Home – Day 1 – Recognize | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Hi, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. I’m Adriene, and this is Benji, and we’re so glad you are here. Today is Day 1. And this is a practice that
invites you to simply recognize. So, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my friends, welcome
to your Day 1 practice. Let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. Come on down to the ground. And right away here in our first official practice
of the journey together, feel free to sit up
on a couple of blankets or a couple of towels, anything to get
the hips up high. This is a really
nice place to start, especially if you’re not
used to being on the ground, or if you feel a
little tight in the hips or a little achy
in the knee joints, and/or if you feel
like your spine has a generous curve as you come into a seat. So sit up on
something if you like. Maybe in time we can start to
remove those layers, maybe not. Maybe you sit up on your cushion for the rest of your days. But right away
we wanna recognize what would feel
good in this moment. We’re not trying to conform
or confine into the postures. We’re using the
postures to make discoveries, and to support ourselves on the journey. Hopefully by
now you’ve come into a nice, comfortable
seat of your choice. I’d like to invite you to
sit up nice and tall here. And as you’re ready,
tuck your chin slightly just to bring a little more
length to the back of the neck. Recognize where you
have placed your hands. And make adjustments
here as you wish. Palms down, maybe palms up. Perhaps palms
gently placed in your lap. Then, as you’re ready or
comfortable, close your eyes. Trust yourself. Trust me. Trust this practice, this
journey you are embarking upon. And as much as you can, allow the sound of my
voice to guide you here. I’m always here
for you to peek at and use as a visual. But trust me, trust yourself,
trust the video. Close your eyes here. And as you’re ready, begin to recognize your breath. This can be very simply noticing the quality of your breath. Or maybe you are ready,
you are raring to go, and maybe it is
right away taking a big, deep breath in. And allowing for a long,
slow breath out. The task today is
not to do anything, but to simply recognize. Recognize your willingness
to show up for yourself. From a yoga perspective,
if you have shown up, you are already halfway home. Continue to
acknowledge your breath. And when you’re ready, on an inhale, lengthen up through
the crown of the head. Sit up a little taller. Breathe in. And on an exhale,
slowly draw the palms together. We call this Anjuli Mudra. Just this prayer-like position, hands kissing
together near your heart. You can find a
gentle bow of the head here. A little taste, a little flavor of surrender, of reverence. Again, today’s
task or invitation is to simply
recognize where you are. What it feels
like to be you today on this beautiful
day in which you set out on a 30-day yoga journey. But also begin to
train the mind and the body to work together in recognition. Recognizing where you’re tight. Being willing to recognize
where you might be struggling. And again, this one’s
important, I think, on Day 1, just acknowledging, recognizing
yourself for showing up. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale,
draw the chin to the chest, bow your head toward your heart. Start to feel a big stretch
in the back of the neck here. See if you can
notice or recognize if your shoulders have begun
to creep up towards you ears. That’s a pattern, it’s all good. Just drop the shoulders down. Continue to breathe deep here. With your eyes closed,
see your body in this shape and allow your breath to grow a little
bit stronger, more full. More awareness of breath here. And then see
if you can recognize, as you deepen the breath, how that kind
of moves the shape, even if it’s
just ever so slightly. Now finally we’ll
recognize that we are doing this as a big group of people,
and pets. Wow, Benji just let out a big
sigh right when I said that. We are so blessed to
also have this opportunity to recognize
that we’re not alone, and we’re practicing
with hundreds, thousands, millions of people
all across the globe. This recognition
is also important and it’s one of the things that Yoga With Adriene
community has taught me, how important that is. On that note, as a community, I’ll guide us
through a cycle of breath. Ready? Here we go. Take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day, all month, all year. Inhale in through your nose. Fill it up, fill it up,
fill it up, fill it up, and exhale out
through your mouth. Excellent. Bat your eyelashes open. Begin to lift your head,
lift your chin, and allow your fingertips
to come to your sides. Aww. Benji, everybody, Day 1. Already chill. (chuckles) And with
fingertips kissing the earth I’m gonna invite you
to pull the pinkies back just a little bit
to already start… Sorry, buddy. (chuckles) Already start to
open up through the chest, through the heart. Then we’ll draw the
shoulder blades in together as if you are working
to kind of pinch a pencil between your
two shoulder blades. And again we start to find this
lift up through the sternum, this openness
through the chest, the heart. And just notice,
see if you can recognize if that feels difficult, if this makes you
feel anything at all. Maybe you are already
nice and open in this area. Maybe this has been
collapsed for quite some time. And if that’s you, I promise
you you’re not alone. Start to pay attention. Then, when you’re ready, start to lift up from the
armpit chest as you breathe in so we feel this lift
up through the side body. And exhale, draw the shoulder
blades together a little more. A slight bend in the elbows. You might even walk your
pinkies back a little more. If you’re starting to
shake here, and tremble, you are not alone.
We’re finding this midline. Maybe some of us remembering,
recognizing this midline for the first
time in a long time. And if you practice regularly
and you’re not trembling here then find that depth
of breath right away. Inhale in. Exhale, drop your
