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What’s up guys in today’s video I want to talk about how you can stay healthy and stay on track while you’re eating at restaurants This video has been on my list for a while now because I know that sometimes it can be really difficult to gauge the caloric content of Certain foods when you’re ordering from a restaurant and I’ve definitely struggle with this for a long time So about this video will be really helpful I summarized my top tips on how to stay on track while you’re eating out So if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel And let’s just get started. So my first tip is to always Look at the menu before you go somewhere if possible So before I go out to eat at a restaurant I always look at the menu either on your website or on Yelp and that just gives me an idea of what kind of food they’re gonna serve and It kind of helps me just make a plan before I actually show up. I feel like without having a plan beforehand I just show up at the restaurant and try to order on the spot I can’t always make the best choices because you know, I’m being pressured to make my order right away Or I just don’t get enough time to really look through the menu and figure out the ingredients in every dish So I find that by looking at the menu beforehand I can just have an idea of what I’m gonna order and a lot of times I actually have my order in mind before I even get to the restaurant and that just really helps me stay on track and a lot of restaurants nowadays have their Nutritional values listed on their website or on their menus. So if I can find that I’ll look that up and look at the Macro distribution for their dishes and that helps me make a better choice tip number two is to always ask about the Ingredients in the dishes if you’re unsure There are a lot of like hidden calories that you can get while you’re eating on a restaurant So for example when I go to breakfast, I’ll order maybe like eggs or something in my mind I think that’s super healthy. But in reality it might have a ton of oils a ton of butter Just things like that. So always ask about the ingredients and the cooking method if you’re unsure I used to be a person who wasn’t really scared of question me the menu, but after I started doing it I realized that the waiters are usually really nice and helpful So just really understanding the ingredients in the dishes and just simply asking if I have any questions at all That helps me stay on track and make the best Decisions when ordering so my third tip is if you’re trying to cut down on calories while eating out I would replace Butter and oil for cooking spray fix-up for if you’re eating at fast food They might not be able to do this for you But if you’re going to like an actual restaurant where they’re making your food after you order they can dummy make these substitutions So let’s say I go out to a restaurant and I want to order steak the original cooking method probably comes with some sort of oil but the thing with oil is that one tablespoon of oil is 120 calories and you don’t even know how much oil they’re using in your dish So just to avoid having that extra fat actually calories my dishes I can ask for a cooking spray Which is usually at zero calories per serving and for me personally I always make sure that they don’t cook my food with butter because I am lactose Intolerant and I cannot have any sort of butter. So I would always ask and make sure that their cooking method Can fit my dietary restriction so I would definitely recommend asking about the cooking method and Requesting to make adjustments if necessary. My fourth tip for eating healthy at restaurants is to substitute different things So let’s say that your order comes with a side of fries instead of having a set of fries You can always ask to substitute for a cup of vegetables or a cup of rice And I’m going out and there’s this bowl that I want to order and there’s just different things that I don’t want to eat I always ask for replacements. I will usually avoid any fried Foods when I’m ordering so if my bowl comes with fried chicken, I will ask to replace that with grilled chicken So just little things like that can really make a big difference because at the end of the day all of these empty calories will add up so it’s a good thing to always just Substitute for different things if you think that you can find a healthier alternative My fifth tip is to ask for your sauce on the side I feel like people overlook How many calories are in the sauces and their ordering like you might be ordering a salad and you think that is healthy? But it can come with a ton of dressings that will really put on the calories put on the fat But you don’t have to skip it altogether just ask you’re on the side and you can Control how much sauce or dressing you’re using? because a lot of the times they’re probably just Pouring the sauce onto your goals and your salads and you wouldn’t even have a clue so just ask for your sauces and your dressings on the side just to be safe tip number six is to Practice portion control actually made a video on using just a simple trick to portion control You can check it out if you want to so basically the trick that I use is With my hand when I go out to eat I make sure that I have a portion of protein That is the size of my palm. I make sure that I have a fifth size of vegetables I have a portion of carbs. That is the size of my cupped hand and A portion of that that is the size My thumb so that really helps me practice portion control while I’m eating out. And another thing is that being mindful of eating So I’m not looking on my phone while I’m eating. I’m not stuffing my face watching the TV I am focusing on the food and stopping when I feel full your body does have these hunger signals that We just usually ignore because we’re distracted or we’re just not paying attention to our hunger levels So your body does tell you that it’s full when it’s actually full and that prevents you from overeating and once you start paying attention to those hunger signals It’s much harder for you to overeat tip number seven for eating out is to look at the other aspects of food rather than Just a caloric content and the macro distribution. I know that when we’re trying to reach a fitness goal We oftentimes will look at food as some numbers. I definitely do this as well when I look at something is hard for me to Not think of the caloric content of the food just because I’ve been tracking For a long time and I’m just really hyper aware of The macro distribution of everything but a lot of the times that aren’t eating out I have to remind myself that It is okay to not care about the calories of the things that I’m eating once in a while because I’m just enjoying My time with my friends or I’m building relationships by eating this food with other people I’ve just started to realize that there is so much more to food than Trying to get you to your aesthetic goals for me Now the majority of the time I do track my food But once in a while when I’m going out on a day Or I’m just going to this restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to I do not track completely I just go let myself enjoy whatever it is that the food has to offer and that is how I a balance in my life Between being strict with my diet and just enjoying and having fun and that prevents me from being super obsess over The numbers so I really encourage you guys to just go out and enjoy the food once in a while Especially since the holiday season is coming up There’s going to be so much good food for you to enjoy just know that one meal will not make you fat one feel will Not put you off track as long as you get right back on track afterwards. You’re going to be fine So just let yourself enjoy the time that you have with your friends your family And work on really having a balance in your life And that is if for today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed make sure you give this a like and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time

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