, planned fail due to lack of growth. Our medical is fully regulated, and it is growing so slowly.

  50. I hope they try and put the public option back in it for the final vote….that would be awesome. It won't ever make it to the presidents desk for him to sign if that ends up back in there. Which is exactly what needs to happen. If Obama signs off on this the Democrats will lose the Majority in 11 months!

  51. This is great news, this indicates that Healthcare reform will FAIL and Sarah Palin becomes America's NEXT and GREATEST POTUS! Under Palinomics, these stocks will continue to rise even higher than ever before and it will never crash and collapse! Palin will ensure that there is NO government healthcare whatsoever! She will even privatize Veteran's Healthcare along with Medicare and Medicaid as a way to drastically cut spending and spend conservatively!

  52. that markup, is due to regulation. The control of market, is due to regulation. If you have regulation, aka rules or laws, then you can control the system by controlling the laws. If anyone could copy a pill and introduce it, then competition would enter and you would see the prices lower. Look at generics, costing a fraction and are actually proven to be better quality. That is capitalism. It is when regulations keep competition out they can charge that much markup.

  53. Yeah i have heard of those, I have also seen the massively addicting and horrible side effects of anti depressants, yet those are still passed and approved. And as far as homeopathic, you might want to research that a bit more, with the ability to remove 99% of high blood pressure, and 46% removal of type 2 diabetes through homeopathic medicine, I think that should say something. Not saying all medicine works, but even modern medicine is bad for you.

  54. It is funny that the insurance companies is all about profit… yet they have no understanding of the different between symbiotic & parasitic relationship…

    Same with wall street bankers… they learn nothing from the Great Depression.

    There is no profit in a destabilized nation.

  55. you actually don't really need quality control, not if it is the responsibility of someone to make sure the quality is there, say the doctor maybe. But right now to prove a drug is safe, costs around 3 million dollars, and if it is a plant, you can't patient it, so why spend 3 million dollars to prove a plant can do what a drug can do. I understand perhaps a minor amount of control, but don't wonder why we have big pharma when it costs so much to even get a drug to market.

  56. I am very educated on the topic actually, spend a great deal of time and effort researching it. While some things do need medicine such as small pox, i would say though that for high blood pressure, rat poison vs healthy diet, the healthy diet is better. Also, if homeopathic medicine is so bad, why does every doctor say to take a multi vitamin? giving your body what it needs to fight off disease, how absurd! Medicine has its place, but natural methods should be explored first.

  57. sure, virus should be cured with modern medicine, but high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, colds can all be cured outside medicine. And if medicine is so great, vigra? is that a must have for medicine? what about the hundreds of other drugs to help? regrow hair? pain killers? do any of those "cure" any disease? What about sleeping drugs? anti depressants? Virus is only a very small fraction of the drugs that are prescribed.

  58. you can get these 99.9% pure medcine that is 100% FDA approved? Please let me know where this is, I know many people who would love to use such drugs. Also, if these are so easy to get, why don't doctors use them?

  59. erectile dysfunction is mostly caused to thinking or poor circulatlation and can be cured through natural means, ones that don't come in a pill. And antidepressants, yes they should be outlawed. They cause suicide in many people, and have been shown time and time again to be extremely highly addictive, hazardous to your health, and can be cured by other means. We all just want a quick solution and figure a pill will solve that.

  60. yes, you can get medicine very cheap, but to be approved by FDA, which is the regultions for it to be sold in the united states, cost millions to get passed. This removes competition. In a free market, your 75 dollar supply would be allowed to be sold freely, but because it costs about 3 million to pass FDA, no one is going to spend 3 million then sell the drug for 5 bucks for a 30 day supply. Plus, no one would trust it, doctors wouldn't prescribe it, all this is affects of regulations.

  61. first off, gravity is just a theory and gravity fails when you hit the quantum level. If it was truth, it would work even on that level, but it doesn't. We just don't have a better explanation yet. I do agree that some people, but VERY few need drugs. I personally have dealt with depression, anti-social behaviors, diseases, all without the use of drugs. So maybe the difference is I speak from experience, and not just experience of one incident, but several.

  62. so what you are saying is that the FDA regulations and patient regulations are driving out competition and driving up cost, which goes back to my point, that regulations is what costs so much. That without those regulations, we could have capitalism in that market and drive the prices down. But as of right now through regulation that isn't happening.

  63. well, it was nice talking with you. Maybe if we talk next time you can backup some stuff you say. Or maybe stick to your opinion instead of keeping on flipping sides. *Shrug* anyway, hope everything goes wells for you. Peace and God Bless.

  64. the vast majority of time, people who are bi-polar and the like can cure themselves, but the problem is that the cure is in themselves. That is the problem, they have grown up in an environment, enforced by the culture that we as weak humans are not able to change who we are. Look at how many people believe that being overweight is a genetic thing, when it is like less than 1% are actually genetic. If you are not willing to change, then you wont change.

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