chin to your chest. Inhale in. Exhale, right ear
over right shoulder. Keep pressing into your pinkies. Inhale in. Exhale, chin to chest. Breathing in. Exhale, left ear
over left shoulder. Press into your fingertips. Good, inhale in. Soften through the
skin of the face here. Exhale, chin to chest. One more time, inhale in. Exhale, right ear
over right shoulder. Keep the sternum lifted here. Inhale in, soften
the skin on the forehead. Exhale, chin to chest. Breathe with me here,
big inhale. Exhale, left ear
over left shoulder. Nice and slow,
press into the fingertips. And inhale in. And exhale, chin to chest. Awesome. Carve a line with the nose almost like a little kitty
cat pressing a ball of yarn. Integrate spine, neck,
part of the spine here, as you slowly draw a
line with your nose forward. And then bring the head over
the heart as you lift it. Heart over the pelvis. Awesome, here we go. Flip the palms
up towards the sky. Big breath, big stretch here. Nice and slow,
spread the fingertips wide. Inhale, reach all the way up. Quads, thighs, really
heavy here as you reach up. Fingertips kiss up and overhead. On the exhale, palms face down. Breathing nice and slow. Fingertips kiss the
earth at the end of the breath. Benji’s being extra
cute here on Day 1. Nice work, Benji. Inhale, reach for the sky. Lower body is really heavy here. Breathe deep. Stretching through
the side body. And then exhale, press it down. Spread the fingertips wide, really stretching
through the palms. Fingertips kiss the earth. One more time, inhale. All the way up. Hug the low ribs in, keep
them hugging in as you exhale, slowly floating the palms down. Beautiful. Left hand comes to the earth. Really pressing all of
your knuckles into the earth. Maintain that as you
flip the right palm up. Reach all the way up towards
the sky as you breathe in. Feel that stretch in the right
side body, nice and long. Big breath, big stretch. And then exhale,
bend your left elbow. Find a long, beautiful
line from your right hip all the way up
through your right fingertips. Now gently pull
your right thumb back. Spiral your heart
up towards the sky. Think about those low
ribs here also hugging in, so finding a little sense of
your center, your core here. Breathe in. Relax your jaw,
soften through the forehead. And exhale to come all the
way back through to center. Good, take the
shoulders up towards the ears. Breathe in. And lower them
down as you breathe out. Great, right… Right hand mindfully
pressing into the earth. Everything counts here. Recognizing that hand-to-earth
connection right away. And then, when you’re ready,
flipping the left palm up. Big inhale to
reach all the way up towards the
ceiling or the sky first. Find that length. Big breath, big stretch. And then exhale,
soft bend in your right elbow as you take it a
little further over. Feeling this connection
from your left hip socket all the way up
through your left fingertips. You can wiggle the left
fingertips to activate there. Good, then pull
your left thumb back. Spiral your heart
up towards the sky. Hug the low ribs in. Feel everything
turn on in the midline. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, bring it all the way
back and through center. Excellent. We’re gonna come
forward onto all fours here. Move nice and slow. Move like you love yourself. Even if you’re not sure, let’s experiment. I’ll meet you in
a Tabletop Position. Lots of attention
on the hands here. We’re gonna use this for the
rest of our journey and… ♪ To the end of time together ♪ Spread the hands wide. There’s a tendency to go
a little bit narrow here. So bring your hands,
or your wrists, rather, underneath your shoulders and
then go just a hair wider. Nice, strong base. Knees come directly
underneath the hip points. We’re gonna press down
through the tops of the feet. Tabletop Position. Hug the low ribs up and in. Try to create length
from the crown of the head all the way through the tail. Recognize this beautiful line,
right, the spine. The spinal column being
also your energetic highway. We’ll talk more about that as
we go on this ride together. There’s a tendency to forget that the neck is an
extension of the spine. And while we do
want to always honor our natural
curvature in the spine, there’s a tendency to kind
of collapse in the low back. Hey. So send your tailbone out,
lengthen your crown forward. Draw your navel
up towards the spine. Hug the low ribs in. Now we’re gonna
test out this position by curling the toes under, clawing through the fingertips to keep pressure
out of the wrists. And we got this. This is all about
checking in, Day 1. Inhale in,
soft bend in the elbows. Exhale, let your knees just
begin to float up and hover. We’re only here for three,
breathe deep, two, recognizing this line of
the spine from crown to tail, nice taut line. And slowly lowering
the knees on the one. Beautiful.
Uncurl the toes, press into the tops
of the feet once again. And here we go, drop the belly. Open the chest. Carve a line with your
nose just like we did before, to look forward. Pause here, breathe. Take stock. Good, claw
through the fingertips. Press into the tops of the feet. Breathe in again, inhale. And on the exhale, tuck
the chin into the chest, rounding through. Easing into it today,
nice and slow. Many of us, we’ve
done a lot of Cat-Cows. That’s a weird sentence. And so slowing it down to really recognize what all is
going on in this shape. What sensations come up? What can I pay attention to that maybe I haven’t been before
because I’ve kind of just, for better or worse,
been practicing regularly, and I might have been caught
just going through the motions. Good. Lifting your heart
space up a little more. Claw through the fingertips. And here we go,
on your next inhale now we’re gonna
flow with the breath. Inhale to drop the belly. Open your chest,
your heart forward. Exhale, navel draws up and in. Tailbone tucks
and lengthens down as you claw through
the fingertips, Cat Pose. Keep it nice
and slow here, inhale. Soft bend in the
elbows as you drop the belly. Open the chest. Exhale, round through,
chin to chest. What can you identify here? One more round.
