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hi I am an Arab Rafi a transformation speaker and a human potential trainer last video my main apps a pooja dragica up health / co' video chatting up logo neighbor k command key youtube / facebook / sub genre to easily imagine a Bucky video simple cooler lug egg health per video maker gown just say my scoops oodles in the Geeko or the other coops will t say or healthy wreckage is a train to magenta more meat cut out the absolutely helpful liquor keyboards other aware only what's a log exercise curtain gyms out there we can argue Chism aapke saath she'll carnival ow Mohammed is in the guiness substance Rudy cheesy or in per day on dana's subsidize Rudy a lickin hum Nemco some sazabi ignore Karaka to maryoku shaky map because hot booties a disgust guru jo kuch come lo John tan Lincoln was the Rudy boards other so the first and very essential part of our life is food kana kana Kaneko cheese's so much anybody here that up self-manage authagraph el derecho so the first thing i would like to tell you is pH value what is pH value how can I get pH value or pH value Calcutta high gear value ami bacha th e Cueva kana acidic head yeah alkaline pH arrange have of one Celica 14 taka ta egg but cheese boards are acidic cotija or 14 per cheese boards other alkaline hood the hard cheesecake pH value we're just a normal water Agora peterovsky pH value has seven six point five seven say eight point five third very girthier Kamaraju human blood hair whose key ph value has seven point three fives and a curse 7.45 joking bought minimum syringe Moretti a big example up to the town agar you see Vegas sandwich of cactus capital attire gourami lock image of cactus Kappa Delta mu Paducah Pajaro / birth maharaja sector may allah azza you Neela Raja sector to keep Oscars endure a mechanic atmosphere Kazuyo Cusco girl Mariam a ya ray Gaston momenta Lucy Tariq and area may appear over Avenida kahgahgee strawberry lip tier Avvo strawberry carriage donkey rate Maharaja certain he'll arises a tqq squeak environment cha here or legaia Shakti Nagar opera Gaston may for environment create curtain to another vessel rumba Nadia Jo Jo Harper Tandy Atika Mahal who here Joe temperature of strawberry coach our Meza temperature there the Ajay Tula gouges active Musa Dagh in Sanka Sindarin ECOSOC season KIAC environment kiss aruthor kyo-chan person de-rez satire knee receptor or Rebbie satire a guru schoo environment their teachers are they the Ajay he see it was space soup can digest can the proper oxygen OTA was in the ricotta am i up goose liver taro you bought interesting area janabat Zuri hey ki hamari body made Geneva Gandhi disease pedda whooping Gandhi disease your long-term disease Ejim Qasim lifestyle disease people to him one disease Copa de una Kelly ik environment je vous environment an acidic environment strawberry gumdrop Ernie hoagie cactus $20 per Ryuga in San Maha Purusha sector a paroxysm now we began by memory waha Purnima de ho Shakti de hopper alkaline environment alkaline combative kmph value shots a guru pooja to join yani kani yoga bath green moon cheese or government take cream cheese all kinds and keep pH value seven years seven cents the other head to Hawaii body can undercut your atmosphere hair for alkaline rahaga algorithm seven sin ichika pH value pajota too acidic Jota Jota America / Canada a much-loved Nicky 7 send each Akiko beaches up nakai I got up kata here to say come correct yeah other up Katya to say neutral curl a high pH value slicker kick up the body co alkaline foods added occur Cusco neutral curling how about que aqui há make a separate oligarchy key Skippy as value kidney to is kill him I up quick chart in a scream / up taking it to a charge madero jihad up push Siddiqui pH value decree movie he they KD neutral Joe has seven heads on normal tap water hair municipal water Baca dolly Kowalski pH value 7 head his super of Jenga – jelly fruits head yes sub alkaline hang the up keyboard Ichabod sooner environment they thing here digestion may he Co they give water based water is can the punny pan yota living Jessie up 7 Pearson Nietzsche during a two-year food up Co acidic environment they there he above me screen for Big Bear or may is calm Inc description memory do now or ever up Google / darker simple type caring a pH value of foods to historic a Hazara charts are in the Hazara but he tried to be up cover him a jogger so hum cautious cranky apne body condor say alkaline young neutral environment thing just a bihar during some picking up the key needs to be acidic