Hollywood Whack Job Alyssa Milano’s Latest Idea To Get Trump Involves Yoga And A Chant

Hollywood has been having a nonstop tantrum
ever since President Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016. Actors have staged protests, made commercials
and mainly ranted online about the president and their desire to get him out of the White
House. They cannot stand the fact that the peasants,
that is you and I, dared to decide how to vote on our own and did not listen to Hollywood
royalty. One of the heads of this hysteria is B list
actor and former star of “Who’s The Boss” and “Charmed,” Alyssa Milano. She has ranted about the president since the
he was elected, but her latest idea is nutty, even for her. She shared her idea on Saturday in a post
on Twitter that drew ridicule from any sane person who read it. “I need your help manifesting a change-of-guard
in Washington,” she said. “For 7 minutes a day, I’ll be chanting the following mantra:
‘Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.’ “As I do this I’ll be thinking of the
special world we want to create. JOIN ME. We’re stronger together,” she said. “This is what I’m going to do starting
tomorrow morning. JOIN ME. Upon waking, lay in shavasana (look it up), set your alarm
for 7 minutes. “Say this mantra: Believe in believing.
The impossible is possible. And then out loud say, “we’d like to create a changing of
the guard,” she said. She is serious. That is the most pathetic
part of this. There is no doubt in my mind that this whack job is actually doing this
every morning. Another case of a rich Hollywood nitwit who
does not have to work, with too much time on her hands, telling other people what to
do. What she either cannot comprehend, or does
not want to comprehend, is that the people did manifest a change of guard in Washington,
D.C. in 2016. And they did not have to get into a yoga pose
and chant a ridiculous mantra to do it. They just voted, like they will in 2020. And there
is not a Hollywood chant that is going to stop them.

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