How to Exercise Portion Control | Healthy Food

It could be hard to know what portion is right
for you, there are some visuals aids that can help you think about what a portion really
is like a piece of chicken or fish or tofu comes in one portion a size of a deck of cards
or a block of cheese that’s the size of a domino is one portion but that may not make
sense to you and you’re body where you’re with you’re energy today so how do you know
how much you should be eating at any given time? It really comes down to honoring your focus
and honoring your hunger and being present and conscious of how you’re eating and how
much you’re eating by not distracting yourselves, watching t.v or working on your computer while
you’re eating so that you can be aware of when you feel full and you wanna have a good
even mix of proteins and complex carbohydrates like wholegrain and beans and some kind of
vegetables and maybe something sweet like a fruit or root vegetable to help round out
all the flavors so have an even mixture of all those flavors and macro nutrients on your
plate but you still wanna be aware of how full do i feel? am i feeling anxious or nervous or sad and
is that causing me to eat more, but is my body truly hungry at this point?. Something to also think about to give you
a little visual is that your stomach is really only big as about a 2 cup hands , so how much
food you really need to feel satisfied? Maybe your body can do very well but just
about this much food for your next meal.

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