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Whether you’re heading out
for a hike or hitting the gym, here’s how to get the most
from every workout with Apple Watch. To get the most
accurate measurements on your Apple Watch, make sure your personal
information is up to date. While you probably
entered these stats when you first set up
your Apple Watch, you can update them by opening
the Watch app on your iPhone. Then scroll down and tap Health. ♪ Music playing ♪ Tap edit to update
your information. If you’re a wheelchair user, you can choose an optimized
activity and workout experience. Tap Done when you’re finished. Now you’re ready
to start a workout. Let’s go. On your Apple Watch,
open the Workout app, then select a workout type. There are more than a dozen
workouts to choose from, including hiking, yoga,
cycling, and running. Working towards a specific goal? You can set one
by tapping the ellipsis in the upper right. You can select an open goal, distance goal, calorie goal,
or time goal. For outdoor runs, you can also set a pace alert with an average mile
or rolling mile goal pace. As you run, your watch will
alert you if you’re ahead of
or behind your target pacing. We’ll just set a time goal
of 30 minutes. To start your workout, tap Start and wait
for the three-second countdown after setting your goal, or tap the screen to skip it. Alternatively, you can
tell Siri what you want to do by saying something like, “Hey Siri,
go for a 30-minute outdoor run.” On Apple Watch Series 3
or later, just raise your wrist and speak. No need to say, “Hey Siri.” And if you ever forget to record
a workout, that’s OK. Your Apple Watch
can automatically detect when you’re running,
walking, swimming or on the elliptical
or rowing machine and remind you
to start a workout. Want to pause or skip a track
on your workout playlist? Just swipe left on your watch. For tracking and comparing
different sections of a workout, such as a lap
around a running track or a 10-minute bike interval, you can mark a segment. To do this, just double tap
the screen during your workout. You can examine your
segment data when it appears on screen or in your workout summary in the workouts tab
of the Activity app. To end a workout, swipe right on your Apple Watch
and tap the End button. If you’re just
taking a short break, you can pause a workout by
either tapping the pause button or pressing both
the Digital Crown and side button
at the same time. In watchOS 5 or later, your Apple Watch can also sense
when you’re done with a workout and will tap you on the wrist
with a prompt. If you’re doing more than one
workout type in a single session like moving between
cardio machines at the gym or switching from
a run to yoga, you can quickly
create a new workout. To do this,
tap the New button, select your next workout, and you’re ready to go. Now you’re ready
to hit the trails, the treadmill, or the yoga mat
with your Apple Watch. For more helpful
Apple Watch tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click another video
to keep watching. ♪

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  2. It would be helpful if we can edit indoor activities metrics such as indoor running distance post exercise. Sometime distance in indoor run is not accurate especially if you run in a different pace in a session.

  3. You are absolutely better then all other products or 🤮Samsung🤮. I LOVE YOU 😍🍏APPLE🍏😍 YOU ARE THE BEST FOR ME (♥️ACTUALLY FOR EVERYONE♥️)

  4. I bought the watch so I could run with my music and receive calls or texts from my kids if they needed me while I was running.  Beyond disappointed how quickly the battery dies!  Isn't that the point of cellular model to be able to receive calls/texts when you don't have your phone? I have the Nike one that PROMOTES running.  I can't run more than 9 miles without it dying on me (yes I have the Nike app. running and I have my music playing but you would think it could handle that…).  Yes 100% charged when I step out to run.  My last 1/2 marathon only logged 9 miles and died (again not the first time) (runners like to see there miles and I can't go into it now and edit it either, yes I can on the phone app. but not on the watch health app or on the bottom of my watch screen that says how long my last run was).  Not sure I'll be buying another when this one dies.

  5. No sabía que se podía pausar el entrenamiento pulsando los dos botones a la vez 🙌. Siempre que veo estos vídeos aprendo algo, aunque sepa mucho del tema 👌👌👏👏

  6. Hi +applesupport ! 😇

    I just got my xs max and I just discovered a problem regarding it’s audio. Whenever I try to make a call or receive one (audio or video), with my earphones CONNECTED, the audio sounds from the phone’s speakers and NOT on the earphones.

    Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone know how to fix this?

  7. Why can’t I get the number of steps during a walk in an exercise session? I only get the daily steps in the Activity app.

  8. I have an iPhone , AirPods, and Apple Watch series 4. Which is the PERFECT gym combo for my workouts , I love them!

  9. I’m struggling to see what the hype is about. This app is about as basic as you can get. There isn’t even a way to create routines within the app which means you have stop during your workout and pick another one from the list if you want to string them together. These videos make this seem a lot more useful than it really is.

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