HERMES ONORI – 22 – Fitness Motivation & Golden aesthetics (Activar subtitulos)

99 thoughts on “HERMES ONORI – 22 – Fitness Motivation & Golden aesthetics (Activar subtitulos)

  1. Tremendo video Hermes, se lo mostré a todo el gimnasio y tuvimos un entrenamiento fuerte. Saludos.

  2. hermes yo voy a ese gimnasio jajajaja el que queda en San Martín y la vía, a qué hora vas siempre?

  3. Awesome my friend.. Make more of this High Quality Videos and I will promote you on my channel.. Keep up, you have really avesome Genetics ! 🙂

  4. Yeah…u are in a great shape. But everybody is talking about: be a champion, focus, train hard and so on. You know what a champion is..get up every day 6 am…do your job, come home and take care of your wife and be a great father to your kids. Thats what champions are made of ! Everybody can go to the gym for 2 hours a day ! No hate

  5. Muy buen video hermano!! A darle por este camino en Youtube!! Un fuerte abrazoo

    Estoy empezando en Youtube chicos, espero que puedan darse una vuelta y que les guste mi contenido!! Un saludo para todoss!____________________________________________________________

  6. Awesome stuff.  I need motivation to keep me in the gym, as I don't have a trainer or workout partner.  Thanks so much.  Great job!

  7. Absolutely awesome! You can truly be proud of your achievement in bodybuilding. Job well done! Do you compete? Promise me — No more tattoos! — Your friend and fellow bodybuilder — Steve Reventlow (IBBF Pro – Masters) Chicago — Hermes: Keep training. Get huge. You're going to be famous – believe me!! Best wishs to you.

  8. Gracias por este vídeo!! lo voy a empezar a ver todos los dias antes de entrenar, sos un grande Hermes!!

  9. Hermes, estas al nivel de los fitness de afuera (Jeff,Connor, etc) es increible y da orgullo que seas Argentino, te felicito bro, a seguir adelante q nos motivas a todos

  10. This truly was Motivational, and you truly are Golden Aesthetics! Please, start sharing your fitness journey regularly. 👍

  11. A Face as impressive as yours, deserves an equally impressive Body to go along with it. You've managed to build just that! Congrats!

  12. Ive just subscribed very impressive, I really hope that it won't be 2 years before the next vid, please.

  13. Great work in the video I just subbed U, If you have time can you go check my channel out & sub me. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT & MOTIVATION TO KEEP PUSHING FORWARD !!!!!!

  14. I must say you have great content, you seem to be a very cool guy with great potential, keep grinding and making videos! Liked your video, let's support each other, swing by my channel, and I subbed ! 🙂 🙂

  15. que locura, man, fragmentos de tu video ya aparecen en muchisimos videos de motivacion. Bien ahi, stay shredded

  16. Chabon tenes un potencial increible, si seguis asi vas a lograr lo que sea, lograste el mejor físico de Argentina, Ojala empieces a subir muchos videos de rutinas, alimentacion, etc. y te vas a poner al nivel de cualquier youtuber de USA o mejor. Saludos

  17. I would love to see the audio track of this video applied to people studying and making their minds bigger and more powerful. Those minds contribute to society and make the world better. Intellect and creative minds deserve dramatic emphasis, not body building. So what if you are pretty for a short time on your life. So what if you have visible abs for a small portion of your life. Beauty fades. Strive to contribute to humanity something more than being pretty. Celebrate accomplishments that can last more than a short season of your lifetime.

  18. bro u hv got d best physique of all time ,i dont knw y u dont have more videos on ur channel but let me tell u something i hv huge respect fot ur videos

  19. Cuando no veas los resultados, aguanta! Se fuerte, se valiente, mantente disciplinado! Y tu momento, llegara! Stay strong! gigante hermes!

  20. Loco! Te admiro pero si sos Argentino y queres promover el culturismo aca, pone en español. No te hagas el yanqui. Te re banco! Voy a ir a ese gym, esta cerca de mi casa, to Fitness King!

  21. Es un tipo grande y muy buena definición ..lastima que no le gusta tanto la cámara x eso no es tan conocido

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