How Eight Years On A Raw Diet Aged Me

hey guys my name is Andrew per lot with raw food health and today we’re talking about how eight years eight long years on a raw food diet has aged me it is in 2007 I adopted an all raw diet previous to that I’m eating a vegan diet that was mostly raw for about two years and it is now into the beginning months of 2015 and I am 30 years old and it is about eight years since I started so this diet if you if you ask around has aged me I got the perfect example of that recently in an email from a1 Marybeth Marybeth yeah also not responding to my emails hi Andrew I want to know when you’re going to stop wasting away on your raw vegan diet and change to something reasonable maybe a couple years ago you looked attractive but now you’re looking old your face is lined and all your muscle is gone your skin looks like sandpaper and corpses have more cheek meat I’m jealous of corpses got wonderful bone structure you need some eggs and cooked potatoes pretty soon or you’re going to look like an old man like Doug Graham don’t you see this diet is making you anemic iron deficiency you’re lucky you have a girl because no one would want you looking like this we want some meat on your bones being so skinny is bad for your health eat something already Mary Beth thank you Mary Beth before I go on I just want to contend that while other channels have more subscribers other channels have more views but I have inspired the greatest trolls of of any of them I feel blessed in that regard most of the the trolls that write me just either get a sarcastic reply or I get they to get deleted I occasionally share when I put a link up to the last one I shared which I found was pretty hilarious um but actually I am not adverse to sharing trolls when I think that they actually represent something that people are thinking on some level and it just this person said in a particularly insulting way good old Mary Beth such a such a charmer so um is there any truth to this have I been aged by my raw diet after all I’m thirty years old certainly all that fruit sugars been catching up with me you know you know maybe I’m just I’m going downhill so let’s think about this a little bit she said that maybe a couple years ago I looked attractive but now you’re looking old faces lined and all your muscle is gone so what was I doing a couple years ago um well you may remember that not about that time I was running an overfeeding experiment I got really fat um I’ll post the link to that video there but one thing that you may have noticed is that fat people have really nice skin it’s like plumping it doesn’t look wrinkly it looks full and you know that’s that’s her comment about cheek meet the corpses have more cheek meat well fat people the average fat person has more cheek meat they don’t look gaunt so here’s my secret to you my secret anti-aging formula if you want to look young forever have great skin gain about 2 to 3 pounds per year and you will find that your skin looks very nice however you’re going to get fat and you’re probably going to die young one of the one of the ironies of using this this secret method I personally prefer to statistically speaking keep myself in a better place by being thin but also because I way more fun to be thin fund Ethan because I can do things with my body that most people can’t after my overfeeding experiment I put on so much weight that I could not raise my legs while hanging off a pull-up bar past 90 degrees today I have no problem after slimming down touching my toes to the bar it’s simply a matter of fat storage do you want to be weighed down in life by fat just so you can have a fuller face same deal here you want to do an l-sit on your fingertips don’t crush your fingertips with 15 extra pounds of weight so let’s go back in time this is a picture from my book cover for the raw food lifestyle a book I wrote about the elements of life outside of diet that play such a huge role in achieving health and happiness on this planet and I wrote this book in 2008 I think and took these photos anyway for the book cover and you can see I am a younger man I also have a little bit more body fat on me there and what do you think shall we do the side-by-side comparison I don’t know I’m gonna see if I can arrange the picture right here mm-hm I’m juggling lalalala so that’s that’s what happened to me in that in that 2008 shot I’d been eating a raw diet for you know more than a year there and now here I am many years later and this is what I look like personally I think I look pretty good for a 30 year old man who did not take care of himself in his early life and ended up obese and suffering from several medical conditions and eating pretty poorly I think I’ve turned out pretty well to be honest with you I am the fittest person I know I am the healthiest person I know I don’t get sick I have energy all the time I have a zest for life I love to learn I love to play I love to my life is awesome I am aging better than most people because I’m taking care of myself if I’m thin it’s because I want to be thin some of you guys probably remember when I did that overfeeding experiment I gained a lot of weight and subsequently I’ve lost it all actually I’m a few pounds lighter than when I began that experiment and that’s despite putting on a lot of muscle in the interim so I’m plan to talk about that more in detail kind of finding where my ideal weight point is in in the future I’ll do a video on it probably the next couple months but I just want to say that while you are in control of how much weight you carry around with you where it’s positioned on your body is entirely a matter of genetics so one of the things during my weight experimentation really uh back in like 2011 I guess I I really realize this is that genetically speaking I am less likely to carry weight in my cheek bones and in my face and so some people may find that unpleasant some people would prefer that I carry more weight there but if I choose if I actually keep enough body fat on me to support full cheeks as they want I would have more body fat than I want in my chest in my butt in my stomach and around my back and personally that’s not how I want to look the lightest I’ve ever been is 158 pounds and you could see every one of my abs but I looked really gone I decided I didn’t like myself at that way and subsequently decided to put on muscle and also gain a little bit of fat as I kind of fooled around with having a fuller body through muscle rather than through fat and took some years to do that but um it’s become clear to me that a lot of people don’t like the ideal that I’m shooting for they think it’s unappealing and I would say too bad you’re not a monkey I’m a monkey and that’s what I’m gonna do so guys I would encourage you to not be put off by put off a trying of raw diet that’s gonna change your life because you think it’s gonna make you too skinny that it’s going to aid you in reality what we’re talking about is oh that raw diet will allow you to lose weight and be trim and hey your face might not look full like a fat person and therefore people are gonna think you’re look older I just don’t think that that’s reasonable I think that there is a whole lot of reasons to eat a raw diet it makes you feel amazing gives you tons of energy your athletic performance is better life is good you are mentally more sound you are happier so eat a raw diet eat please do check out my book raw food weight loss and vitality if you want in on this if you want to to age well I think this is the way to do it thanks and please like this video share this video with your friends hit the like button leave me a comment let me know how you think your aging on a raw diet or if let me know am i off you might am i aging too much let me know what you think cool see you later