Inhale, drop the belly. Try not to rush it,
I know it’s hard. And exhale with me, here we go. Chin to chest, navel draws up. Really hug the lower
ribs up, up, up and in. Press into the tops of the feet. Sweet. Inhale, Tabletop Position. Nice, neutral spine. Let’s give your wrists a break by dropping the elbows
exactly where the hands are and not allowing them
to splay out or to come in. So right
underneath the shoulders. You wanna create this
nice stacking of the bones. Which is a great thing
to recognize here on Day 1 because we’re gonna
keep working in that way throughout the evolution of
our practice here together. Alright, walk the knees back. Try to keep them in the
same line as your elbows so we have these
two parallel lines, these railroad tracks if
you will, on the yoga mat. Peek at me if
you need to, always. You’re gonna melt your
heart down towards the earth. Maybe forehead
touches the mat, maybe not. Here’s a big
heart opener for you. Opening up through
the shoulders, the chest, the ribcage.
Breathe deep. See if you can find at
least one big, wide breath, whatever that means to you,
a big lateral breath. You got it. Anahatasana, Heart-to-Earth
Pose, a surrender. Get your booty up in the air. Tailbone towards the sky. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Good, then to come up
we’ll inhale in, exhale. On your exhalation,
hug the low ribs in so you’re moving from center as you come all the way
back up to tabletop position. Yay, bump the
hips to the left here. Turn your gaze, again,
draw a line with your nose. We’re always
integrating the neck by really moving the nose rather than just
working with your eyes. Keep it all integrated by
drawing a line with your nose all the way towards
your right shoulder. Bump the hips to the left. Slowly uncrumpling
throughout the side body here. Bump the hips to the right,
and same thing. Think about integrating the neck as you take your nose on
a little journey (chuckles) towards your left shoulder. If this seems a bit
weird to you, trust me, by Day 15 you’re
gonna be all about it. Because it feels
good to move in a way that is more integrated, rather than just
focused on our eyes. Okay, back to center. Here we go,
our first Downward Dog. All together now. Spread the hands wide. Upper arm bones rotate out. Elbow creases towards
the front edge of your mat. Try to find a little connection
to your core, your center here, by taking a deep breath in and using that
exhale to do just that. Then curl the toes under. And as you’re ready,
nice and slow, press palms
into the earth evenly as you slowly peel the
tailbone up towards the sky. And it’s all yours. Pedal it out here. Claw through the fingertips. Relax your neck. Maybe even shake the head a
little, yes here, and then no. Pedal it out through the feet. And use this asana,
and all the asanas, as an opportunity
to notice, discern, recognize what’s
going on in the body today. What does it feel
like in my body today? And Day 1, this
practice is really about accepting. (chuckles) Recognizing where you’re tight, where you’re heavy, where it feels hard, where there might be a struggle and being really honest
with yourself about that. And then also find, in
these next couple breaths, some yummy moments. Recognize some yummy stretches. And if you’re like, “I’m not finding
that here,” that’s okay. Alright, take one
more deep breath in. This time, as you exhale,
bend your knees generously. Carve a line with your nose,
nice and slow, to look forward. And then we’re
gonna begin to slowly continue to breathe in and out as you take baby steps
to the top of your mat. We’re gonna meet in
a standing Forward Fold at the top of the mat,
feet hip width apart. Allow the weight of your head
to really relax over here. And again, opportunity
to shake the head a little, yes and no. You can bend
your knees generously. In fact, a deep
bend in the knees here is some extra
love for the low back, sometimes quite nice. Recognize the
tightness in your hamstrings. Maybe you recognize a little
bit of heaviness in your heart. Here in the forward
folds we invite a calmness, a soothing tincture for the nervous system. Take one more deep breath in. And as you exhale,
press firmly into all four corners of the feet,
tuck your chin, and let’s slowly
begin to come to standing. Mountain Pose. Same principles that
seemed maybe quite simple when we were in our
seated posture apply here. Draw the
shoulder blades together. Again, you can
imagine pinching a pencil, or a pen, or a paintbrush, between your
shoulder blades here. Opening up through
the chest, the pecs. Allow your shoulders
to snuggle into socket, opening the biceps and the elbow creases
towards the front of your mat just a bit here. Lengthen through the crown. Hug the low ribs in. Honor the natural
curvature of the spine but gain a little
bit more awareness. Like, can I align head
over heart, heart over pelvis? And what does that do
to my stance, if anything? Just noticing,
seeing if we can recognize any connections here. And if not today, we’re just
kind of laying the foundation for the long,
beautiful journey home, so you don’t have to
get everything today. Take one more
deep breath in here. This time, as you exhale, ground through all
four corners of the feet and see if you can work to maybe feel like
you’re tearing your mat right down the middle.
So we start to engage the legs. We’ll talk more
about this later. Lift up through
the pelvic floor. Use your next exhale,
whenever it is, to relax the shoulders. And then here we go.
Moving with the breath. Inhale, spread the fingertips. Reach the hands all
the way up towards the sky. Palms face together
once they’re up and overhead. And then we’re gonna go full
beach ball here on Day 1. Imagine you’re
holding a big beach ball. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Hug those low ribs in. Keep that strong
foundation you’ve built. Here we go, one more breath in. Maybe you look
up towards the sky. Exhale, palms come together, and we’re gonna breathe out as we slowly bend the knees
and take it all the way down, back to the Forward Fold. Awesome. On your next inhale, slide it
