Healthy food without breaking bad

[Music] For a stake to reach the store shelf, it must endure a lengthy trip. [Music] First, the bacteria needs to be removed from the product. Then some chemicals and antibiotics are added to disinfect. Let’s not forget about the preservatives used for a long time storage. [Music] [Music] All that’s left is to pack and send that meat to the store/ [Music] In fact, all this is unnecessary. Safe processing with fast electrons preserves the natural purity and taste of food! Tecleor’s cutting edge antimicrobial technology allows to skip chemical or thermal preservation methods. [Music] Only steak should be in steak! The shelf life of the product processed in the package is increased up to five times. Look for healthy, non-chemical treatment and preservative-free products with a Tecleor sticker on the shelves. And no chemicals at all! Their safety and cleanliness meet the highest international standards!

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