100 thoughts on “How Eight Years On A Raw Diet Aged Me

  1. I wouldnt say you look old? I don’t get the comments. You just look like you’re 30, which you are.
    I don’t look the same as 8 years ago, it’s nature.

  2. Please don’t listen to these comments. They are rude. You look 30 (your age!) or younger! As long as you feel
    Great and amazing !!!!! And yes, many people do not account for us people who have gone through chronic stress and disease and overcoming it!!! Good for you- never mind what anyone says! 😘🙌🏻

  3. You look like shit w/your diet and bottom line we all going to die I rether like to look healthy and have extra few pounds that looking like a fucking zombie 💀💀💀

  4. Hi my name is mercy😍😎how are you doing🙏I love your diet very very much😘😘💦💞💞💕🍉🍉🌽🍍🍏🍏🍇🍒🍏

  5. I'm not saying he looks bad, but if I had to guess without knowing, I would peg him as around 35-38. I think he does look older than 30. He's starting to get those divots around the mouth and under the cheek bones that usually don't start showing up until probably late 30s, early 40s. Also, maybe it's just the lighting in the video, but his teeth look sorta greenish or dark.

  6. Must admit, I was shocked when you said you are 30. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours. Handsome but yes, you look much older than 30.

  7. The sugar made you old stupid. It needs a balance. Too much sugar in any diet is bad, even if it is fruit alone.

  8. the best i ever felt in my life was the several months i lived on raw food supplemented by wheat grass juice. its like i was on a constant high without ever developing a hangover. wish i would have stayed on it.

  9. Face is worn down and teeth are going bad man. Plenty of people with low bf% have a lean face that looks healthy. Vegans tend not to.

  10. Most of you VEGANS trash he looks good for 30 are retarded he looks horrible I've got a friend who has 42 and look better then him,he look like those from epitome of malnutrition

  11. Its mainly your hair that is making you look older but doesnt seem raw food has reversed aging atall. You dont look the best for 30 honestly. Try silica and astragalus. Get in a sauna or do handstands and get some blood to your scalp your hairs going bye bye.

  12. Sugar oxidised people are vegan.. Vegans generally have more mental health issues than other people. Omnivorous people are usually more balanced. It's fascinating to see how people jump on to either vegan or carnivore.. Thanks for the insights

  13. When he says raw food that's a wide spectrum. You really don't know what he was eating or if his water quality and intake was on point. I lost 130 pounds eating whatever I wanted I just worked harder than everyone else.

  14. you look teenage buddy dont worry keep it man
    you look awesome
    all peoples are hatter they are not telling you truth
    they are discouraging you…

  15. I think you look amazing and it’s way more sexy the way your face look like now without fat, my question to you, how do you deal with cravings as I have tried eating raw few times and I am so hungry

  16. People are so stupid. You’re a handsome young man. Are you suppose to look the same as you did 8 years ago? Bunch of idiot trolls.