in key value parts in each in each a hibachi our teen doe or a little fizzy drink cola drinks as he heads in key ph values self though hair surfer self though or k hard drinks has seen to see the harm our blood virtually nothing any blood keep ph value 7 sandy jennings on each a year or year see the how her blood mess up here to a casa environment during everybody go to my any karaoke see which is kill him and appellate disclaimer the aki meku see which is co-linear totally ki baat Nakara mr. fake awareness then a shiitake koshish curry quezada's other alkaline food lame-ass indicator of come giant or do see penny pH value of the sabzi or do free choice of say important cheese avoid digestion hamari paid member superg ro super valleca just know how I repaid maker or breaking machine real agaric here jovica knob katayama energy Cozumel fear is full set his food some energy hamari body extract Cartier or scalia Jokinen cotton whose could digest here that i joking metabolism kite processing digest chemically digestive fire occupied metals be avoid a sleek yang-ming Otilia Ganic heating process with that just could digestive fire bowl eSATA for hindi miss a voltage at Ragini you need uh Turkey agree or jump iam Kanaka Tahiti jet Ragini gel ta here digestive fires LP a but he bought sundar C's a Rajeev diksha Gemma Chris Albuquerque his object Ragini gel theater we have our iconic Oh he'd say digest cartier how our economy to energy how much I use ever absorb calathea or your waste and rock legend super clinical dirty looking at a digestion proper na ho to waste body Mahina jaga but proper energy Maha sonically Peggy of heuchera hemara lifestyle a software km conical digest properly maker power to get digest car necklace subsidies rule at a physical workout could be physical carnal akin her magical possibly a hum hum offices may have ski bottoms Heda kana have a chipper budget a Saarinen office macconkey agar America Robert I meaning a physical workout cup topic come construct joki up ke kanaka chester digest can name healthcare time and that is conscious eating ki aapke know who consciously kind or are you with Michael yaki Conoco panicky Tana or panic o Canada tonic I'm Gianni canoecopia moment Chewbacca it plop but luckily keep opening edges Ahuja Yuki Hamada paid major digestion process karna hotness keyboard mode katakana Camus mature buck arcade with napa clarity of digestion car process for an easy ho jayega or do sweeties a physical exercise ko physical movement Kabaddi key of the Rosmer rocket part Vinay exercise to both dual key bottom physical movements vinegar rain or con algún physical movement main karta – Ragini Dajjal tear whose go help Carter physical movement of Ksenia Kawasaki to break first ever opera heavy career break first a kinky the rocky j2q stable of sana dinochka pastime happen if physical workout chemically do so cars are taking lunch terrassa breakfast a hockey jersey then I have a body Alka curry or soon a celibate I think anti-polygamy voice leakage attack u ki raat ko ko EB physical workout nobuta or hamari body digestion properly make a party to caution co-curricular rah – ah blade with anakata MS Turkish Korean Zelda Colin Legrand at late captain sosuke but it should ease evokes the rule current drop good digestion may up Co help cut the kissing apology bug bulletin on a cocky in Sanko a kilo GBP Jai Mahajan ho sakta a guru physical workout car tire or x2 / food map kupatana qionghua drop keys in the gimmicky helped me charge and lega lega or vu hey et be darling looking de la vaca car came out kind in core sprouts monocoque a kind UK a soccer on a sinking nutrition value ba-da-da ba-da-da in canoe tradition scoreboards abadata Bhutto acknowledges key nutrition value 45 year 50 cows per se the approach we convert Carla the unpolitical ate a Panama big ogre carrot they take then kill your egg Laden anakata to increase your nutrition value have a 4570 that bitch'll is out there first Chism neckerchief food second half water Hanukkah venom puts mechanism that has a tan like and Pawnee Cabana I'm coach Tim isn't done here s at the Pawnee be like a sub stable of ayodhya here k op keyboard Ichabod said Parsons BOTS a disease Hoonah set II a lot of money regularly P there – you didn't get us the barnacle your team other opposite as a key see who could sure to cleave we book hard work would be Mari who you're just reports hid the money occurring here or I got a piney takes a potato with your chemical Escobar deeper a sir hey boo panicky Rasta he barnacle data hot seat cheese a self bunny penis at