Hibiscus Tea vs. Plant-Based Diets for Hypertension

53 thoughts on “Hibiscus Tea vs. Plant-Based Diets for Hypertension

  1. What are the other health problems associated with not getting the vitamins normally gotten from animal products, such as B12, D, and K2?

  2. I sure appreciate the longer videos dr. greger, which gives me so many more points to bring up when discussing this with the many people I am trying to influence!  It really helps us when you do so much work researching the many complex related ideas which put the puzzle together better for us.  The Just Eat More Plants foundational concept keeps surfacing while others get bogged down with various animal vs. plant arguments.

  3. I take 5,000 iu of Vit D-3 and get a Vit B-12 shot every few months or so. In the meantime I take Niacin B3.  Having enough niacin is important for overall good health. As a treatment, higher amounts of niacin can improve cholesterol levels and lower it. I got that info on a search. You can also search what foods have B's in it. The D-3 is the most important for everybody. I would have to lay in the sun all day to get enough that I need My Doctor said. I do take a walk if my foot doesn't bother me, So I also do weights, stretching, pilates, and whatever else I can. 

  4. How effective is hibiscus tea for lowering high blood pressure?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/hibiscus-tea-vs-plant-based-diets-for-hypertension/

  5. Saril (Hibiscus tea) is so delicious! And it makes a great substitute for wine! So- have a plant based lunch or dinner, then have some delicious, strong, tart hibiscus tea (boiled with ginger slices and orange peel, then lightly sweetened with apple juice) . It's really good!

  6. i would them to sart adding High carb low fat vegetarians and vegans to these studies, would love to see the data. 

  7. Doc, you really need to clarify whether the hibiscus in these studies is the hibiscus flower associated with tropical islands, or the plant that's called "sorrel" in the Caribbean, roselle in Australia, bissap in some West African countries, etc. They are very different, and there is some confusion concerning this. If you look up hibiscus sabdariffa, it is sorrel/roselle, not the pretty hibiscus flower seen on the boxes of hibiscus tea on supermarket shelves. Please, please research and clarify.

  8. There's an all natural therapy can help you stop hypertension for good, without having to use any unwanted side effects from drugs even if you've been taking drugs for years.

  9. For people who have metabolic syndrome, plant based diets are not the blessing you think for insulin and insulin resistance. Not every diet is ideal for everyone. Clearly low carbs help those who are already insulin resistant but this propensity may be inherited or at least the tendency to.

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  11. Anyone know what is Hybetez Remedy about? I hear a lot of people cures their diabetes naturally with Hybetez Remedy (do a google search).

  12. Is Hybetez Remedy effective to cures your diabetes naturally? I've read numerous good stuff about this Hybetez Remedy (search on google).

  13. As specialist, I do think Hybetez Remedy is great way to cure your diabetes naturally. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

  14. After watching loads and loads of these posts by Dr Michael Greger there is one thing I find which amazes me. Why don't more people press the like button?????

  15. Does Hybetez Remedy (just google it) help me treat my high blood pressure issue inherently ? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  16. Very true. I had hypertension 140/90, went vegan and now 108/63 after a year. No one can believe diet is the only change. My dad died of a heart attack at 40 so I need to be careful.

  17. @4:41-table shows ppl with differing BMI and categorizes the highest BMI v.Lowest for Vegans. There are vegans with BMI like the meateater-this is skewed in favor of vegans you need to compare same BMI's to make it fair. BMI may also be a huge indicator regardless of diet. Even when you used long distance runners that was not a fair comparison. There are plenty of junk food eating vegans that eat processed vegan foods and have higher BMI's. So I am not sure that these studies are convincing me that it is due to the diet alone. Although, vegan diets where they have high BMI the tendency is to have more good fats than bad fats.

  18. I do cardio exercise in the morning and then have a strong hibiscus tea (including eating the flowers that remain) right after. Works great.

  19. My BP went from 130/87 to 114/74 in 2 months of cutting out animal products and not eating fatty or processed foods and sugared drinks including juices. I also lost 15 lbs.

    I ate mostly potatoes rice beans fruits and vegetables. Little bit of nuts and guacamole for plant fats to help with absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

    I feel much better and I look significantly skinnier. Went from 36 waist to 34. Clothes don’t feel so tight anymore. NO EXERCISING. Imagine if I had been exercising!

    Plant based diet works people. Meat/Dairy tastes good but it’s bad for you in the quantities our society currently eats. Avoid it as much as you can and make yourself sexy.

  20. These videos are a helpful reinforcement. It's a continual challenge to learn and practice a healthy veganism if you aren't raised with it. The "life hack" approach is not sustainable. At some point the choice is between nourishing and energizing the body and spirit vs. coping with the consequences of using food as a stimulation and entertainment. Either way, If you don't fill your life with more than food, what is the reward for living longer?

  21. Im curious if 1 strong cup will work? Ive convinced my partner to get rid of land animals and drink golden milk, im sure i could get him to drink 1 glass of hibiscus. 5 though? I dont think so.

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