Helmet Safety – Cool Science Fair Project

nine-year-old Jack lipo right Steve nine your if you know what if the third-grade teachers across the world are producing kids as good as Jack we're okay retire we're gonna be just there you go they'll take on the whole world so absolutely all right so Jack would you tell mark kind of what your thought was behind this whole thing because you did this as a science fair project right mm-hmm so how did you think about it well I just thought it would be a good experiment for my science fair project and I was really curious what would happen it's all about which helmet is the best helmet right yeah I know parents are just frantic about those cuz I know we get a lot of that question you know what should I buy so yeah he invited me to wear the test to helmet and then crash but I thought that would probably ask yeah so so used melons instead is that right yeah should we show them kind of the behind-the-scenes testing a little bit take a look at let's roll our secret video and show them our testing facility take a look at our video and watch all right well here we are at the world-famous melon testing facility all right we're just at a parking lot but this is Jack libel right up here are you ready jack yep you have the test victim ah here it is here is the met you have a name for the melon no you don't name the melon alright here we go we ready three two one drop oh this is so good I think they I think that there's a small problem alright I'll get it cleaned up alright here's round two all right but this time he's gonna put the helmet on right protecting the melon are you ready alright still no name nope no name okay you better move over a little bit so we don't smash that poor guy alright here we go ready three two one is what we'll show you here in just a second so Jack you did that with a whole bunch of melons and we're gonna show them that one in a second but can I show us what you did here so let's tell them the kind of helmet and then show them what happened when we dropped it okay there's a football helmet and I dropped it and it has this not good result this is not good for a person but this is not really you set a full-contact helmet this is more of a decoration really meant for contests okay well I think they just proved it aren't ya and what is this one um this is a skateboard helmet and I dropped it and I got Oh for heaven sakes that's okay you just put it in here and dropped it this way right so when it hit they all hit like this and then this is kind of what happened to the melon you tried to make sure that all the melons were about the same size and you bought it at the same time all right should we show them the one that you actually dropped in our office all right so she'll listen let's take this guy out here what kind of helmet is this and this is a ski helmet it really fit well inside that that's another thing we have to show catering that winning show we have another good helmet that was here all right all right so let's take a look at this last one over here our surprises it over and show them what this home it is um this is a bike helmet and we dropped it and the helmet just got destroyed is yeah which is is one of the way it's supposed to work yes but look at this can I show him this yeah and no crash no rocks at all well that's that gives you some comfort so what did you learn with this one what was the secret or the science behind this one um I think the fit of the helmet makes a big difference right and the other thing I think that we were talking about is that this took the impact this did exactly what it's supposed to do it cracked instead of your head cracking or in the melon cracking this took the impact so even a couple hits there but it's you know we you're involved in some sort of accident or whatever this did its job and now of course you'd get rid of it into a new one but I thought that was an amazing and you know what I'm most impressed about jack is the fact that you had a scientific test for every one of those and you gave us all the information we're going to put it up on the website so you can see the whole experiment for a science project a plus oh bloody whatever it is Bangalore nine years so that is an actual experiment and it will cause a lot of people to rethink their helmets I know I'm rethinking my you

22 thoughts on “Helmet Safety – Cool Science Fair Project

  1. Most of the time when you crash, the side of your head or face is a lot more likely to hit the pavement than the top. Try doing a test with the helmet at a more realistic angle.

  2. I think the Government should use their crash test dummies to test football,hockey and bicycle helmets.

  3. Not really they have measured the impacts from the two sports and they differ, The helmets may cause more harm then help since players often use them as battering rams and more people get major injuries in football compared to rugby. We had both sports at my school.

  4. The reason a ski helmet shouldn't shatter. Is because you will have no helmet left if you fall down the slope for a couple minutes rather that one hit.

  5. @troynic Nope you are very wrong America calls sooccer what everyone else calls Football (It's proper name, seeming you play it with your feet) And what you Americans call football everyone else calls it American footbal (It's really just a hybrid of rugby which was created in a village in England which was called Rugby) So Americans just have to be different in the most retarded ways.

  6. @flightdeckreviews You call it football but only kick it about 10 times in the game and carry the pear shaped object around most of the game with your hands. Why not call it handball?

  7. @keyinname in america we call it FOOTBALL and you kinda have to when two guys ram against each other that weigh 200+ pounds and are going a very considerable speed and still many football players get concusions each year and some even die or get a worsening brain function years later.

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