up to a flat back position. I like to do palms on the tops
of the thighs here to start so I can really find integrity
from the crown to the tail. But you can already start to
work with palms on the shins, or even fingertips on the mat, some more
traditional Ashtanga version. Continue to breathe here. Pet your puppy dog
if you have one near. If not, I’ll share
mine with you. And whatever variation, wherever you are
in your yoga journey, I’d like to invite you to resist the urge to
clinch the back of the neck here and see if you
can tuck the chin. And you can even
see, hear, rather, how my voice changes. You wanna create length
in the back of the neck. We wanna keep this flow of
energy from the crown to the tail nice and clear,
versus clenching. Okay, take one
more deep breath here. We’re pulling the hips back,
digging into the heels, creating this kind of
figure seven shape in the body. And then use your exhale
to let that experiment go. Awesome, back up the
way we came, here we go. Bend the knees, inhale, reach the fingertips all
the way up towards the sky. Big beach ball up and overhead. Capture some magic here,
recognize you have it within and then slowly,
as you breathe out, breathe it out,
out, out, out, out as your hands come
back to your heart. Great, big inhale here. Long exhale out here. Great, bend the knees. Fingertips are
gonna go down to come up. Inhale, spread the fingertips
wide, reach for the sky. Exhale, palms kiss overhead, and we take it down, slicing it down through the
midline as you breathe out. Good, inhale. Halfway lift on the inhale,
your version. Exhale. Forward Fold, gently bow. Good, this time,
fingertips come to the mat. And we’re gonna slowly slide
the right toes all the way back and then lower the
right knee to the earth. A nice low lunge. Pause here, breathe. Notice, recognize the
sensation in your hips. Try to get that front
knee over the front ankle here. And if you need to, you can walk this
left leg out just a bit, give yourself a
little more space. Inhale, carve a line
with the nose to look forward. You should feel an opening in the front of
the right hip crease. Open up through the chest. Deep breath in here again,
you got this. Exhale, peel the
left hip crease back. Flex your left
toes towards your face, or your third eye here. Slight micro bend
in that left knee. Great, inhale, carve a line
with the nose to look forward. Essentially
we’re finding extension right through the spine,
through the neck. And then exhale, bow
your head towards your heart. Good. Roll through
your left foot. Come back to
that nice low lunge. Keep your right
knee on the earth here, or if you’re ready, inhale in. Exhale, reach
your right heel back. Lift your right knee up high. Strong low lunge here. Inhale in again. Let your heart open forward. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back. Plank Pose, we got this. Reach the heels back. Claw through the fingertips. Benji just did Namaste, so cute. Reach the heels back,
hug the low ribs in. Claw through the fingertips. Lift your figurative
heart space up. So now the opposite
of pinching the pencil. Create this doming
effect in the upper back body. Send your shoulder
blades left to right. You’re here for three,
nice long, beautiful neck, two, and on the one send
the hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog,
you did awesome. Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Good, deep breath in again. Exhale to bend the knees. Carve a line with the nose,
look forward. Baby steps to the top
of the mat, keep breathing. Feet hip width apart, or flush together
now in your Forward Fold. Relax the weight
of the head over. And on your next inhale,
halfway lift. Here we go, inhale. Exhale, soften and bow,
Forward Fold. Fingertips come to the earth. This time, bend the knees and slowly kick or
slide the left toes back. Left knee comes
to kiss the earth. Pause. Take a second to
recognize what’s going on. The pace of this
practice is going to pick up. Use these foundational
days to really set the tone, to find something new, to be really honest and present
with whatever is showing up. Front knee over front ankle. Carve a line with the
nose to look forward, inhale. Think of the spine here. Good, exhale, navel draws back. Pull the right hip crease back. Flex your right
toes towards your face. So this right foot is flexed. Good, micro bend
in that right knee. And here we go. Inhale to look forward,
find extension. Exhale, bow, head to heart,
so chin to chest. Good, dig in
through your right heel, roll through the right foot. Coming back to
that nice low lunge. Find your breath, inhale in,
option to exhale. Reach the left heel back,
lift your left knee. Strong, strong low lunge here. Breathe. Open the chest, let your
heart energy radiate forward. And then exhale, here we go. Strong and nice
low transition here. Plant the palms. Step your right toes back,
Plank Pose. Wrists are
underneath the shoulders. We’re pressing
into the fingertips to take pressure
out of the wrists. I’m working to
create this doming effect in the upper back body
as I reach my heels back, crown forward. Beautiful, finding this
kind of zipper sensation through the midline.
Hug the low ribs in. You’re here for five
this time, you got it. Four, gaze straight down. Three, breathe deep. Two, welcome that trembling,
we’re alive. And hips up high
and back on the one. Yes, deep breath in here. Soften the skin of the forehead. Exhale out through the mouth. Alright, listen carefully. Bend your knees generously. Inhale, carve a line with
your nose to look forward. Careful not to
crunch the back of the neck. As you’re ready,
as you breathe out, you can take one
step then two step to ragdoll to
the top of the mat, you can repeat the baby steps, or if you’re
ready to hop or float you can start to do that. So really making these
transitions feel like your own. Make choices that
support you in the moment. And the way we’re able to
discern and make those choices is by having a
strong recognition practice where we’re listening,
we’re responding. From your Forward Fold,
