Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby

-[announcer] The following is a production of New Mexico State University. -[mom 1] I feel great inside of me because I–there’s something in there growing, you know, inside of my stomach and we’re all excited. -[mom 2] I’m walking and I always walk, you know–talk to him. It’s just the most exhilarating
feeling that I’ve ever had in my life I’ve been wanting a baby for the longest
time, so I want to live every minute of it. -[mom 3] I think it’s just the most wonderful
thing in the world. I’m just really proud and excited. This is an exciting time of my life. -[narrator] Expecting the birth of your baby is exciting. It is a time when you may dream about life with your new baby. Your hopes
for a healthy baby. Your plans for a good life. Naturally, you want the best for
your baby. So, it’s important to know that you affect your baby’s future by what you eat, before you become pregnant, as well as, when you are pregnant. The types of food you eat and the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy is critical to your health, your baby’s health, and life ahead. Sure, you’ve heard you need to eat
right, but what does that mean? You want to have the strongest, healthiest baby possible, even if it means changing the foods you eat. Well, this simple guideline
will show you how. It’s called the food guide pyramid. It has only six parts and
is easy to remember. The base of the pyramid, and the basis of healthy eating during your pregnancy is composed of the breads and cereals food group. Choose between 6 and 11 servings from this group. Concentrate on whole grain breads
and cereals because they provide important nutrients, as well as fiber in
your diet. They are extremely important. You can eat, at least, two servings from
the breads and cereal group at each meal A serving is one slice of bread, or
one-half cup of flakes cereal, spaghetti. or rice. If you’re eating a puffed cereal,
you’ll need three fourths cup to equal one serving. The second food group is
composed of vegetables. You should eat between three and five servings of vegetables a day. one half cup of most vegetables or one cup of leafy vegetables is one serving. Enjoy both raw and cooked
vegetables. Always have fresh carrots, celery, bell pepper, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and other favorites on hand to make quick salads to go with any meal, or even, as a snack between meals. Fruits are in the third food group. Two to four servings of fruit will provide important Vitamin C and fiber to the diet. A medium
piece of fruit is one serving. A banana is usually two servings. Fruits are wonderful snacks between meals or as desserts. They are high in nutrients and
provide the liquid your body needs, especially, when you’re pregnant. As an extra bonus, eating the right amount of whole-grain breads, cereals, fruits, and
vegetables, can help solve another common problem during pregnancy, constipation. These foods have lots of fiber. Pregnant women who have high fiber diets and who, also, walk or exercise regularly have less problems with constipation. And by the way, you probably feel like you always have to go to the bathroom, especially in the last few weeks. Well, don’t worry. As soon as your baby is born,
that problem will disappear. Until then, just keep eating healthy foods and
drinking plenty of water and milk. Which brings us to the fourth group on the
food guide pyramid, dairy foods. Cheese, yogurt, and milk, are excellent sources of calcium, the mineral needed to make strong bones and teeth for both you and
your baby. A serving is a slice of cheese, a one ounce cube of cheese, a glass of
milk, or a cup of yogurt. You need three to four servings of dairy foods, every day. This is, especially, important if you’re a young mom because your own bones are still developing, as well as your baby’s bones. Be sure to get, at
least, four servings from the dairy group. If you have trouble drinking that much
plain milk, try other foods made from dairy products such as pudding, yogurt, or
cheese. The fifth food group includes meat, poultry, fish, dried beans, peas, nuts,
and peanut butter. Two servings a day is plenty for you and your developing baby. Remember, a serving of meat is really not very large. In fact, it’s only the size of
the palm of your hand and it only takes two tablespoons of peanut butter to
count as one meat serving. So you see, the secret to helping your baby secret to helping your baby arrive healthy and strong is to exercise some everyday, eat the right amount of healthy
foods from each of these food groups, everyday, and gain the right amount of
weight. Finding creative ways to eat foods you need is important for you and your baby. Listen to how these moms feel about eating. -[mom 4] When I got pregnant, you know, I said I have to eat right for the baby so he can come out healthy. -[mom 5] That’s like your main
responsibility when you’re pregnant is taking care of your kid, and you have to
take care of yourself to do it. -[mom 6] I couldn’t stand milk. I couldn’t stand cheese. But um, before I got pregnant–after I got pregnant I loved milk, I craved everything that the baby needed, all the good nutrition. -[mom 7] I did not like milk at
all. The only thing I would do is eat cereal, eat a lot of cereal, I eat cereal like twice a day. Or I like cheese, so I would eat cheese. -[mom 8] I think, really, fruits
and vegetables are real important, especially during snacking time. And protein, is very important for the baby. And calcium, which I drink–do a lot of
dairy products. But water, I drink a lot of water, especially when it’s hot
outside. -[narrator] The final cap on the pyramid is very small, it includes fats and sugars. It’s best to eat these foods only in moderation because they just don’t have much that you or your baby needs to stay healthy. Instead, these fats and sugars
can fill you up, and you won’t feel like eating all the foods and the other parts
of the food guide pyramid that will help your baby grow and develop. So, when you
feel like a treat just remember that moderation means small quantities but doesn’t mean eliminating them completely from your diet. If you use moderation
with fats and sugars, you will probably gain enough weight to have a healthy
baby and still be able to easily lose those important pregnancy pounds after
your baby is born. Oh yes, there’s one more important secret to a healthy
