How to supercharge your meals with almost no effort! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

– Hi guys, hello! (laughs) Welcome to Wellness
Wednesday, on Thursday. (laughs) So I wanted to start this new series, which I’m gonna tell
you about in a second, and we were all prepared
to go live yesterday, but Facebook was down,
and Instagram was down, and so we couldn’t go live,
but the show must go on, so here we are, Wellness
Wednesday on Thursdays. And let me just silence
my slack for a second. Okay, awesome! So, here’s why I’m doing
this, I have been so wanting to connect with you guys more. Hi Lisa, hey! And because I am not touring
as much or traveling as much, I’m staying put, I just
thought it would be really fun to go live with you guys on Wednesdays. Wednesday is our hangout
day, if you’re around, I hope you will join, and I plan to teach, give you
tips, share what’s going on in my personal life, hear
what’s going on in your lives, and just connect and
hang out, so here we are. Welcome to Wellness Wednesday
on Thursday, and I got a really great topic I wanna
explore with you guys today, but I’m gonna start with
a little personal update, and say hello to some folks. Stephanie’s here, and so is
Jennifer, and Lisa, and Erasmo. Hello everybody, hey! Thanks for joining. Okay, so, some of you
know, because you follow me on Instagram, and I think
I might have posted this on Facebook too, but
we adopted another dog. We brought the sweetest,
sweetest beagle mix rescue into our lives this week,
so it’s been a lot of fun. There hasn’t been a lot of
sleep because she is a senior, and she has some special
needs, and she’s dealing with some issues with her
legs, and she just has anxiety cause it’s a new place, so we’ve had a lot of sleepless nights. I kind of feel like, I was
joking on Instagram stories that I feel like I have a newborn, and I’ve never had a child. I give all of you women out
there who have children, who have birthed children so much credit. So her name is Tara,
and I wish she was here. She’s gonna join us on one of
our other Wellness Wednesdays, but here is, this is
not a very good picture, but can you see this? Kinda? Anyway. I can’t do. There she is! Can you see that? Isn’t she the sweetest? She’s so great. And here’s why this works so beautifully. We actually knew this dog a long time ago. She was Lola’s only friend.
Lola is a sweet dog. She is our rescue, but
she is not very nice to other animals, so she doesn’t get along with other animals, but she got along with Tara, and then
Tara and her mom moved away, and then sadly, Tara’s mom
just passed away of cancer, and so when I found out that
she was available for adoption, we’re like, she is so
welcome into our home. So our family has expanded,
we’re super, super excited about it, and you will see
lots of pictures of Tara. So anyway, and thank you for
all the hearts and whatnot. (laughs) That’s so cool. Let me say hi to a few more people here. Hi Becky, sweetie. Becky’s on my team, I love
that she’s tuning in. Hi Becky! And Kathy, and so many of you
are here, that’s so great! From London, Mandy, Deborah, hey Wendy. Today’s Thursday, not Wednesday, I know. Thank you for telling me
that, but we were supposed to do this yesterday, this is
my Wellness Wednesday kickoff, but Facebook was down; I
don’t know what’s going on with you Mark Zuckerburg,
but I promised everybody I’d be here on Wednesday, but anyway it’s Wednesday/Thursday. Hey Jennifer, Sharon. Alright, cool, so I’m
gonna dive into our topic. Those of you who read
my blog regularly know that we released this
awesome, awesome freebie for you guys on Tuesday, and
I have been so surprised, about it’s been downloaded
probably 3000 times already now. So the blog is about 10 recipe boosters, and the whole concept is
to add before you subtract. You guys know that that is my
belief, especially if you’re busy or if you’re just starting out, to add before you subtract. So these boosters, and I’m
gonna walk you through a few of them, this guide is for you, and I want you guys to get it. You can get it at, I’ve got a little Post-It
note here so I don’t forget to say it correctly,
and there’s also a link to it in this post. It’s free, and it’s basically
what we call a cheat sheet to 10 boosters, 10
ingredients, that you can just add to your meals, add to the stuff that you already love,
that you’re already making, that will just super charge the nutrition. You don’t have to, you
know, change everything, you don’t have to make a huge effort, just add these incredible ingredients. And there’s 10 of them, I’m
gonna walk you through three of them, and what I’m
so excited about this, I gotta give my team big props, so this is my nutrition team and my editorial team came together to create this for you guys. This is not a cheat sheet,
what we call a cheat sheet, no, this is a full-blown guide. It’s kinda like, even like,