inhale, halfway lift. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale to soften and fold. Now root to rise here. Lead with the thumbs,
bend your knees, ground down through all
four corners of the feet. As you inhale, rise up strong,
take up space here. Big, full beach
ball up and overhead. And then exhale. Palms come together and
slide back down to the heart. Soften your gaze
here or close your eyes. Inhale lots of love in here. And exhale, relax your shoulders as you breathe out. Again, just like that. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale lots of love out. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. This time, wiggle the
fingertips, rain it down. Just find something new. Inhale lifts you up halfway. And exhale, Forward Fold. Good, bend your knees,
plant the palms. This time step
the right foot back, then the left foot back, then lower the knees,
Tabletop Position. Inhale in Tabletop. Exhale to take your toes and swing them
to one side, any side. Slowly come through to a seat. Send your legs
out in front of you. So you can pull your blanket
or towel in here to sit up on. We can bend the
knees as generously as our body is telling us to. Benji, you wanna add anything? No. So we have this length
through the side body here. We have this lift in the chest. Just kinda put it
all together here. If you can start to
straighten the legs, great. But don’t worry,
this is an unfolding. We’ll take our time with it. Inhale, lead with your thumbs,
forward up and back. Big beach ball here, as you
come to sit up nice and tall. And then on an
exhale think up and over as you bring your
belly towards your thighs. It doesn’t even
have to come close, just the intention. And here we go in a seated
Forward Fold, Paschimottanasana. Take your time. Flex your toes up
towards your face. You can keep it nice
and lifted here today. Just recognizing how deep you can
breathe in this shape. And if you’re not able
to catch a big, deep breath, go ahead and come up
out of it a little bit. In time we can work to create
more space and more length, and maybe begin to
bow the head forward. Alright, so I’d
like to invite you to close your eyes here, and soften anything
that you might be clenching. Clenching. That’s a little
Texan in me, clenching. And know that, or please open your mind to this understanding that it’s the acknowledgement,
the recognition, the awareness that something
is tight, something is closed, something is blocked. That recognition is kind of the first step in the process
of returning home. Take three more
cycles of breath here. And after your three breaths, begin to bat the eyelashes open. Slowly tuck the
chin into the chest and rise back up. Excellent, take a second here
to just notice how you feel as you stack the
spine one last time before we come to the ground. Inhale in and use your exhale
to relax your shoulders down, down, down, down. Great, use the palms on the
earth to come down to your back. Yay. When you arrive here,
let’s keep the knees bent up towards the sky, soles
of the feet on the ground. You’ll bring your
hands to kiss the earth, and we’ll snuggle the shoulder
blades underneath the chest. Alright, one gentle Bridge,
nice and slow. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Walk your heels
up towards your hips, towards your sits bones,
toes pointing forward. Use the sound of my
voice to guide you here, so take your gaze straight up towards the sky or the ceiling. And press in to your foundation. Start with the tailbone. You’re gonna slowly
peel the hips up high. Shins reach towards
the front end of your mat as you lift your sits bones to kind of aim towards
the backs of your knees here. Don’t have to
get super high today. (chuckles) Hey-oh. Lift your chest to your chin,
chin to the sky. Inhale in, and
exhale to slowly lower down. Awesome. Bum kisses the earth,
lands softly. We’re gonna bring
the feet together now. Let the knees
open out wide here. Bring your hands to your belly. Take three deep breaths here
in reclined Cobbler’s Pose, Supta Baddha Konasan. Full inhales,
feeling the belly rise. And slow exhalations,
feeling the belly gently soften. Count ’em out. And taking our time here
on Day 1, nice and slow, taking the fingertips to
the outer edges of the legs, bringing the knees together. Press up off the feet, hug
your knees into your chest, wrap your arms
around your shins. Make this your own here. You can find soft,
easy movement. Now close your eyes here and see if you can
recognize the sensation of your yoga mat kind of rising
up to meet your spine here. Keep breathing. See if you can open
your mind to this feeling, whatever it means to you, of your yoga mat
having your back. Which it literally
does here in this moment, so it’s not too crazy, right? Excellent, from here, we’ll slowly allow the feet
to kiss the earthy softly. Mindfully extending
one leg and then the other. Just take a second here to bring your arms
gently to your sides, to tuck the chin
ever so slightly, and relax the weight of your
body completely into the earth. This practice is
great for the physical body. This journey in
particular is designed to really nourish the
systems of the body. But one of the things that you have an opportunity
to bring to it is this willingness to
recognize your highest self, or this part of
you that maybe you might be playing small in. And you might not, but just throwing it out there. Inhale in. On your next exhale,
bring the palms together. We’re gonna bring the
thumbs right up to the forehead and let it rest there. We kind of take a moment at
the end of each practice, this small but
potent or meaningful moment to recognize our high self, hey-oh, our true self, our best self, whatever that means to you. And we also use this
part of the ritual to choose to recognize
that in one another. This is what Namaste means. So as you’re ready,
let’s take a deep breath in, our first one of the
journey here together. And a long breath out. Inhale in again. And we whisper Namaste. Great job, everyone. Thank you for showing up. The awesome in me
recognizes the awesome in you. We’ll see you
tomorrow for Day 2. (upbeat gentle music)

