Hilton Head Health – Weight Loss Spa and Health Resort

Hilton Head Health was started in 1976 as a health and weight management program. We are not just looking at issues of weight, we are looking at lifestyle, we are looking at balance, we are looking at all the systems that might be contributing to some of the problems. At Hilton Head Health we offer over 50 different fitness options and over 30 different seminar options every week. Some of my big misconceptions was that I was going to be hungry, will I be able to handle it, will I be able to exercise, will it be too stressful for me, will I be able to keep up with the other people? My misconceptions completely melted away. Well the reality is that I am never hungry and you are eating delicious food all the time. The Hilton Head Health meal plan consists of 1200 – 1600 calories of breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, they even show you how they make the food. The cooking classes have been a lifesaver for me. I went to the first one, loved it so much, I couldn’t wait to go to the rest. And, then I took those recipes home and made them. I find that the instructors they vary the instruction so that no matter what your ability is you’ll be able to get something out of the class. They know that they have a class of all different people, from all ages to all sizes to all capacities. It is what you call differentiated instruction, so that you can have the higher skilled people and the people that have never done it before and everybody can be successful. What Hilton Head Health has done is reinforce basic beliefs that I already had. Nutrition health, i.e. food, physical health, i.e. exercise, are not enough on their own, we have to be emotionally healthy. One of my favorite lectures to teach is Mastering Motivation. Because, the truth is that you can have all the knowledge and the right equipment and the right support network, but without the motivation you don’t get anywhere. One of the most important things I’ve learned is to manage portion control, to be aware of how much I eat. Bob has been teaching health education, I don’t know, for 30 or 35 years. But, every time he delivers a talk or lecture he is still fresh, each time there is something new, he is on top of the literature. Community is what makes Hilton Head Health so special. I think it starts with treating people as individuals, and people know your name, and they recognize what you look like and they get to know your story. It is about why they are here and how this program has changed their lives and many times saved their lives. It is a caring, non-judgmental, supportive, loving environment. The people who work here care about the people who come here. This isn’t what they do, this is who they are. My biggest accomplishment or change was in my resting pulse rate, it dropped by 30% in about two weeks. Doing more than I thought I could do. So we go home and we change one behavior at a time. I see this program evolving and this is a life saving program. This program saves lives.

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