EKU's at the end observer Jesus imagine Evelyn Harper do hair subsequently pH value but he panicky at pH value her to normal what a municipal water America Miata who squeeze your pH value her was seven cows puzzle for says odda alkaline water hamari body killer Bob battering up taking a logical Nene alkaline water key machines are alkaline water purification systems are ingested pellet normal filter who thought abba-abba-abba alkaline water careful Desiree jokey aqua alkaline water they they are alkaline cheese my robotically kidneys Ruby a maybe October kya do free cheese juicer during a janabu head tedious or he hardened sons ontological her except a camera roll again too tedious panic abbath come car the Agera TDS Cosimo's mazaru a tedious tedious had total dissolved solids keep anemic witness solids do him would dissolve her a big solid CIA he swallowed his head calcium you swallowed some bought some minerals he swallowed some magnesium he has zinc here I don't Jo ara hora Garmin Agra hi yes TBS copper just seven each a Laker cuchara clicking hamari body cool job minerals Changi was Rudy minerals I'm a punny symbols at a article one I'm already to kill our own Anna called arrived a big could strengthen a jitney bottle bottled water hedge at the funny bone annually mother funny co-packer get bitch nearly company's net you know never play panic of mineral water cake and betcha so WH on a in companies but case cardia ki aapke pani mineral water me hey get D mineral water up and he said utilize the Rudy minerals heaven conical lit the hair or Smith coach very but stay a self pious Bojana become Kurdish read kuku nutrition value new data to school mineral water and heat diamond all water key to you too Kenny sector Te Awa case G K or I'll be accompanies Aetna pani communal what Ernie get packaged drinking water Kankakee bitch thing are you possibly him out to any Cherokee are opening or cynical the water local energy possible Nia Mariano panic and I bicker licking up it conquer Zulu panic O'Boyle curse actor said better come with 30 go burning like an Agora vinegar scepter top simple filter used eg to cure up being so sudden things which are so tedious company be there to be a keyboard evoke own Oksana piccata leg another of chart there are Oh Cap'n EP nahi those may push normal water mix collegiate activity Deus level for us of barrage I or object at a higher TDS copani pn q k hamare brain co brats and minerals his aruthor bogs alanine like an hundred succumb tds khabib na hoona chai a bunny hope in a gap in with john head sub-sahara I keep bunny mineral dilated up cause routine I do shreya keep a knee up Quebec Kirk you're good good Kirkeby nominate 30 develop attire key Conoco panic attack I or pan ego Carnegie therapy ciabatta Bakker just say a kid a kid can ago Tobias a Twitter of panic oh good good curcuit or boetker capping or viscera Carnegie bud Kabira panini pain put an unsaved wish somebody anybody encanta Majella have a wish cusamano Minako Pataki's even Cana Katya – who's died my mother paid media Trog initial speed I'm gonna Connor kya karna cunning about who knows tubers have Pawnee pinatas oh he Tinka processed ha ha nose process Cordia yep cannot digest nahi hoga obtain us serega who's mr. guesses Nicolini were a separately create cranky or delay delay a gradual process a long term with the spawn abyssal may be a good disease kuru playlet there to koshish currently connect deer hunter pelé or deer hunter Bartok Pawnee bill : APM first segment uncover got their food cards from the food keep our imagina water cabaret Madonna second segment Joe head for oxygen Joe keep on Eeyore connoisseur busy desire here to keep me up to Kabul attack iam Carnegie burnout couch from heinous and nice attempt on a given out couch then like an oxygen given a eight-minute visit non-aggressive day for healthy rena clear oxygen casaya scores emerge NEBOSH others rudy a super gross sub sepilok kiss abused divine soul kadis-kot month ok OpCo a oxygen bill color bilkul freeman will dry looking article hum hum could he in provoked now it's a card Kirk a jock season co-produce curtain his oxygen level kokum Carthage RA oxys anomaly bought Surya Rose 500 liter akin Sun Cox isn't shy or Vox is an assemble ta 11,000 liter fresh air 20% oxygen hi jerez our leader by Yuma throw up Cody Cox's and milder air taking article city's mayor berry problem who were here to give fresh air pure oxygen hailing polluted air rosada hoga here was my dust particles make carbon or this my bots he guesses hodge burger going here – is it pure air I'm a