100 thoughts on “Home – Day 1 – Recognize | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

  1. I was feeling so unsettled but after this practice I feel like I am truly on a new journey and it isn't about the time, it is more about the quality of my experience which doesn't need to be rushed, it needs to be strengthening and meaningful to me. Thanks Adriene, our family loves you for all that you have done.

  2. I adore you Adrienne.. Thank you for always giving us a relaxing free flowing practice. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do for me. I meet with you and yoga every evening before bed to rest well.

  3. just starting this today, Feb 5th.. but excited for the journey! I was doing another yoga challenge in January that was a lot more movement compared to this first day of Home, but this one was harder :/ Felt anxious to get to the next pose… I guess sometimes in life you need to slow down, breathe and recognize what is 🙂 Thank you for making this series. Looking forward to the rest of it

  4. It took me a month late coz I don't wanna let go of your routine for core (coz i wanna have abs and its slowly showing) but i think i need this healing (for me) journey

  5. After an absolutely chaotic January I am finally getting to start this series. I am not feeling bummed out that I did not start it last month but rather grateful that I am able to start at any point. Sending everyone else who had a rough start to the year so much positive energy ❤️

  6. I went to day 3 and stopped but now am ready to start here.I have scoliosis so it makes it hard some days so I have to stretch everyday to keep from being in pain.I plan to lose weight this year.

    I made it through this am always tense in my hips so downward dog and plank is hard I had to come out of it but then back into it.

  7. I'm so grateful that you created your channel and sharing your experiences and teach us! by doing the first day of yoga I felt a lot of emotion at once, I wanted to cry and smile in the same, not sure probably it's called a relief… Thank you for being here for me and millions of people, thank you for definitely feeling like I'm home! 💗
    Sending lots of love and hugs from Russia

  8. Namaste Adriene. Wonderful as usual 💕
    Didn’t even notice rust it was over 40 min till I read the comments. Lucky it’s not a workday here in Israel 😂

  9. I'm starting this today. I've tried to do the 30 Days of Yoga in the past but have felt resistance to come into my body. I never comment either, but I'm going to do this program and comment each day as a way of being accountable to myself. I feel ready to look inwards and I'm interested to see how I'll feel in one month's time.

  10. Can't believe I can say I have been practicing with Adrienne for YEARS now. Not only are practices thoughtful and constructive, but really make me feel I am in a studio. Even better, I don't have to pay for a studio membership when Adrienne is here with so many practices that are challenging and different in their own ways no matter the focus of the sessions. Thank you always, Adrienne. Day 1 Recognize brought me joy and reminded me exactly why I continue to dedicate myself to yoga xo

  11. I've been going through some stuff this year and feeling really depressed and nonchalant about life. Yesterday it came to my spirit that I should try Yoga, which I searched for a found this Recognize video. Thank you for this, some things are not as easy but I made it through and I'm determined to go through the entire 30 days. 🙂

  12. I have only tried yoga once or twice and walked away feeling defeated. This lesson was a great way to invite me into the practice without scaring me away after 15 minutes. I felt very relaxed and inspired to return after this practice.

  13. thank each one of you! it’s such a big support to just feel all of you out there.. c we’re all together ❤️

  14. Over a month late, but just turned 30 this week and ready to enter the next phase! Much love to the community, you are the good in the world x

  15. I started over again, having only gotten to day 4 before I began missing days. Not sure if this is how I should proceed but if at first I don’t succeed….? Hoping to stick it out. Is it okay to skip days?

  16. Hi, Adriene! Thank you for sharing with all of us. I started day 1 today and found I could only get through half of it because of the pain I was feeling. I decided to start yoga because I have 1. No natural curvature to my spine 2. Three slipped discs in my lower back 3. Spinal stenosis and 4. Past injuries to both rotator cuffs.

    The pain was really in my shoulders. The pain started pretty early on and by midway through I couldn’t bear it anymore. What should I do? I haven’t been able to workout in any other way so I was hoping yoga would help build a strong foundation for me to move forward.

    Thanks again for everything you give us. It’s so very appreciated.

  17. This is my 5th 30 day journey with Adrienne, never done back to back, and I never seem to get through them in 30 days, but today day 1 I was restless with the longer routine at first but by end the time was flying and my tears were flowing. 😭🙏🏼❤️ Where did that come from? 🧘‍♀️

  18. Heyo!
    Old subscriber here. 👋
    I met with yoga right in this channel, this lovely channel. I think that meeting was the best meeting I ever had and I just want to say, don't worry y'all. Every muscle will recover and get stronger, every minute will be the joy of the day and eventually you will find yourself waiting for the next video.
    I love this community, I love reading all of these comments after the routine while I laying down on my yoga mat 🙂 I love you Adriene! 🧡
    Omg tears. Namaste 🙏🥺