pregnancy. it’s not on the food guide pyramid, but it’s very important, it’s just plain water. Drink eight glasses of water a day. For variety, add a slice of lemon or some fruit juice, and that’s it. Plenty of water, three small meals, and three snacks a day are a good eating plan. All you need is about 300 extra calories from the food guide pyramid, each day, to give your
body enough food to stay healthy and, help your baby to grow strong and thrive. Try taking fruit and whole-grain crackers to work, to enjoy between meals. An extra piece of bread, a glass of skim or low-fat milk, a piece of fruit, and an extra serving of vegetables. That will add the extra 300 calories you need, the healthy way. And in a few months, your baby will be here, and you’ll be glad you gave your baby such a healthy start by eating right and gaining enough weight from eating healthy foods. Hey, maybe that’s a subject that really worries you, weight gain. Maybe you’re afraid about getting huge. Maybe you just don’t know
how much weight you should gain, and when. Some moms think they only need to gain
the pounds they think the baby should weigh. This is not true. If you’re going to have a healthy baby, your body needs to build itself up in several areas. Here’s what you should gain to have a healthy baby. You’ll gain the weight of
the baby, that’s about eight pounds. Then, there’s the one pound placenta that
feeds the baby, and about two pounds of amniotic fluid that protects and
cushions your baby. In a healthy pregnancy, your body will also add about
three pounds of extra breast tissue, two to eight pounds of body fat, and two pounds of
overall muscle tissue. In general, you need to gain between 25 and 35 pounds to have a healthy strong baby and stay healthy yourself. Of course, most women
are worried that they may never lose the weight. Some girls get so scared, they
even try to diet while they are pregnant. That is really dangerous for both you
and your baby. Listen to what some new moms have to say about gaining weight. -[mom 4] It was over 50 pounds. It was over that much. And afterwards, it was just
like I could lose it anyways, you know. After you have the baby, you could exercise or whatever. But while you’re pregnant, you gotta feed the baby and make sure
you really eat a lot. I mean, you could lose the weight after you have the baby, it’s not that hard. And if you just have your mind set on it, the baby’s going to help you anyways because it’s gonna be running around pretty soon. Stay away from the
candy bars. I mean, if you’re really worried about gaining weight, all the weight really comes from, like, the candy bars, and the cokes, and a lot of sugar things like that, and that’s when all the weight really comes in. -[mom 2] I feel that I only have nine months to build a brain, and the rest of the life
to work on my body. So, I don’t have any concerns at all. -[mom 8] My first concern is my
healthy baby. So, if I gain weight, I don’t want to go over what I’m supposed to, but my concern is the baby and I’ll worry about losing weight
afterwards. I expect to gain the weight. -[mom 9] You know, I got really huge when I got
pregnant. I was big, really big. I gained like 45 pounds. I knew I had to gain enough weight, in order, to have a healthy baby, and that’s very important. But after I had my baby, I realized that I needed to get rid of some weight. So, I watched what I ate, and I also exercised, and it came off. In three months I did it, it came off. And along with having my weight come off, I also have a healthy baby. So, it’s very important that you do gain the right amount of weight, it’s very important. You see, gaining weight is just a part of a healthy pregnancy, and it’s really important. Moms who don’t gain enough weight during pregnancy, often have low birth-weight babies who are usually sick and much harder to care for. It’s, also, very unhealthy for your baby as well as for you if you smoke, drink beer and liquor, or take any type of drug while you’re pregnant. -[mom 10] You can’t drink when
you’re pregnant. You can’t do drugs, you just can’t. Because, it’s not the baby’s decision, your baby doesn’t have a choice. And when your baby’s inside of you, you’re the only choice your baby has. It has no one else that it can
rely on but you. So, you have to be everything for that baby. You have to do
everything. You have to eat right. You have to not drink. You have to stop
smoking. -[mom 4] If you’re pregnant, you know, you got to make the right decisions for that baby because you made the decision to keep that baby . And if you really want it, I mean, and you don’t want it to come out deformed, or with bad
lungs, or you know, you got to think about that, and you got to think about if you want it to be healthy, than you got to be right and stop smoking. You can’t just say, oh well I’ll smoke a few cigarettes and then I’ll quit when I’m three months. You know, a lot of girls think that first, second, third, and fourth meant that they can continue drinking, smoking. You know, those are the most
important months of pregnancy because the heart, eyes, all the organs are
developing. You know, I’ve known a lot of mothers like that, that say well I can do it time six months. But, that’s why your baby comes out with no birth weight, or you know, something’s wrong with it, you know. And you got to quit right there and then
once you find out you’re pregnant, no matter what. -[narrator] Pregnancy is a special time
in your life. It’s a time to give a little extra attention to yourself and the foods you eat. Eating a balanced diet from the food guide pyramid can help make this a special time, a healthy time for both you and your baby
for the rest of your lives. -[mom 1] I’m eight and a half months pregnant, and what it looks like, I don’t know, it probably has a lot of it’s parts already, and it wants to come out because it moves a lot. -[doctor] You gonna find it yourself, huh? Why don’t you listen right over here. -[little girl] Right here? – Yeah. Can you hear it? – Yeah. -[mom 10] You know, my mom makes it for me because I’m pregnant. (laughing) You gotta eat right when you’re pregnant. And everyone, you know, is usually pretty
cool about it. -[mom 3] That friend of mine at work, she’s always talking to him too. It’s supposed to be a boy. And I don’t know, they say these things are always tried, but we named him Benjamin Ray after his dad. So, we’ll find out when that time comes. If not, I’m gonna name it Molly. I’m just really proud and excited. -[announcer] The preceding was a production of New
Mexico State University. The views and opinions in this program are those of
the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the
NMSU Board of Regents.

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