baaad camel dear Tommy here discuss sneak around coxey's anomic name real mayor but our own Kisco improve case Akiane septa to subsidize a cheese Japanese technique or follow Korean who had declutter Kenickie technique Japanese Japanese robot minimalist rotten a pancake her in key rules making a toast me Putin is a monotonic his Zarate om k bedrooms motosurf ik bed without KOCO bedroom a bed we notice a mean furniture best herb bed Lanaya Jota he yukata you ki aapke room Japanese yada jaga hoagie Putin asada up Karuma fresh air Asik Iggy are you getting this thing Jess a reppin Eagle glass hair yada Bravo yeah other broad were to be other Bharani here under Pawnee glass Adubato bo / / ah ah de pawnee say or ah de Hawass a to e cetera up coruña pure Abraha other saman say or other Havas a of up q / different carpaccio postman kidneys some monkey laser got a pair or kidney Harkin is erect a hot bod seguro my office's my a Sigmund it reaches who wear but my ebony comic a is he gonna call daily Kenosha shaker a key objet enough fresh air up in a room manatee Putin asada oxygen pure oxygen aapke Malaga push noble enigma share marathon I'm a bog body break concrete jungle marathon buddy-buddy buildings an operator beautiful veneer topic showed us a conquers a thing ah upon a karma couch I said plants la Ossa tempo della Casa de Joe hard time oxygen sure thing just massive pileup udaya holy Bissell Yanni keep we'll see kappahd or Hindu Dharma said Bob berry Monica de la her Gurkha and Prince Pirtle Singapore who occur taka-kun its carice in scientific reason ethic you th robbers gun isn't a part I got a permit to Singapore than a hat or RG still see the pas-de-calais Kirk and his consider me a jockey Vishal another nanny subset Alaska scientific reason he had his troubles antioxidant produce gotta do strong aloe vera yelling guar pata a casa father Dukie troubles grant a oxygen produce curtain or those rock boys can there's a bot savage ailment that just go up of me skimp on elastic there just car bikini body pearl elastic tenjou optically a hammam limit beneficial he beneficial a hot both buddy-buddy companies me bottle Medusa lupica aloe vera bitch lay it neatly bottom a pinnacle yellow Baraka juice pitcher a up is coconut caramel and I hear but this is a guru kurta it's cool to keep is a rule at the hir Kapoor that hire me without the oxygen they that Rob keys in they give a bot but are all plickers a tire pump each foot a palm tree to the pump are they are there WAP nickel Milan Occidental I said both said trees up Google Corregidor mill Jang a what they bought says it showed us what I'm enjoying it – Thomas grant oxygen produce curtain in co-op Nagar made jaggedy hope Nagar safe all took a furniture gonna call a cuckoo step what's he have on the run as a rookie in key Sarah in Padang Cody just soon they'll be looking a up ketchup appear on a clicker kangay but up Cox isn't breathing it do so I come Haram kar sakthe all who had conscious breathing he unhappily breathing consciously curry deep breathing current then may 8th time punch me ridiculous a a sonically chopper couch hospice father who killed whom he a kissy parmigiana grab baccarat a the other makers at the gram a better way to be conscious breathing the route correct parchment Gillis self up nice a super the Hanlon I take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out three there Kelly deep breathing current or just area / a properly oxygen Capuchin our chart any other critical disease a acquiesce he problem had to waha / consciously breathe Gurkha up oxygen Caesarea me liquor Cajuns Tsukiji Hopkins Ottawa hopper up key vines at the oxygens at the a13 clinic conscious breathing agar aapke there – he up keys in bohemia' pods are the self kebabs are the helpful occur kazakh job John tanky cancer cell or normal selca metabolism make a difference your normal cell house to grow chronically oxygen Chaya for cancer cell go grow connect oxygen nahi chahiye hammock Nevada caucus environment their hair oxygen carbon oxygen god or they can get unable it could chart Ponce hollow canary just suraj her garment fridge mend a tree who care just Roger them ANCA cooler mandate Ryoga a Tara her gourmet air purifier Monday tree who jaga jaga Nagar my oxygen key for a girl jaga here – beautified Roxas and niara Corphish correctly APNIC are my couch plants like I should shatter a patella by Janome oxygen this actor gotta keep our Naperville enemies and nad who's nemesis and Eric and Tom conscious breathing cartel of nybridge or conscious breathing said bit English shallow