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– Hi, everyone, welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 9 (sighs) and it’s coming in
just at the perfect time. This is our inquiry practice. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my friends, let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. Come on down to the ground. Here we go. Really getting into Week 2 of this journey here today by spiraling back to this idea of
our practice as this beautiful time to foster self study, this self inquiry
and really making the practice about that. So as we begin
to add vocabulary, which we are, I think it’s
important maybe my job as your friend and as your humble guide
here to remind you that this time is really
about examining yourself. And through this practice,
hopefully we’ll be able to kind of close the
gap between, you know, what feels real and honest and
the way in which we’re living in and really see if we can bring those two qualities
together as one. Okay, hopefully
you’re in a nice, comfortable seat by now. Let’s just take a second
to close the eyes or soften the gaze,
relax your shoulders and just drop in here to the moment. Whatever is going on in
this moment here today, Day 9. Maybe you’re feelin’ fine. Maybe you’re feeling divine. Or maybe you’re not. (chuckles) This practice, particularly
the Find What Feels Good yoga I think, you know,
is a constant invitation to just show up as you are. Come as you are so you can drop any need or desire to accomplish anything or show up with
a certain prerequisite. There is none. So just a friendly reminder. Then bring your awareness,
begin to transition your attention to your breath. And again, as we
begin to layer on, add some more vocabulary to this
dance we’re doing here together. Just remember, this is
about you taking opportunity, taking this time for yourself to examine what feels good, what feels honest,
what it feels like you and through the regular
practice, which just what is so wonderful about
this 30-day journey, we begin to close the
gap between how we feel and how we want to feel. Mhmmm, mhmmm. Draw the hands together.
Take a deep breath in. Let’s have some fun today. Exhale, bow the
head towards the heart. Feel that stretch in
the back of the neck. Drop your shoulders down. Let your shoulder
blades come together and melt down the back body. So take a second here
to just examine this shape. If you’re distracted,
no, no worries. You’re human. But see if you can bring
your awareness to this shape. And let it influence
the way you feel. The same thing with the breath, let the breath embody the
pose best you can. I know that was a lot of
kind of buzz words there but whatever that means to you. And just keep
noticing how you feel. Lift the chin, bat the eyelashes
open and we’re going to slowly, gently, lovingly come
forward onto all fours. When you get there,
Tabletop Position, just bump the hips a
little left to right. Spread the fingers wide. Listen to your creaky old floor
if you have one like mine or your creaky body,
(laughs) I love your body. (mimicks kissing) And let’s give it
some love today. Right, it was
really focusing on this idea of the
practice as self study. Are we going to get
strong on this journey? Yes. Maybe your abs
are a sore from Day 6? Yes. Are we gonna get stronger? Could we trim, tone, feel more alive in our center? Absolutely. But how you get
there is everything, right? Totally affects how you
feel in every circumstance. So be kind, inquire. Walk the hands forward,
bring the hips back to center. Curl the toes up,
peel the tailbone up high, and then just keep that little
sway from one foot to the next. One hip to the next. You might even pick one foot up
and then place it down gently. Pick the other foot up,
place it down gently. If you’re wearing a
sweater here or a baggy shirt, I love how like sometimes you
can go into your own little kind of love cave here in the shirt. You guys think
I’m kidding but I’m not. It’s these little things, right, that you just kind of embrace in the at-home yoga practice. There’s a lot of room
for some really just juicy, loving, cool self study in the
at-home yoga practice because it’s yours and you’re in control
of it, one hundred percent. Alright, anchor
the left heel down. On your inhale, slide your right
leg up high Down Dog split. No need to really reach
the right heel up super high, especially if you’re
new to the practice. Focus on the quality of the
movement and the stability that you can create for yourself. So dial the right toes down. Try to keep maybe
the hips level here or anchoring through
the left heel. We’re clawing
through the fingertips. Inhale in. Exhale, slow and easy you’re
gonna step the right foot up. Nice low lunge. Just lower the back knee down.
