HUAWEI BAND 4 – Fitness tracker – Unboxing Review (With Subtitle)

Hi guys, welcome back to channel
freddyUs Package arrival from Huawei a new smartband wireless charge I wonder what the difference is with Honor
the band we will review together oh yes, for the first time you present
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the latest video from me You can also activate subtitles I provide in several languages this is Huawei Band 4 plug and charge, creative watch faces on the back there are specifications ok let’s open it Inside the package there is a user manual
quite thick and warranty card
1 year guarantee this is charging instructions like this the smartband Case design looks similar to Amazon Core 2
I have reviewed can see at the top right At the bottom there is a capacitive button we have to charge this for a while in the strap the same as the honor band I like strap models like this,
not easily separated the back there is only heart rate sensor we can take off the strap like this the charger connector uses USB
the plug we charge first yes it’s already lit. it turns out you have to download Huawei Health first
then pairing after the new pairing is active like this the touchscreen is only the screen has not been amoled the menu and features are still the same as honorarium
band 5 that I’ve reviewed can see at the top right oh yes, that does not have a blood pressure feature
and swimming features when used in my small hands
well suited I just feel the auto wake up is a bit slow
when hands are turned the app is still the same as using Huawei health watch face too much there are 57 watchface just the display hasn’t been amoled the coolest and I like this app from the heart rate data and sleep data visible
more detail Ok guys, so this video Hopefully it can be useful and become a recommendation
for you oh yes, the price of this Huawei band 4 I got
399,000 Please like and share this video
can also ask in the Comments I’m Freddy, thanks for watching And see you next video

14 thoughts on “HUAWEI BAND 4 – Fitness tracker – Unboxing Review (With Subtitle)

  1. Mas fredy giveaway skmei 1512 kalau mas ngadain giveaway saya doakan channel ini maju kedepannya dan tembus 1 juta subscriber.

  2. it will be working to track ur health? If u forget to connect ur bluetooth or the phone is far away from the watch? ( sorry Im new to smartwatches)

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