  19. Thank you Adriene for the practice. This is ideal every time I need to recover. Thanks also myself for showing up today 🙂

  20. I've never liked yoga until I found your videos. I used to have a narrative about how I was not flexible, or strong enough in "that way," but after doing some of your videos that inner voice has shifted. I watch myself shift into understanding the beauty of yoga and that my body is capable of it. I have always know that I am physically strong, but now I am seeing it in my practice. I am still fresh to this journey, but I am loving it. You are such a gem and I enjoy watching your videos. Aaa-ohhh

  21. Great workout. Using it while in China during this trying times. Keeping healthy, fit and having a balance life is imperative to our wellbeing. Thank you for this practice. With all fitness clubs being close and most places being close this is truly lifeline to me. Thank you

  22. I started my HOME journey today :). I haven't done yoga in a while, so I was very very stiff in the beginning. It really amazed me how tight my joints and muscles felt (specially the shoulders and knees. After maybe 15 min, it all started flowing so much better! I'm vey glad I did this nice thing for myself today and want to thank you for taking the time to provide these amazing videos for us <3. Lots of love.

  23. I love all the A MONTH LATE, BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER comments. There is no greater time than right now. Such a beautiful practice! Thank you, Adriene.

  24. 43 minutes never felt this quick WOW !! it just ended so fast 😭😍😍 ( i'm lil bit sad tho lol) and i can't wait for tomorrow 😁, also hello my beach towel yoga mat thank you for having my back lol👋😊 i'm happy for that 😂
    thank you Adrien, love you with my whole heart 💖💜

  25. My high self (Heyoooo) loves your high self every time I let my self experience how the Mat has my back. Thank you Adriene

  26. Just did Day 1 of your 30 day program & I just wanted to say THANK YOU for explaining how to position your hands and fully explaining how to hold your body!! I really enjoyed it!!

  27. Im starting this day year off alittle slow. but stoked on finishing day 1 and looking forward to 29 more days of great yoga. hahaha ayo!

  28. Well, I’ve had some days without internet, but have still practiced on my own. That means I’ve missed you! Today, I decided to repeat the whole Home Journey. There’s so much more I can get out of that one. Finished day 1 and loved it so, because I find myself checking in with my body more to see what feels good. See, you do give us wonderful skills. Thankful for you everyday!🥰

  29. I suffer from sleep deprivation. Every time I wake up in the morning I feel I did not have enough sleep. This morning, I pushed myself to get out of the bed and start feeling good about myself and do this yoga practice. You said recognise what are you feeling. I felt that I AM BIGGER THAN MY FEARS, MY SLEEP DEPRIVATION DOES NOT HOLD ME BACK TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. Now I challenge myself to show up every single day like today. Thanks

  30. I just finished the first practice for day one! I have been doing yoga with adriene for over a year but then had a prolapsed disc and stopped all sorts of sports 😭…I feel that my back is getting better and it did not hurt today while doing this practice, but I am so disappointed of how my body just gotten back to how stiff it used to be…my hamstrings are sooo tight now, just when I could completely bend over and touch my tights with my chin, now I am back to scare one 😭😭

  31. Adrienne, I cannot express how grateful I am for your beautiful soul. Yoga has brought so much peace to my life. Namaste. 💜

  32. I’m a bit late to this but I’m excited to try and keep up with the 30 days this time. The last time I did any yoga was the 30 day challenge videos but I was a brand new mom and rarely had the time or energy to get passed day 16. I was also struggling with PPA at the time and was too anxious about my baby to have him out of my sight for more than 10 mins. I’m hoping to be able to keep up this time even with college and being a wife and mom. I’m so excited!

  33. Does anyone have any advice on this? I'm doing these yoga sessions with my little sister and we both have complaints that our wrists hurt after so long on the tabletop and cat poses and everything but I feel like it shouldn't hurt. Does anyone know what we could be doing wrong?

  34. I haven't done yoga in months and when I started this video the muscles in my back and hips and shoulders were so tight I wanted to cry. By the end, those muscles had loosened enough that my joints and spine were cracking and popping when I moved, and I haven't felt this physically relaxed and in tune in months. Crying from happiness now :')

  35. Adriene, lately I haven't felt very much the same but you are always there for me. I thank you so much for not only being a yoga teacher, because the world needs more of them, but you are so much more. you put these videos online for FREE and all of us can do then at HOME you teach with such ease and kindness and make me feel like I can go about my day with kindness after these practices. I know I started "late" but it's never too late to start. I have to admit, I've been putting this off, the starting I mean. it's just hard to get into it but once you're in, you can't get out. thank you adriene!

  36. I started Yoga with Adriene last new year and felt amazing following the videos. I stopped a few months ago thinking I might want to take a step up and took some actual real life yoga classes. But somehow my knees and back got all worse and I had to stop doing yoga. I'm now picking it up again. So grateful to have Yoga with Adriene back in my life again! Thank you!

  37. Incredibly grateful and blessed to have you as my mentor❤️
    Those, who read , have a nice day and know – you’re not alone, we are here for you❤️

  38. Got 75% through Day 1, then fell flat on my face. What do they call it? Corpse pose? I'm a corpse. I send you my deep gratitude, and will start Day 1 again tomorrow. It's a journey, no matter where you start… even if you have to take the long way. Thank you, Adriene, I will continue to walk with you slowly until I get it. Namaste. 🙂

  39. Hello everyone! This is my first day! Thank you Adriene for creating this journey to help me find the serene life that I have always wanted to find, I am sending you lots of love.