Take a second here. Just waking up. You can find that
sway again back and forth. Good, use your inhale
to lift you, look forward. Exhale, plant the palms,
just step it right back to Downward Dog, nice and easy. Alright, reconnect
through the hands. Reconnect with the
breath and on your next inhale, anchor through the right heel. So this is the anchor,
right heel down and then left leg
slides up slow. Down Dog split
or Three-Legged Dog. Check it out. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then when you’re ready,
slowly shifting forward, stepping that left foot up,
nice low lunge. Sink down low,
right knee kisses the earth. Find that sway here,
a little left or right. Good, let your inhale lift
your heart, look forward. Let your exhale
bring the palms down. And here we go, back
up to Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in deeply here. Bend the knees, melt your
belly towards your thighs as you breathe out. Good, drop the heels. Take one cycle of breath here.
Just listen. Great, bend your knees. Inhale carve a line with
the nose to look forward. Nice and easy you’re
gonna step your way to the top, nice and slow. Feet hip width
apart or flush together, your choice, just nice,
conscious footing. Forward Fold.
Bend your knees here to start. Use your breath to
invite a sense of calm. A wash of soothing energy to the nervous system
that can get quite stressed out. Overworked. Then ground through the feet. Slowly begin to roll up,
take your time. Right away, find a big
inhale to reach the arms all the way up to the sky. Big breath here, big stretch. And then exhale hands to heart. Namaste. Here we go, bend the knees. You’re gonna send the
hips back way, way back. Send the fingertips forward to
counterbalance this weight as you press into your heels. Keeping the ball joint of the
big toe mound and the ball joint of the pinky toe mound firmly
planted on the earth as well. Feet can be hip width apart here
or if they’re flush together, really squeeze and
zip up through the legs. Chair Pose.
Just notice your breath here. Soften through
the skin of the face. Relax your shoulders,
take your thumbs up, pinkies down here. One more breath. Maybe
you sink a little bit lower, creating a little heat. Now check it out, on your next inhale open
up to the right side. Take your right fingertips
back, left fingertips forward. Try to stay low. Inhale fingertips
come back to center. Beautiful.
Now open up to the left. Stay low. Good, inhale back to center. Here we go.
Inhale in again. Exhale all the way down. Straighten the legs,
Forward Fold. Good, inhale lifts you up
halfway, your version. Exhale to bend the knees,
plant the palms, step one foot back
and then the other, Plank Pose. Downward Facing Dog, hips
up high and back from here. Take a deep breath in and empty it out. Inhale, lift your
right leg up high. Down Dog splits,
Three-Legged Dog. If this is too much for you
can always practice these with the left knee down.
Work here. Inhale in. Exhale, right knee comes all
the way up and forward to kiss the right elbow. Again, we can do
this on the knee. Left knee down. Inhale, kick it up,
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift forward,
nice and slow. Slight bend in the elbows. Right knee kisses left elbow. Good, inhale, kick it up. Now all the way up into
your lunge with control, nice and slow,
step it all the way up. Keep the back knee lifted here. You know the option is
there for you to lower it. Inhale, we rise. Big gesture, big breath. Fingertips up towards the sky. Now find that
connection to center. Find that midline. Hands can always come
to the waistline here. Inhale, straighten both legs,
you got this. Find that lift
with the breath in. Exhale, bend your knee. We’re gonna twist
to the right here, palms come together. Look past your right shoulder. Back knee can lower here
for a little more stability. We got this, inhale in. Exhale, drop your
left hand to the earth, right fingertips
up towards the sky. Good, wiggle the
right fingertips. Reach, reach, reach. Then slowly dial your
heart back down to your lunge. Beautiful, step
the right toes back. Plank Pose,
take a deep breath in. Strong and steady. Exhale, hips up high and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful work. Inhale in here. Empty it out. Anchor through the right heel. Here we go, inhale,
slide the left leg up high. Nice and slow. So find it. Pay attention. Stay curious. Inhale in. Exhale, slow shift forward,
left knee kisses left elbow. So the upper body’s
in Plank here. Good, inhale,
kick it up with control. Exhale, here we go. Left knee kisses right elbow. Nice and slow. Good, inhale, kick it up. All the way into your lunge,
here we go, nice and slow. Great, remember,
if that foot doesn’t make it, you can just use
your hand or do a little, you know, do-si-do
here to get it there. It’s all good. Alright, nice and easy here. Back knee can lower or we’ll
keep it lifted as we rise up, nice high lunge. Hands on the
waistline or big breath, big gesture, fingertips
all the way to the top. Everyone hug
those little ribs in. Find that support
for the back body. Find your expression today. You can experiment
from day to day. That’s why we’re here. Good, and then
on your next inhale, straighten both legs. Lift, lift, lift from
the pelvic floor we lift all the way up on the inhale. Exhale, bend the front knee and
we twist to the left this time. Palms come together, right elbow to the
outer edge of the left thigh. Breathe deep.
