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Don’t be afraid of getting old. They say when you’re 40, you’re over the
hill. No, you’re not. I’m Frances Dellaratta, and I’m 77 years old. I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I guess I’m a dancer at heart. It’s just one of those healthier menus. My name is Bianca and I work for the San Antonio
Food Bank as a senior wellness navigator. We’re doing a group class right now so that
way we can do Zumba and a cooking demo because one of our clients wanted to do it with her
friends. We brought a recipe called the meatless burrito
bowl from the food bank. SWIM is a Senior Wellness Intervention Model
program at the food bank. We are grant-funded by Humana. They teach you how to eat. They give you good food. It keeps you healthy. It’s pretty incredible how many people are
in need. They’re on a set budget. They’re very vulnerable because most of them
are eating what’s cheap, not nutritious at all. Towards the end of the month, you’re not going
to have poultry. You’re not going to have a good meal, so you
start looking at cans. Sometimes when you don’t have food, you don’t
really want to eat because it’s not satisfying you. We do education and distributions of food
to them once a month by us and then, a second distribution by a volunteer within the month. So, they get two food boxes, two produce bags
and then, one-hour classes with our navigators. Excellent, Bianca. That way, they can learn different things
from diabetes education to food preservation, nutrition education, exercise. We’re going to do a little warm-up stretch. We go to Zumba classes twice a month, and
we really shake it. Yes, especially me. They’re changing their eating patterns. They’re starting to do more exercise outside
of what we’re teaching them. I can bend more. I can reach down without going “Ugh.” They’re really using what we’re teaching them,
sharing it with their families, so everyone’s getting the knowledge. It’s really making a difference. Well, if you don’t use it, you’re going to
lose it. And it makes you happy. And you come out, and the blood is running. It’s good. It’s healthy for you. Puts rosy cheeks.

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