Healthy Food on a Budget

hi I’m Aviva goldfarb of the 6
o’clock scramble and I’m delighted to be partnering with the American Diabetes
Association encouraging you to eat well america everyone wants to save money on
food but most of us assume eating better means spending more fortunately with a little planning and
comparison shopping you can make healthier choices and spend less here
are some helpful tips for saving money make your own meals this is the best
first step to eating better and spending less and it doesn’t have to take much
time with our easy recipes plan your Meals spending a little time making a weekly
meal plan and make a big difference you can coordinate recipes to use the same
ingredients plan to use what you have on hand and check weekly sales and
coupons to save make a list and stick to it impulse buys can really add up and are
often more expensive as well as not as healthy speaking of which do not shop
hungry this is an old and wise piece of advice that shopping list is
powerless if you have an empty stomach and every item on the shelf looks
irresistible compare prices look at store brands the packaging may not be as
pretty but they’re often a bargain and taste the same and check price tags
especially if your grocery store shows price for qty sometimes packaging can be
deceiving pic seasonal fruits and vegetables when produce is in season it’s
not only less expensive but it tastes better too buy frozen common myths that fresh produce is
always more nutritious actually basic frozen fruits and
vegetables are just as nutritious sometimes even more so plus they’re
usually cheaper eat those leftovers perhaps the best way to save money is to
make sure nothing goes to waste eating leftovers in stretching
ingredients across multiple meals insurers you get your money’s worth with
every dish healthy eating can be budget friendly with a little prepping and
planning you can eat well and save money

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