How To Build An Exercise & Diet Plan For Muscle Gain & Fat Loss | 1st Step In Turning Back The Clock

If you’ve decided that you want to start
turning back the clock on aging, but you don’t know where to start, then you’ll definitely
want to watch this video. In it, I’ll reveal how I built my own plan
to do just that. Hey, Lance here, and I get it…putting together
a comprehensive plan is complex and time-consuming. But in this series of 4 videos, I’ll break down the process for you. Today I’m going to be talking what you need
to consider when putting together an action plan. The issues that you are facing as an aging
man, and what to do about them. I’ll be breaking those issues down into
primary and secondary issues, I’ll be talking about specific things that you can do to address
each of then, and about how they all work together synergistically to promote a return
a healthy and fit version of yourself. Now, as an aging man, I’ve personally had
to confront a number of issues…issues such as a loss of energy and muscle mass, weight
gain, a slowing metabolism, a major reduction in my testosterone levels, a decline in strength,
endurance, flexibility, mobility…I’ve taken hits in in cognitive function, focus,
and memory, I’ve had ED, my joints ache and my skin…well, my skin is in pretty bad
shape. Getting old’s a bitch. But I used to believe that getting old was
just a part of the process of living. No body gets out alive, right? Everybody gets old. And I didn’t just believe this, I had experienced
it. My grandparents did it. My parents did it. And now I was doing it. And it had snuck up on me. I was getting old without realizing it. There wasn’t a line that I had crossed,
a corner that I had turned. I just one day realized that I wasn’t the
man I used to be…by a lot! And I came to a choice point, a point where
my path went in one to two possible directions. I could choose the same path that my parents
and grandparents had chosen…to accept the inevitable. To grow old gracefully. Or I could choose the other path. The one where I fight it. The one where I arm myself with as much science-based
knowledge as I can, the one where I make a battle plan to fight the effects of aging. The one where I consciously choose to live
my life in a way that follows that plan. The one where I’ve lost 90 lbs of fat and
gained 10 pounds of muscle. The one where I’ve naturally tripled my testosterone
levels. The one where I’ve lowered my blood pressure,
and increased my strength and endurance. The one where I look and feel great. So yeah, I believe that there’s something
anyone can do about getting old. I believe that there are active measures that
you can take to slow down, or even reverse, the effects of aging. And guess what? Those active measures are exactly what you’d
expect them to be. Eat right. Exercise. Lose weight. There’s no magic bullet here. But here’s the thing. It’s now 2019. And while there has been over a century of
research into this subject, in the last decade or so it’s gotten really good and some really
interesting things have been learned. So while the basic model of eating right and
exercising hasn’t really changed much, the strategy for achieving those goals has undergone
a major overhaul. So. What is my take on turning back the clock
on aging? What are the things that I feel should be
a part of every man’s plan slow or stop the aging process? As I see it, there are four primary components
to that plan. The first is to optimize your hormone health. To get testosterone and human growth hormone
to optimal levels. The second component is…if you’re overweight,
you need to lose that excess weight, get your body fat down to 15% or lower. And the next two components work together
to do just that…among other things. And they are: exercise and nutrition. So, my four primary elements of a plan to
slow, stop or reverse aging are: optimize hormone health, lose weight, exercise and
eat good food to support this plan. Then, once you’ve feel like you’ve get
a handle on these 4 primary components, you can move on to dealing with what I feel are
secondary elements. Decreased mental function, erectile dysfunction
and skin & joint health. Why do I feel that these are secondary? Because the primary components lay down a
foundation that is absolutely necessary to build the secondary elements upon. If you haven’t built that foundation by
getting a handle on the 4 primary components, any work that you do to improve the secondary
elements will be compromised. And once you’ve taken care of the primary
components, you’re already off to a great head start with everything else. Most of the work is already done. Most items will be already be checked off
on any list of “things you can do to improve” any of the secondary elements, because they’re
on the primary list. Here’s the thing…all of these components
work together. Each of them both influences and depends on
each of the other components. They all work together synergistically. OK, in the next 3 videos in this series, I’ll
be getting into more detail for each of the 4 primary elements of an action plan. I’ll also be getting into secondary elements
as well. I’ve put links to those videos in the description
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4 thoughts on “How To Build An Exercise & Diet Plan For Muscle Gain & Fat Loss | 1st Step In Turning Back The Clock

  1. If you're struggling with one or more of the four primary…or any of the secondary elements, leave a comment and let me know how you're currently dealing with them.

  2. Lance my husband just turned 37 and sees a drop in energy. We have started more supplements which has helped alot but adjusting to age he is having issues. Look forward to your series.

  3. To start with hormone health is brilliant. I haven't even considered it, though I know it's important. Now I will add it to my program.
    I would add a fifth element to slowing and stopping aging.. It was where I began then added exercise and slowly have improved knowledge and habits of better nutrition. The added area is cellular health.

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