  40. Thank you Adriene,

    Today's practice have shown me that I can trust myself and my home.
    This practice went together with a lot of tears, tears of sadness, tears of true gratefulness, to feel myself ~ my own experience,
    to feel the earth, How connected Iam and we are with the Earth.. and tears of actually realising that Iam standing up for my truth as a human being by committing to Yoga is really just committing to myself. It feels a true commitment of coming home ~ to my own heart and the total of my very being. It feels as an opening, a new door, entering and welcoming the new into my life.

    This practice today transformed me completely as Iam now walking with much more confidence, awareness and much more grounded in my body and through my space.

    I feel so so so SO grateful and Iam thanking you for being this beautiful guidance and gift you are.
    Much love and light.


  41. Wow, at the beginning of my practice my back was aching just sitting! A sure sign my body needs this. I felt such a sense of energy and getting back to my body as soon as that first down dog hit, and was so happy to see I haven't completely lost my flexibility or posture. I'm so excited to see where this journey is going to take me.

  42. Started this today evening.. Feel so happy.. Yummy movements and breathes makes me remember cookies 😂😂 But love the way u say them really could feel the breathes are yummy 😍

  43. I just completed day 1 & I feel so good about myself, Wow!
    The power of Yoga.
    Thank you for making this 30 day journey. ❤️ I cannot wait to go all the way through. Happy Valentines Day!

  44. Hi Adriene. I am from England and I am 40 yrs old. My body needs something new due to injuries occurred over the years. I will definitely see out this 30 days. I am currently on day 2 and already I have noticed some minor improvements in myself. Thank you very much for your great workouts and channel.

  45. Hi Adriene
    I am from Nepal. I just started this 30 days yoga journey from today. Glad that I found this amazing channel of yours.
    I just did today's yoga session and I feel extremely motivated. I promise I will complete all these sessions.
    Thank you so much 😊

  46. Just wanted to clear off , is it for beginners also??😊😊
    Coz m very new to yoga 🤗🤗
    Btw love from India 😙

  47. Found you a couple of days ago, so I'm a bit late. But I'm done with the first one, felt good even if I didn't feel like doing a 40+ minutes the first day. But it felt great!
    Wont be able to do this every day I think, because of work. But will do it as many days as possible. Am really excited! You're amazing, thanks!

  48. I love Adriene and l am excited to use this 30 day process to reacquaint my body with a regular practice. Adriene is such an amazing teacher! Even my cat loves her! She hears Adriene’s voice and comes running to plant herself in front of my iPad to watch while I practice. Thank you!!!

  49. This was hard, been through a tough year and not spent much time on myself, my poor body hasn’t been moving much so there were a few aches and bits that were hard. At point point my chest felt tight and I couldn’t do deep breaths but I just took it easy on myself knowing this is good for it. You are lovely and encouraging and so many people have said how great this is… so hopefully see you tomorrow!

    I don’t understand the “claw” my wrists were killing on downward dog! I took a mini break during that bit and focused on breathing so as not to ruin the flow. But do I need to look into wrist strengthening for this?

  50. coming back to yoga after a few years of not doing it and it feels so good to be back on the mat ❤️feels like coming home (no pun intended hehe 😏)

  51. I really want to do yoga. Everytime I’m on all fours, downward dog, or plank my wrists are getting killed. I try putting my weight on my palms and fingertips and I feel like it hurts my wrists even more. If anyone has any tips I’d love to hear, I really want to do this challenge but my wrists can’t take it.

  52. Oh my where to start! I absolutely love yoga with Adriene!! I do not have enough words to describe have wonderful this program is! This was my first time actually doing a 30 day yoga journey and it is like she read my mind everyday. Starting another one of her 30 day yoga programs and cant wait to see another change! 😊 Thank you soo much Adriene for this program!!

  53. I just started my first day of 30 Days of Yoga and already I am feeling amazing. Thank you Adriene and a big thank you to my wonderful friend Fiona who recommended you xxx

  54. Yesterday I finished the other 30 days challenge, I left a comment saying how important this challenge was for my mental and physical health. Today I had the biggest panic attack of my life at work, I couldn't breathe, I cried my eyes out, and all the muscles of my body / face were paralyzed for like 15 minutes.
    When I got home I was ready to do an intense, really athletic yoga session just to get it all out. But instead of that you decided to start this new challenge by doing this amazing 40 minutes practice and at first I was frustrated cause I really wanted a massive, sweaty session and now that I'm finished I'm even more thankful cause I feel like you healed my soul and helped me get through this day.
    Thank you Adriene

  55. Just discovered this course. Wow! Thank you Adriene for creating and sharing, and this community also for sharing their experience. Makes the work smaller and more connected. 😍

  56. Hi everyone! I don't know why but I thought I'd start this 30 day yoga journey today! I know I'm a late starter, but I think today is the right timing 🙂
    My father got diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last week and I haven't been feeling like myself as of lately. I feel anxious and tired all of the time. I want to feel grounded and secure.
    Hope there is going to be a good future out there 🙂

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