Look past left shoulder. Nice, and then slow and steady,
right hand comes to the earth. On an inhale, let’s send
the left fingertips up high. Squeeze your left knee
in towards the center line. Wiggle the left fingertips, and
then slowly breathe out as you bring it back down to
your lunge, nice work. Plant the palms,
step it back to Plank. Inhale in here. Fill it up. Exhale, hips up high and back, Downward Facing Dog, nice. Inhale lots of love in here. Exhale, lots of love out. Beautiful, bend your knees.
Inhale to look forward. You can hop or slow
crawl your way to the top. Feet together
or hip width apart. Hi Benji. What a sweet little
sleeping Downward Dog. On an inhale halfway lift. Go ahead and turn your head. Look at Benji. (laughs) Downward sleeping dog and then let’s go ahead and
bring it back, Forward Fold. Shake the head
a little yes, a little no. Beautiful. Bend your knees,
send your hips back. Fingertips reach forward again as we sink back into
our Chair, Utkatasan. Inhale in. Exhale, drop the shoulders. Sink a little lower. Inhale in,
spread the fingertips. You got this.
Exhale, sink a little lower. Last breath cycle, you got it.
Stick with it. Squeeze the legs together.
Inhale in. Exhale, sink a little lower. And then yay, hallelu,
inhale, straighten the legs, reach up high, maybe
slight back bend here. Exhale, hands to heart.
Pause. Capture thine own magic here. Notice how you feel. Feel that prana, that energy, that flow moving, coursing throughout your body. It’s there. But sometimes it’s just our
ability to notice it or our willingness to pay attention to it that might be
a little bit lacking. Great. Open the eyes, bend the knees. Here we go, inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale halfway lift,
your version. Exhale to soften and fold. Good. Bend the knees.
Plant the palms. Step one foot back,
then the other. You can slowly lower to your
knees here and just go all the way to the belly or
shift forward on the toes, squeeze the elbows in
and with control we lower all the way down to the belly. Inhale, open your chest,
a little baby Cobra here. And exhale to
soften and release. Go ahead and come
on to your elbows here. Try to keep your elbows
right underneath your shoulders. You can interlace the fingertips
or just come into a little (chuckles) mudra of agreement
with the hands together. But what I’d like
to invite you to do is not collapse
in the shoulders. So it’s like
you’re at a slumber party, but you are still
mindful of your shoulders. Alright, okay. So we’re creating a little
strong base for us to work with some froggy legs in the hips. Don’t panic. Inhale in, you got this.
Press into your elbows. On an exhale, I’d like for
you to hug the low ribs in, this is gonna
protect low back. So hug the low ribs, feel your
abdominal wall kind of turn on. (clicks tongue) And then we’re gonna
start with the left knee. We’re gonna bend the left knee, we’re gonna pull
it all the way up. We’re using the ground here to help us with this opening, this experiment, this inquiry. You’re gonna want to lean
towards the right side of the body and that’s a-okay but see
if we can use all this kind of work we do in our Three-Legged
Dogs and even on all fours, see if you can press
into both elbows evenly here. If your knee doesn’t come up
this high ’cause the hips are tight, that’s to be expected. So just keep it nice
and low here to start. And then in time
you can work, ah, find more mobility
in that hip socket. And I’m gonna
help you with that. So breathe deep here. Softening on the exhale, using that inhale to
maybe to lift the heart. Good, take one more breath. Inhale in. Exhale, maintain that connection
with the low ribs hugging in just to protect, can
never be too careful. Protect the low back, you’re
gonna bring it all the way back to a kind of
Sphinx variation here. Reset and then
when you’re ready, peel the right knee up. And it’s nice to have that
core connection because you can really feel like I’m moving
from the middle even here. Alright, notice how
this side is different. Again, there’s gonna
be a tendency to kind of come out of it,
lean to the left side. I’m exaggerating, of course, but you’re gonna feel it
so find the symmetry. We don’t always
need symmetry in yoga. More on that from me in the Find What Feels
Good Membership and just all over but this is kind
of a nice moment to honor the symmetry by pressing
into both elbows evenly. Staying connected to your core. If you need to ease up,
just bring the knee down. If we want a little more, bring
the knee up and then try to find a nice right angle. We’re breathing. We’re sending love
into that low back. Shoulders are relaxed. We’re talking
full body awareness, one more breath. Yay! And then slowly
bring it all the way back. Great, hands are gonna
come where the elbows are. If you want more fire
press into Plank otherwise just press up to all fours. Then curl the toes under.