  17. Ummmm yeaaaaa…it's 2015 and I'm a time traveler from tweeentttyyyy nineteeeeeen, I will show you how you age at least 10 years or more in a mere foooouuurrr yearsssss, (I'm like the ghost of Christmas, I take you 4 years into the future, the year is 2019, and show you yourself, you can see it here now do you see what the diet will Doo toooo yooouuuu!? Drink milk, eat eggs, fry meat and be merry and you will ageeee graaacceeeffuuulllyy, but if you don't! You WILL age faster then normal!! There's nooorrrmmaaallll!!! 😱😱😱

  18. Excuse me – he is handsome and adorably kind to thank This Mary Beth / would love to have a gander at her ass – 😍

  19. You are a handsome guy. I do think you look a bit gaunt just in the face. I can't help thinking that you should just try meat and plump up a bit but if you feel good, then don't worry how you look.

  20. Men who are raw vegans and eat the right nutrients are generally healthier and more attractive than carnivores

  21. Yeah, you get very little collagen from a vegan diet it makes sense. I'm the same age as this guy and look much younger.

    You also you look like you do too much cardio and your forehead has alot of lines for a 30 year old.

  22. Can't believe it this dummy video got 4.5k comments wtf the guy not only chat shit but no common sense, he blames raw deit not his crap biological, go eat KFC mockdonola or what the junk foods out there you get a hands off and will see you what you will turn into.. And you dummy people tend to listen to these kind of garbage but not the facts that really raw foods can impoove good health for facts

  23. I really don't understand why on Earth someone would say you look old… Out of curiousity I clicked on your video. My first thought was,, Why he says that the diet aged him? "Then I got your point. Man, your skin is fresh. You don't have bags under your eyes or any obviouse wrinkles. I think you look great. 🙂

  24. You such a stupido, high water content fruits and soft leafy greens ist the Best you can do.
    Dont trust that clown.

  25. get a haircut, take a shower, get away from that washed out grayish-looking wall, get better lighting. oh…use a lil vaseline. ta da! you're back to your ole' self

  26. Im 30 this year and Im not vegan, obviously there are so many factors but seeing your video , Id never do vegan, this is the 2nd video I saw and many people who are so young like you look insanely old for their age… Its also about how you eat things, our body is strong we dont need to follow insane diets.

  27. So weird to age after 8yrs of time passing. 🤔Generally ppl in there early 20s look exactly the same in there 30s Btw. Raw vegan diet + raw eggs and dairy is the ultimate health diet.
    Ps. Please wash your hair.

  28. I thought you were 17!!! People who pick people apart usually hate themselves so they hate on others!! Seriously what irks someone enough to wake up and decide to rip someone down? Marybeth if you felt he was doing something unhealthy why not say it out of concern? To purposely try and rip someone down and “hurt” them shows your flaws and makes people want to rip you down! Don’t be a FUCKTARD! Treat people how you would like to be treated! It shows you are stable and not developmentally stuck as a 12 year old bully on the playground!

    I never saw this man before but I seriously thought he was a teenager! We are all entitled to our opinion , but we are not entitled to hurt people with it!

    I think you look great on your raw diet!! Don’t change a thing! I would have never guessed you are 30! I’m not just saying this because I want you to feel better after what Marybeth said! I’d just tell her off and tell you to consider making changes because I was worried about another fellow human being! You rock! You look the same as when you started just a different hair cut! Be well! God bless! Thanks for sharing and contributing something positive to a world that people like Marybeth live in. I think she may be a little stressed because she is struggling with eating healthy. But hey, she’s watching you so she is trying! Ha!

  29. I don’t know why people care so much how you look. As long as you feel great, that’s all it matters. People have different preferences , but the most important one is the way you like yourself .

  30. I just think my body type needs meat. I love RAW PLANT DIET by the way. Your skin looks good, but genes have no say in it.

  31. Mary Beth sounds like a C*nt! To be 100% honest you do not look at all bad. You do look about 30, maybe a bit younger, but definitely not much older. If you look and feel good then you must be doing something right. Ignore the haters.

  32. I think he looks good after having battled early on and then making a change. Let's not forget that 8 years have gone by.. The body does age folks. There are a lot of 30 year Olds not looking too great because of hard drugs, drugs in foods or even hard alcohol. He's reversing the aging process not speeding it up. Good job man and bad job for the people trying to be jokesters. Not funny.

  33. I know many ill people who look good and healthy people who don't look so great.beside that losing weight will make your skin slack because skin can't be consumed by body like fat and muscle.

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