Home – Day 17 – Synchronize | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 17 and today
we synchronize our watches, we synchronize our hearts,
we synchronize our brains all in the name of self love and
self care and we synchronize the movement with the breath. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my darling friends, let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat of your choice. Come on down to
the ground and, as always, take your time
getting there, right? The yoga, it’s already begun. Right, it started the
moment you made the decision to show up for yourself today. So take your time. Enjoy coming into this first
shape and when you get there, just sit up nice and tall,
you can find a soft, easy sway. We’re kind of
re-patterning the rigid beginning that some of us may or may not have
been used to in the past. And using this at-home yoga to really find that
sense of self, of ease. Yeah, Benji! Get it! I don’t know if
my mic picked that up but it was a nice long sigh. Benji returning home. So find some soft, easy movement
here once you get settled in. And again, we’re
signaling the brain, oh, we’re not kind of
coming into this shape, checking off Sukhasana. We’re coming back inward, right? Coming back home,
coming back into our bodies. And you might find right away
that you’re noticing a busy mind or some congestion perhaps in
the body energetically or even physically or sore
and so just remember, this is part of our journey,
our exploration, the commitment to really look
inside but then you have to be willing to see what’s there. So whatever
you’re showing up with, it’s all good.
Pay attention. As you’re ready,
begin to deepen your breath. Using that inhale
to find a gentle lift, an expansion, and then
remember what comes after the lift
and the expansion. Naturally, a softening. So play with that
here as you get settled in. Day 17. If you feel comfortable,
close your eyes. Allow the sound of
my voice to guide you. If that’s not
right for you today, for whatever reason, just take
your gaze and gently drop it down past your nose as we
continue to inhale deeply. And exhale nice and slow. Days 17 where we work to synchronize. What’s that you say? Marrying the breath
to the movement today, the movement to the breath. So taking some time
to really sync the two and explore what that
process is or could be, right? This is, in my opinion, very
necessary for us to continue this journey and grow our
practice here together so I hope you enjoy. Starting nice and
slow we’ll ease in. On your next breath in, lift the shoulders up
towards the ear lobes. Squeeze and lift. Breathe in, breathe in,
squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift.
We’ve done this before. You’re gonna
exaggerate it today. Take the elbows back,
shoulders back. Shoulder blades kiss
together and as you exhale, slide them down the back body. Lots of space between
the ears and shoulders. Again, inhale, squeeze and lift. Nice and easy lifting
up out of the side body. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. Lift, lift, lift, squeeze. Then send the
shoulder blades together. Imagine you’re
pinching that pencil. And then on an exhale,
they slide down the back body. Starting to sit up
a little taller here. Big breath in. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. And then taking it back
and down on the exhale. Again, inhale, squeeze and lift. Really exaggerating
this movement, whatever that means to you. Send it back and
down as you breathe out. Alright, once more, big inhale. Big gesture in the shoulders. Take it back and
down as you exhale. Awesome, drop the
chin to the chest. Palms are gonna come to rest
gently on the knees or thighs if they are not already. And then you
decide what feels best. Palm face up or palms face down. So you’re starting to just make
more decisions on the mat based on how you feel. Alright, then bow
the chin to the chest. We’re just hanging
out here for a second. Notice if you’ve
collapsed in the spine. See if you can
sit up nice and tall. Good, take a deep breath in. Exhale, drop the
shoulders down just a bit more. And then small circles
with the nose one way. And then the other way,
whenever you’re ready. Oh, yeah. Okay, bring the
head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Find that alignment
and fingertips are going to
go out left to right. Benji. Alright, listen carefully, nice
and slow, we’re gonna inhale. Keep the palms face down as you send the fingertips