maybe a little e-book, cause we don’t do anything small. We play big. We play big because we
love you, and we want you to have so much, so many
resources in your lives. So, the 10 steps, 10
ingredients are super simple, stuff that you can find anywhere, and let me tell you what
else is in this guide. Tips, for how to use these ingredients, also our favorite brands, so
you’re not like, confused. Well, great, but where do I get this and what brand do you like? We include our favorite
brands, and other resources, and recipes, including 3
recipes from Crazy, Sexy You, my 21-day total wellness program, which is coming up soon you guys. So, again, make sure you get this. There’s a link in this post, and it’s, and let’s just do a
little show and tell now, what do you think? A little show and tell. I’m gonna walk you through
three, like I said, and the first one is my favorite. This is something I use all of the time, pretty much every day, hemp seeds. Now this is Sunfood, but
also Manitoba Harvest is a great brand, and so is Nutiva, and you wanna get them in the
shelled or hulled version. You don’t wanna have the shells on them because they’re super hard to digest. Here is what they look like. Can you see that? Kind of? Sort of? Okay. They are so yummy, and they’re
kind of nutty, and buttery, and so delicious, and here’s
the deal about hemp seeds. They’re a complete protein,
so there’s about 10 grams of protein in three tablespoons of hemp seeds, which is amazing. I probably have about
six tablespoons a day, because I literally put it on everything. So I’ll put it in my
smoothies, I’ll put it on my avocado toast, I’ll
put it in my Buddha bowl, so I love quinoa with
broccoli, and you know, lots of yummy stuff, and I’ll
sprinkle it on my Buddha bowl, I’ll pretty much put it
on everything, so if I’m having three to six tablespoons
of hemp seeds a day, just to give you context,
for my size and my weight, I need about 44 grams of
protein per day, so that’s between 10-20 grams of protein,
I’m almost halfway there, just by adding hemp seeds,
and if you’re really active, you’re looking for ways
to boost your protein, hemp seeds are a great plant-based source. Also, if you’re going
through some treatments, like chemotherapy. My dad when he was going
through chemotherapy, we were making these super
charged smoothies for him, making sure that he had enough fats, and calories, and proteins,
and because he wasn’t really interested in food, hemp
seeds were just a great way for us to get protein in
him, which is so important for his body during chemotherapy. So number 1, that I’m
sharing is hemp seeds. Let me move on to number 2. Hello! Little show and tell. Kale. It’s actually leafy greens. Leafy greens are the queens,
the royalty of the garden. Let me see here, I think it’s
number three on our list. The royalty of, yup, the garden. And I gotta tell you,
that I love vegetables. I love talking to you about vegetables, teaching you about vegetables, encouraging you to eat more vegetables, and I can tell you from my
experience as a woman who has lived with stage
four cancer for 16 years, I believe that my good
health is in part due to consuming a heroic dose
of vegetables every day, three times a day. Not in yucky ways, ways
where I just sneak them into my regular diet, like
my smoothies, and so on. So three times a day,
why? Why do I do that? Because, plants are our medicine. This, this is the prescription. This is where the health comes from. This is the pharmacy right here. And I really wanna encourage
you, if you’ve been slacking on eating your greens lately,
especially your dark leafies, just right here with me now, say you know what Kris, I’m
gonna up my game on that because it’s gonna help you so much. So how do I incorporate this into my diet? Well, I’ll chop these into
salads; I love romaine, but I’ll put some leafies,
darker green leafies into my romaine salad, or
spinach, I use spinach oftentimes. Love to put them in my smoothies, but also I like to do
sauteed kale, sauteed greens, with a little olive oil, sea salt, pepper, or you can steam them, and
here’s another fun one: how many of you guys are
soup lovers out there? Any soup lovers, give me some
thumbs up if you love soup. We’re still in winter here
where I live, and I’m just not, it’s a little warm out today, the snow is melting a little bit, but soup is how I get
through the entire winter. Lentil soup is my favorite,
so what I will often do, is just chop up kale, just chiffon it. Chiffon lots of little yummy bits of kale, and just wilt it right into my soup. So also, my Crazy, Sexy Chili recipe, if you guys have that, you can get that for free at
too, just wilt that on top of the recipe, the
chili, and it is fantastic. Let me tell you what it’s good for. Vitamins, minerals,
enzymes, phytochemicals, which are the cancer
