Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker Overview – 15X Giveaway!

Hello, friends, I’m Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar’s new video and guys, today’s Christmas and we’ve brought you guys a small GIVEAWAY wherein we’re giving away 15 of you guys, the new Honor Band 5 here you get some interesting features but, here on the box, I’ll share with you guys more details this product’s MRP is Rs 2,999 however, on Flipkart, it is on offer and goes on sale for Rs 2,500 pricepoint and here you can find some interesting features like large AMOLED screen, which is of 0.95-inches large AMOLED screen along with it you also get some stylish watch faces, meaning on this you will be able to change different faces you also get scientific sleep monitoring system, which is version 2.0 and here you also get TruSeen 3.0 Heart Rate monitor and you get sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, alongside an AMOLED display which means you can have a good outdoor experience with it too and it is also water-resistant when you go for swimming this band would certainly be helpful as it also supports Swimming, Cycling and Running and here you also get 14-days battery, well, guys, what that means is the Apple Watch on my wrist here has a battery that lasts 14 days? no, two days then? no, only one day, after paying Rs 50,000 here I get one-day battery, but, if you get to use this type of band wherein you can have your fitness details you get 14 days of battery which is phenomenal, which implies charging only twice a month and you can go around tension-free alongside you also get Smart Notifications like Calls/Messages but let me just quickly open up this box and I’ll give you guys a quick overview of this band which had been launched in India a while ago but here on the eve of Christmas this is available on a special price so, in the box, you get standard warranty card and, Honor’s reading manual but here as you can see we have a special charging cable with which you charge the band however, as per claims, you only need it twice a month as it has got a 14-day battery backup and, here’s the cute little band and weight of it is quite less and alongside as you can see here’s the band again here is it’s 0.95*-inch display talking further here you get a little Honor’s branding which also appears pretty subtle and alongside opening this strap then you’re greeted with a clear mentioning of Huawei Technology Company Limited and alongside on the back of it you get some sensors, which are heart rate sensors and all the other sensors and whenever you want to charge it you can set it on this cradle and you will able to charge it in this way so here’s the Honor Band 5 and talking further about the band’s specific features here you get swim stroke recognition wherein it would be quite helpful when you’re swimming talking further about fitness modes here it deals with six common sleeping problems, which it can detect too and alongside you have sleeping, heart-rate detection and along with it the band can also track ten fitness activities talking further about colours, you get Midnight Navy, Coral Pink and Meteorite Black and discussing further about other features then there’s remote camera control option feature, which you can use as you get it on the Honor Band 5 and it has got a battery of 110mAh capacity, implying 14-days battery and it takes one-hour to charge up and it can also detect SpO2 you can also control music with it and you also get a total of eight watch faces and talking further about fitness modes then you’ve Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Free Training Indoor Walking, Elliptical Trainer and Rowing Machine so these are ample of features on this band which you can use and, it’s an interesting product from Honor, in fact, in tomorrow’s video, we’re showcasing a new recently launched Honor smartphone’s overview and a GIVEAWAY so, stay tuned for tomorrow’s video, as you can get a chance to win something there as well but in today’s video 15 of you guys will be winning the Honor Band 5 to win this we have some quite standard steps on our channel, which are hitting the LIKE button of this video, Subscribing to the channel and also comment down below which feature did you like the most or is your favourite of this new Honor Band 5, all the steps and details can be found on our website – phoneradar.com/giveaway so, this has been a quick overview of this latest Honor Band 5 which is officially available in India and you can buy it on Flipkart the link to it can be found in the description area below so this has been the complete overview, if you’ve liked this video then do LIKE this video, and stay Subscribed to this channel for more such interesting videos I’m Amit and I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE!

100 thoughts on “Honor Band 5 Fitness Tracker Overview – 15X Giveaway!

  1. Hii Amit! You didn't tell that, it show the oxygen level in the blood.
    This is what I like the most in this band..🙏

  2. This is overall a great budget ftness band I see. I was planning to buy this but I wish i could win one. Luv u amit bhai❤❤

  3. Hello sir, AMOLED DISPLAY, 14 Days Battery Life, 24×7 Heart Rate monitor,10 Distinct mode and music control yah sab mujhe achcha Laga.

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