out left to right. Just like in our Warriors, think beyond the
physical body, right? So there’s energy
moving out past the fingertips. Pull the pinkies back,
open your heart, lift your chest, feel that
opening through the pecs. Take a deep breath in here. Feel that expansion through
all four sides of the torso. Then nice and slow,
you’re gonna bend the elbows. And on the exhale we’re
gonna bring the palms together Anjuli Mudra at the heart.
We know this, beautiful. Now drop your
chin to your chest. We’re gonna bring the hands
behind the back of the neck. And on your next big inhale,
send the fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Lengthening through all
four sides of the torso. Big breath in here. And use your exhale,
palms face down. Just slowly,
slowly come back to one. Alright, seeing if we can marry
the movement to the breath, the breath with the movement. So can the breath be
the fuel for the movement? Let’s find out.
Here we go. Inhale, halfway lift.
Palms face down. Just come to this position. Pull the pinkies back.
Lift up through the chest. Beautiful. Go ahead and take
another big sip of air in here. And sync up here.
Exhale, palms come together. Nice and slow.
Good, chin to chest. Reach behind.
On your next inhale, lift it all the way up.
Big breath in. And on the exhale,
float it down. Fingertips kiss the earth. Alright, let’s giddy up.
Inhale, halfway lift. Fingertips out left to right. Right away, exhale,
palms together, Namaste. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, lift it all the way up. Exhale, press it down. Good, now we’re
gonna slow down the breath. See if you can
enlongate your inhale, elongate your exhale. Ready? Inhale,
fingertips left to right. Exhale, palms
together at center. Retain the breath here, hold it. Chin to chest, reach behind. Big inhale lifts
you all the way up. And exhale to float
it down nice and slow, don’t rush it. Alright, let’s go, inhale. Left to right. Exhale, nice and slow,
empty it out, palms together the heart. Chin to chest,
reach behind, you got this. Slow it down.
Big inhale all the way up. Exhale, press the palms down. Now, maybe closing your
eyes or softening your gaze, using the sound of
my voice to guide you. Inhale fingertips,
left to right. Exhale, hands to heart. Chin the chest, reach behind. Big inhale lifts
you all the way up. Exhale, pressing it down. Energy in the fingertips. Stick with it, stay focused. Inhale, halfway, left to right. Exhale, palms together, Namaste. Good, chin to chest,
reach behind. Inhale lifts you all the way up. And exhale, floating it down. Twice more, stick with it. Nice and heavy in the hips,
inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, hands to heart. Chin to chest, reach behind. Big inhale all the way up. Exhale, float it down,
nice and slow. Last one, inhale, spread
the fingertips left to right. Exhale, hands to heart. Pause, retain the breath.
Chin to chest. Reach behind,
palms kiss together. Breathe into all four sides of
the torso as you lift it up. Good, exhale, caressing an imaginary
cloud or pillow or blanket in the air all the
way down as you breathe out, breathe out, breathe out,
breathe out, breathe out. Fingertips kiss the earth. Close your eyes. Pause, observe. Notice how you feel. Then bat the eyelashes open. Oh, hello. And let’s come
forward onto all fours. Take your time. Any soft, easy movement
that you like here, take it away.
Checking in with the wrists. Curling the toes, stretching through the
fascia of the foot, the feet. Petting your darling
animal if you have one nearby. Mine sounds like a
little piggy today. And then I’ll meet you
in some spinal flexion. Let’s do a couple Cat-Cows,
your version. You can take it off
the railroad tracks. You can stick with
a structured movement. Bring your breath. Remember, the
breath always comes first. So when and if in your practice you feel inspired to freestyle or if your guide inspires you to find what feels good, wink, wink, wink, let it start with the breath. Always a good idea to let the
breath inspire that movement. So on that note, we’re gonna
take it to Downward Facing Dog but resists my cue. Right? So resist the urge to just
kind of go there because I said Downward Facing Dog. See if you can find
a fun way to get there. We’re in the second half
of this journey now, it’s time. So take your time.
And if you’re like, “I don’t know what
to do, Adriene.” It’s all right. You do know what to do