fighters, antioxidants. Here’s something really
cool, kale has more absorbable calcium than dairy. It’s easier for you to
absorb the calcium that comes from kale, than it is dairy, so again, there’s a lot of reasons
why you should include this in your diet, and it is number three in your awesome 10 Recipe
Boosters free cheat sheet/guide. (laughs) Okay, so here’s the third one, and this one you guys are gonna love. Who doesn’t love chocolate,
you guys love chocolate right? I love chocolate, and I really love cacao. (laughs) Now the hearts come fast and
furious, that’s interesting. Not as much for the kale, but a lot more for the chocolate, I get it. So here’s the thing,
cacao is actually a bean, and I think of it as chocolate’s mommy. Okay? It’s chocolate’s mommy. Cacao, which is this
raw bean, becomes cocoa, which becomes chocolate,
but in the process of becoming cocoa, it’s
processed, and oftentimes, they add a lot of sugar, and
some other icky things to it. Not always, but you know,
conventional chocolate, yes. But in the raw form, guys,
it’s filled with minerals like potassium, and
magnesia, which is amazing for your heart, your blood
pressure, it helps to relax you, there’s mood boosting properties in cacao, so it’s really quite
fantastic, and you can add it to your smoothies, make
a little chocolatey treat in the morning, you can also
just put a couple of teaspoons in warm almond milk, or
your favorite non-dairy milk of choice, so I wanna encourage you to include some more cacao into your life. I also wanna give a shout out to my dear friend, Dannette May. Oh my goodness you
guys, this is fantastic. This is called, this is her brand, it’s called iRise Organics. She sent this to me recently,
and I have not had a chance to thank her, so thank you honey. This is ceremonial grade cacao,
infused with super foods, and there’s MCT oil in here,
coconut nectar, tumeric root, cinnamon bark, I mean, this
stuff is pretty powerful, and it’s absolutely delicious, so instead of having one of your
cocktail hours this week, why not have a cacao hour? (laughs) So there you have it you guys, those are three incredible
boosters for you, and again, there are 10 total, and you can go to
to get them, and I wanna just tell you about
the three recipes in here, that I really hope that you get
to try, maybe even this week if you’ve got the energy to go
out and do a little shopping. One is Hemp Parmesan. Oh! How many parmesan lovers out there? I know I love parmesan. I haven’t had cheese
parmesan in a long time, but when we created this
recipe, I was like I would never need cheese parmesan
because it’s so delicious, you could just eat it,
right out of the dish. Another is this amazing
Brain Booster Smoothie, which is a great way to start your day, and then the last one is
chocolate, look at this, Chocolate Avocado
Pudding with Raspberries. Now here’s the deal
about avocados, which is, I think number two in the boosters here. Healthy fats are so good for you. Some people are so afraid of fats, but healthy fats actually
rev up your metabolism, so they’re great for weight loss, and great for weight maintenance, and they’re just good for
your cells and your hair, and just your overall
well-being, your immunity, and so I have about half of
an avocado every single day, and it’s what I call nature’s butter. So anyway, I hope you enjoyed our first Wellness Wednesday/Thursday. (laughs) I’m gonna just go into the comments now, because there’s so many of you. Lot of great hellos, love the
recipe boosters says Allen. I’m so glad. Already using those items from
your books, that’s so great. Oh my gosh, Lisa did the
first Crazy, Sexy You 21-day program and she says she loved it. Stephanie says I love you, and I love you right back
Stephanie, as always. Let’s see here, I’ve gotta go,
boss is standing here waiting for me says Mike. Well, Mike, thanks for tuning in. (laughs) Alright here, yes I am a
smoothie princess for sure. I adore you too Paula. Oh just so much love,
so much love you guys. Thank you so much for showing up, and I hope this was fun,
and it inspired you, and it motivated you to
try some of these things. This is free, I want you to
have it and start to use it, and I’m gonna come back and check to see if there’s more
comments or questions, and I’ll be here to answer them, but also, since we’re gonna
do this on a regular basis, whenever you’re free, I’m
gonna be here on Wednesdays, but whenever you’re free,
I’d love for you to tune in. If there’s something you would
like for me to talk about, if there’s something that’s on your mind, something you’re curious about, let me know in the comments,
because I wanna make sure that we are covering topics that you’re really interested
in, and that’s it. I hope you have a fantastic week. I’ll see you next week, bye! (laughs)

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