shot arrows appear just humble Bertie here just say NP aging hey Bob Bryan teaching to 1200 up deep breath Curtin too much near killaby or consciously Curt a pop Kissin Bob cachoeira up t up Co Cherokee brightness what birds appear to do mathematically again conscious breathing the Rookery hamari zindagi / up necessarily food or water compact the Carmody health / obnoxygen can pack the car for a home make their radiations ahem or cases Sam of me health Quebecers octane risk on those sections made white kurta ache non ionic or ik ionic could raise a model a dangerous protein or couch model is the Rudy routine just a couch x-rays a morally dangerous a just a couch gamma-rays a morally dangerous a or Jessie couch nuclear cynically raise a morally dangerous a job / gas Cucuy bar leakage Rosetta – hostage or as nickel tiempo que bottom early dangerous Ola team high radioactive rays America are dangerous was a team makin how are you rose from Iraqis in the game abroad saloon quadric misconception hey here's your phone carries a Yemen of San Pancho ring hey Joe Wi-Fi key razor irradiation America some point sorry new tower crazy Yemen nukes on pond sorry into esse bilkul bhi nahi kisi bhi phone key resume looks on Nippon sorry at a certain level or shall become illumining who gawky India has one of the strictest eme safety limits in the world foodies Dunamis subsist Rick Joe telecommunication key Joe eme safety limits Amber India mass observe a stricter top 3 Melton India here radio wave technology / come Carthage TV bhavati radio wave technology protozoa cable could hum Fellini makin a certain level kept bad the analog Sun pothinus frugality just a pregnant ladies / just wrote a book Chomper and raised Cabarrus Alberta hair or in loboko in the race covered carnage is Yokohama red phone cynical p.m. bunny could boil chronically of kabobs Allah ahoo skinny chisel Ronnie partier bought their kobato party boy Luther like in Java boil horchata hair dos government in Carnegie Lea bought three even it candle burger Abdul Kendallville skinny says Allah their toes comment danger Garrick arrows point to Borussia the jabba aapke phone buzzer hi who's trained for here is poori busy sabka full court would bring a car car car but we're in Colaba hopper raised subsidy twice leakage at a precaution Kelly it's a be up phone up caracal to a mobile photo scope new perky pocket manator KQ ki aapke hard case of say passkeys a guy shabbir phone but you got to sorry race Joyce Koon drink at our key opera and your Yap con look son pasa something something ma any quran capacity here but symmetry t-mobile sector name is dr. Leakey Nagar who Nikkei 8% with chances on Tokyo s cleared a transformer subsidized routine truffled algorithm to keahi process 2 3 3 cassette children to koshish quran kids up there phone dial garage subset bonito koshish Iggy kissy wild had said Caprio craves car use correct Bobby Nagar sector hey to scope Nessa could she do Reaper record I'll carry article phones may vibrate with him Illuminati call connect over a numbers timing should was out there to obtain a phone company body set for a do Rock Creek redial current cooking America to do second capacity like any seek a possible one me a brain with idea whiskey to raise and strange subs Allahu ta for you brain per couch no coach effect Delta to koshish chris kakadu circle darker or disrupt precaution of me carsick take a rod Kate I'm rod Kate I'm home phone coconuts at do rock Curtis when cookie Rothko hamari body take deeper level personality alpha beta theta gamma F nice Onaga camera Baltic states and to rot Kuwait deeper state which authorized harmonic consciousness 0 was up here to whose temper he come raise be Johanna Mary body perfect dull Satine too cautious shaky Jacob knife phone corner past said oh teen filter Curtis way allocate dignity should watch be phone Surya but then can't be phone silver I like another I'm off let didn't cash for what policing meditation can South Korean or didn't kind a player ugly didn't get gold scope land cutaway current Tama reason the geese at which may transform us acting he radiations I Marilyn Knox and Agni bus couch doting precautions Agoura musical a doe in say I'm both the chest but certain or up me health Co improve course octane when I bought Prius Kia Bob Costas here our case our chicken jockey zindagi marquee health code better kar sakte no I wish you lots and lots of nice tons of happiness and bundles of success health and wellness in your life be happy be alive [Applause]

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