and I’ll just meet you there. Downward Facing Dog. Just two Downward Dogs here.
Oh, sorry, buddy. Scared him (laughs). Aw. Hips up high eventually. Hands lovingly
glued to the earth. We’re going to
pedal it out here. We’re just gonna
continue that same little dance. Letting the breath
inspire the movement here. Check in with your
body here on Day 17. I like when I wear baggy
shirt or like a sweatshirt to practice, especially at home,
’cause you kinda just come into your own little
private love fort here. Oh, it’s the simple
things in life, you guys. Alright, take
baby steps to the top. Nice and slow, crawl it forward. Enjoy the journey
from the back of the mat to the front of the mat.
It’s a humbling one. It’s a beautiful one. So tap into that humility. And we’ll meet in Forward Fold. Feet hip width
apart or flush together. Just nice conscious footing,
your choice. Take a second to shake the head. Soften through the neck. Ground through the feet. And when you’re ready, we’ll
bend the knees generously, bringing the belly toward the
tops of the thighs and with a little energy today, see if you
can roll up through the spine, nice and slow. So energy doesn’t mean rush, but
just whatever that means to you. Find a new connection. Mountain Pose. When you get there,
take a deep breath in. Enjoy. And use the exhale to
relax your shoulders down. And this is a little synchronization moment that
I take with me everywhere. Seems so basic, right? But we talk about
this on the channel a lot. You know, anywhere you are,
if you need a little vinyasa moment, you can
take a deep breath in. Find a lift, wherever that is,
whatever that means for you. And then use the exhale to actively draw your
shoulders back and down. So shoulder blades
kiss together and down. And you can do
this anytime, anywhere. Big inhale to find the lift. Using an active exhale
to draw the shoulders down. So many of you know
this little ditty already. It can just serve as a reminder
but maybe this is your first time kind of
unlocking that in your toolbox. Just a simple inhale to
lift up wherever you are. Give it a try now. And an exhale to draw the
shoulders back and then down. And you can start to get really
nerdy with this tiny little ditty and find other
things to turn on and lift as you drop the shoulders down. For instance,
shoulders drop down, we find this lift up
through the lower belly. We’re just
inspiring this connection. Right, so it happens. We veer off, we get distracted
or we start scrolling or we get swept up in an emotion
such as anger or frustration or disappointment. And so it’s nice to
have these little tiny, itty bitty tool or things
in our toolbelt that that really go a long way. Alright, so keep that in mind. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Go ahead and practice here.
Exhale, drop the shoulders down. Beautiful. Take a deep breath in again,
spread the fingertips. And this time, as you exhale,
bend the knees, send ’em back. You’re coming into a
little Chair variation. So we’re gonna
draw the low belly in. We’re just gonna
wake up through the legs. Spread the fingertips. Palms are facing
in towards each other. Now send the shins back. Send the bum back. Stay grounded through
all four corners of the feet. Inhale in to look forward.
You got this. Exhale, you’re just gonna take
your left hand drag it across your right arm as if you’re
pulling back a bow and arrow and then send your left fingertips
back as far as they go. So they only go here, great.
We’re working to open up space. Don’t worry about the
traditional Chair Pose here. Just keep those
hips back, shins back, all four corners
of the feet grounded. Inhale in again. Exhale to drop
the shoulders down. Great, inhale,
come back to center. Bring everything to center,
palms facing in. Gorgeous, exhale. Sit back, way back.
You got this. Good, inhale to look forward. Exhale, right
fingertips now come across. We’re starting to
create a little heat. Welcome some heat. All the way across, all
the way across the chest. Take it back as far as it goes. And again, if it’s just
here then that’s all right. We’re opening up
through the front body still. Take your time. Great, dig into the heels,
dig into the ball joint of the big toe, the ball
joint of the pinky toe. You got this.
Inhale in. Exhale, relax
your shoulders down. Sink a little lower. Great and then bring
it all the way back. Inhale to center. Gorgeous, exhale,
drop the shoulders. We rise up strong,