This has to be slow. Trust me. Upper arm bones rotate out,
inhale in, slow peel. Why does it have to be slow? ‘Cause it feels
good in the low back. The way you move matters. And you can discover just how
true that is the more you commit to this idea of self inquiry or this asana practice
being about self study. Alright, here we go, inhale. Lift the right leg up high. Exhale, you’re gonna slowly
bring it all the way up and in. Right knee all the way up
and then we’re coming into a One-Legged Pigeon here. So we’re gonna take the
right foot and crawl it out just enough, just as much
as we feel comfortable. (chuckles) Pull my shirt down. And then we’re gonna
look back at that left leg and just root it down firmly. Let this be the
root of this posture. And we’re gonna grow this here
together so just taking it nice and slow, we’ll return to
it throughout this journey. But so no need
to slam into this, right? Like, “Oh, Pigeon!
Got to get the most out of it.” Be here now, right? You can stay up nice and tall. If it feels good to
come back down to the elbows, clasp the hands,
go ahead and do that. And if it feels right
today to bow the head, let go. Close your eyes. Tune in, once again,
to the sound of your breath. Then let your
breath cue this transition, so take a deep breath in, breathe into
your belly, low back. And then exhale,
navel draws in and up, that’s your cue to
slowly bring the hands back up, unravel to all fours or Downward
Facing Dog, your choice. Depending on your energy level. Let’s go, second side. Inhale just to lift
the left foot up high. Exhale to bring it
all the way up and in. So you have to pay attention,
notice how the left and the right side are different. I know you know this,
just a little reminder. And then take a look
back at this right leg. You’re gonna let this be
the root of this posture. And there’s a tendency kind of
for the ankle to cycle here. This is a little detail but
see if you can straighten out through the toes,
the bones of the foot and the ankle and breathe. Woo! The attentiveness
I find in the asana is really what it’s all about. On to the forearms,
maybe forehead bows. Just take a couple
sweet breaths here. I encourage you
to close your eyes if it feels comfortable for you. Go inward here, tune
into the sound of your breath. Notice where your thoughts go. It’s all good.
Part of the practice. Acknowledge them, then go ahead
and bring it back to the sound of your breath here as
we breathe in together. Inhale. Yes, and exhale. Let that cue your lift up,
hands come to the earth. Again, we’ll slowly unravel to all fours or
Downward Dog, last one. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale out
just slowly lower the knees. We’re gonna come
through to a seat. You can also come to lie flat on
your back if your body’s craving that here for this practice. Let’s take a second
to find stillness here. Let the nutrients and the
benefits of today’s session just kind of fall into place. Allow, allow. And you don’t
have to do anything, so I feel like particularly
with at-home yoga, there’s this constant
sometimes nagging question: Am I doing it right? And the thing is, you know, you know when
you’re doing it right. But it’s my great honor and
pleasure to be here to help guide that, and I thank you so
much for sharing your valuable time and energy with me. Wherever you are let’s
bring the palms together. Feel the warmth of
your palms kissing together. Feel the energy of your
body wherever you are today. Take a deep breath in. Exhale to relax your shoulders. On your next inhale, bring the thumbs
right up to your forehead. Ah, inner teacher, what’s up? Sometimes I like to say
get hot for inner teacher. (clicks tongue) Thank you for going
on the ride here today. I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow. In the meantime, be well. Honor that inner voice and let’s celebrate the
learning process, right? Never not learning. I love you.
Take a deep breath in. And exhale, we’ll close
it out by whispering Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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