dig into the heels, inhale. Reach for the sky. Palms kiss
together up and overhead. Draw your navel in and
up as you melt the hands back down to heart center. Pause. Notice how you feel. Wonderful.
Inhale in deeply here. Big audible breath. Exhale completely. Nice audible breath, maybe
breathe out through the lips, the mouth. Excellent. Bring the
hands to your waistline. Open your eyes. We’re gonna slowly come
to stand wide on the mat. Bring the feet just a little bit
wider than shoulder width apart. Toes pointing forward,
grounded through the feet. Think of that upward current
of energy lifting you up, up, up through the front body
and then it does this beautiful like Tokyo 2020
Olympics flip in the air and then down
through the back body. So we have this upward current of energy through
the front body. Downward current of
energy through the back body. Little power pose here. Take another moment here to
simply notice how you feel and reestablish this relationship with conscious breath. Alright, here we go again.
Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, take up space. You’re gonna send the
fingertips out left to right. Own it here, take up space.
You got it. Pull the pinkies back. Lift up through the front,
ground through the back. Use this little
ditty of inhaling to lift, relaxing the
shoulders on the exhale. Good, take one
more deep breath in. As you do so, think about
drawing energy up from the arches of the feet here. Mhmmm, nice. Then exhale, bring the
palms together at the heart. Same thing as before. Beautiful chin to chest. But try to keep the
torso nice and long. Great, then reach behind. Inhale, carve a
line with the nose, just like we’ve been doing, push
that little ball of yarn forward as you reach all the
way up towards the sky. So we’re pressing
away from the earth. We’re reaching
up towards the sky. And then take a deep breath in
here as you just find a little stretch in the side body. And on your exhale,
be true to your exhale, go ahead and
release the fingertips down. Good, take one
cycle of breath here, in. And out. Alright, let’s go again.
Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. Exhale, palms heart center. Chin to chest, reach behind. Follow with me here,
big inhale, reach for the sky. Draw energy up through
the arches of the feet. Exhale, press the palms down, all the way
fingertips to your sides. Good, picking up
the pace of it, inhale. Left to right. Exhale to heart center. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale all the way up. Reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach, reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach. Exhale, press it down. Energy in the fingertips
lengthen through the crowd. See if you can find
something new on this next one. Here we go, inhale.
Left to right. Exhale, Anjuli Mudra. Chin to chest, strong
legs here, reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. Exhale, fingertips
float down nice and slow. Again, find something new. Is it with the feet?
Is with the legs? Lifting the kneecaps?
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale hands to heart. Chin to chest, reach behind. Life is good.
All the way up. Big breath in. And exhale float it down.
Last one. This time see if you
can integrate the neck. What would that mean? Maybe using your nose
to kind of follow the arms? Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale hands to heart. Reach behind. Last time,
inhale all the way up. And exhale, float
it all the way down. Fingertips are going to
interlace behind the back here. Bring the palms as
close together as they come. You can always
square at the wrists here, getting a nice
stretch in the forearm. Draw that lower
belly in just a bit. Find that lift up
through the front, that grounding through the back. Big breath in here. Long breath out. Listen carefully, we’re gonna
turn the left toes in, turn the right toes out. Inhale. Lift your heart. Exhale, pull the
right hip crease back. Beautiful.
Inhale in again. Carve a line
with the nose, look up. Exhale, bend your front knee. Great. Does this feel familiar? Draw the navel in and up. Big breath in again. With the exhale, peel the
right hip crease back, ground through the
outer edge of that left foot and begin to look forward. Trying maybe to see your
reflection here in the pond, hugging the low ribs in. Not coming all the way down into
Humble Warrior unless you’re just really craving it. Keep this nice flat back. Engage your left inner thigh. Take a second here
to lovingly refine. Use your breath. Great.
Keep the back leg strong. The root of this, the back
leg as you slowly release the fingertips down to come up,
big inhale, Warrior I. Yes. Awesome. Inhale to look up,
spread the fingertips. Exhale, Warrior II. You can widen your
stance if you need to. Great, pull it back. Lift your heart. Nice.
Inhale in. Exhale, hands
come to the waistline, we straighten the right leg. Beautiful. Then back to
this power pose here. You can narrow your
stance if you like or stay put. Just nice strong legs. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale to release the fingers. We’re gonna interlace again. This time opposite thumb on top so the one that
feels a little weird. And you know, we
celebrate the weird here. So… You’re like, “I know. I’m a
subscriber to this channel.” (laughs) This time really actively
draw their knuckles down. Just creating more space. Inhale. Upward current of
energy through the front body. Exhale, exaggerating that downward current of
energy through your back. And then when you’re ready,
turn the right toes in, send the left toes out. Great, check it out. Inhale to lift the heart,
maybe look up. Exhale to relax
the shoulders down. Inhale in again. Exhale, bend your left knee. Right? Hug the low ribs in,
lengthen the tailbone down. Find that connection to
your middle, your center. And then here we go,
strong, rooted. Should feel really
connected in that back leg here. Engage your right
inner thigh if you don’t. Alright, peel the
left hip crease back, deep breath in. Exhale, lean forward. Strong Sushumna,
this strong midline here. Hugging the low ribs in. Sending your gaze forward. Give yourself that image,
this is that Zoolander moment. Like, “Who am I?” Looking in,
lengthening through the crown, strong legs, shoulder
blades still drawing together. There’s a lot going on here.
Find your breath. Excellent. Then nice and steady,
fingertips drop down to come up. Keep that front knee bent. We inhale rise,
lift the heart, Warrior I. Press into the outer
edge of your back foot strong. I call this the lost Warrior. I feel like not many people
are teaching Warrior I or practicing Warrior I.
But we are! We love you! You’re number one to us! Okay, here we go. (laughs) Lift your head, your gaze up. Keep the neck integrated. Inhale in. Exhale, Warrior II. You got this.
Widen your stance if you like. Keep that front leg bent. Your legs might be tired.
We got this. You guys are doing great.
Day 17. Talk about a Warrior.
So awesome. Inhale in, you got this. One more breath. Exhale.
Hands come to the waistline. (sighs) Turn the left toes in. Option today to do
the heel-toe, heel-toe. Do-si-do, come
on, baby, let’s go! Just kidding. Or maybe today you bend the
knees and we use this connection to center that
we’ve been working on, this lift through the front,
ground through the back to hop the feet together. Ready? Give it a go. Whatever decision
you made there, (chuckles) commit to it fully. And then we’ll
release the fingertips down. Take a deep breath in. Squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears. And exhale, drop it out,
breathe out through your mouth. Drop it down.
Inhale. Exhale, let it go. And once more, make it awesome. Inhale, squeeze and lift. Exhale, let it go. Float the palms together. Last time,
Anjuli Mudra at the heart. Bring the thumbs up to the third
eye and just take a second here. Feet grounded. Heart gently lifted. Reverent bow
here of head to heart. Mind intelligence to
the body intelligence. Find your breath. Listen to your song. So a little commitment here. A loving commitment. To respect the breath and this
marriage of movement and breath. From this day on to
the end of this journey, and then I’ll let
you decide if you want to keep it going from there. Alright, so we’ll put it
into practice again tomorrow. In the meantime, hopefully you
can find small ways or be open to small ways in which this
practice shows up off your mat. Thank you so
much for being here. Take one more deep breath in. And we’ll exhale to whisper Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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  25. I have been struggling with a problem for a long while, just whatever I do to deepen my breaths, it doesn't work, I try to inhale from the nostrils but it feels like no air is entering, and my chest doesn't expand or anything. Any advice?.

  26. Adriene, thanks for all the work you put into this channel! I've followed along for quite a while and it's been very helpful. Question, have you made or found yoga instruction that keys on melody and ambient music for the position changes? I have some audio processing issues and trying to move while there are voices is difficult.

  27. Followed by Sweet 17! I don’t know if I realized before but could hear your heartbeat through the whole video. A very subtle reminder to be present with my own heartbeat!
    Thank you!

  28. I found my self laughing so much in the middle of the class and I opened my eyes see you smiling so much like about to laugh it was so funny, I love your channel because I really feel connected with you during the videos and is so beautiful how you transmit everything. I am so happy to be doing this! Thank you!

  29. This has been the most difficult semester of my life and we’re only on week 4. I spend all day feeling stressed but I promised myself I would make time to do yoga and even though it’s hard and I think in the back of my mind that I should be doing homework I always feel better once I’m on my mat. Thank you Adriene and Benji. These videos are the best part of my day!

  30. Although I am now looking forward to my yoga everyday.. I am starting to get sore.. in my arms, hips, back and groin area. It’s probably just because I am now doing yoga daily as opposed to doing nothing daily. Just wanted to know if anyone else was feeling sore? If it’s normal

  31. Just when I thought I couldn't adore you more, you start singing "Boot Scootin' Boogie" ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Nothing gets me going like some Brooks n' Dunn. Thanks for that unexpected moment of joy… amid all the others. Namaste!

  32. Just finished syncing to day 17 – yaay – lovely – the work you do for the world is awesome Adriene – there’s absolutely no doubt that this is truly your calling in life. Sooo happy you chose to follow it 😘

  33. Before you, Adriene asked "what s that?", In my mind popped that you should travel across the world sharing your knowledge, doing yoga classes..or are you already doing it?

  34. Hi Adriene, I am coming to this practise having dipped in and out of it since you started the 30 Day yoga programme. I am feeling synchronised as it’s day 17 (different month) and it’s happened naturally. I have neck issues and lower back complaints all on the right side so I am going to stick with you every day from now until the end of this month to see if it improves. I am loving your work and being apart of you community xxx

  35. DAY 17: Synchronize–A great posture party of marrying the movement to the breath and breath to the movement~!!!! This was another fun and uplifting session. Thank you!!!!

  36. Thank you so much Adriene, it's been wonderful so far. Exactly what I needed, I feel tall, strong, fierce, awoken… yet so relaxed. What a journey! What a pleasure! What a treat!

  37. My favourite day so far, even if I had to sit on my yoga block. The sequence for the hands and breath is reminiscent of martial arts training I’ve done in the past and I was able to focus strongly and connect the breath! Grazie Adriene 😊

  38. Adriene, your yoga practice makes me happy, love and thank you so much:) tell me pls: where do I get all the cool stuff you are wearing? Can't find on adidas onlineshop…

  39. I have a confession to make…I started in January with you Ad. but I still haven't finished D: But I'm trying to finish regardless….I have a lot of projects and school but I'm trying to put myself first but every time I finish a video I feel strong <3

  40. Today, after this session, I just laid down on my mat and i spoke quietly to myself, voicing out my goals for this year and how grateful I was, to be able to do this practice, to have the body I have (which I always thought was not good enough). Practicing Yoga helped me appreciate my body and the different poses helped me find elegance and strenght in my body. And this is amazing!

  41. λ°₯ λ§Žμ΄λ¨Ήκ³ ν•˜κΈ°μ—” 쒋은데 λ³„λ‘œ μ›€μ§μž„μ€ μ—†μ–΄

  42. I am a 70 year old retired high school teacher who has just started yoga. I plan on never stopping because of you Adriene! Thank you!! I have attempted many times but have not succeeded. I am on day 17 and loving it. I have a question.Why am I sobbing through some of the positions? Sometimes I have to stop, pause the video and blubber away but I keep going back to finish.

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