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– One. Two. Three! I’m cold! (crew laughing) (joyful music) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and
this is What the Wellness. So today I am in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I’m going to try a new
yoga concept called Five. You guessed it. It’s comprised of five elements. It’s yoga, meditation,
breath work, cold exposure, and then the fifth element is me and how I feel through all of this. All of that sounds great until
you get to cold exposure, which means I will literally
be getting into an ice bath at the end of my practice. So I’m going to chat with Danielle, who created Five to figure out why I should put myself through this. Let’s go find out. How did you come to develop
this very unique take on yoga? – So I am a yoga teacher and
a Wim Hof Method instructor and these are tools that have
greatly increased my health and I wanted to package them together. – What is Wim Hof Method? – There are three parts to it. It’s about training the mind,
breath work and cold exposure, and the philosophy behind it is that greater healths leads
to greater happiness. – How do I achieve greater health through getting dumped into ice? – When you get out you’re
going to feel so alive, you’ll feel so invigorated, you’ll feel like Superwoman. – Okay great, well, I think
I should just get started before I totally chicken out. – (chuckling) Okay.
– So I’ll just get right here on the mat? – Yes, perfect. (gentle music) (crickets chirping) The Wim Hof Method style
of breathing is athletic so we are breathing deeply
and we’re breathing rapidly. We’re going to do five
rounds of 30 breaths. (deep inhaling) Good. At the end of each round,
I’m going to ask you to hold your breath. So, I’ll ask you to talk a big breath in, and then I’ll ask you
to exhale all the air out of your body. You’re going to hold on empty. (deep breathing) we’re removing so many toxins in the body. 70% of the toxins in the body are removed through the lungs, so this is
going to feel very clearing. It’s going to feel cleansing. You’re going to love it. A lot of people feel like
they’re getting high. (deep breathing) Three, two, one. And then exhale. (deep exhaling) Let it go. Lightly touch your
thumbs to your third eye and then just take a small bow. Namaste.
– Namaste. – [Danielle] How did that feel? – Kind of trippy. – And now we get to get in the ice. – I’m not ready at all. (laughing) – All right. This is it. This is the horse trough,
where I’m going to pour 200 pounds of ice. There are a lot of
benefits to cold exposure. Ice baths are good for circulation, they’re good for energy. They decrease inflammation,
so that helps with recovery from injuries and illness. So, few things to keep in mind: number one, use your mind. Your mind is your most
powerful ally in there. If you think you can do it. – I can do it.
– You can do it. The second thing is to
focus on your breathing. – Okay.
– I know we say that a lot in yoga and we just did
a lot of breath work, but that is your second most
powerful ally in the ice. When you get in, your
breathing will naturally start to speed up as a reaction to the cold. So you want to focus on
slowing the breath down. Really stretching it out. The third thing that I tell people is to trust your body. – Okay. – Your body is so intelligently designed. It’s designed to withstand
something like this. Just trust that this all works and it will protect you
and you will be fine. – I feel like I can do this. You know what, all
those NFL players do it, athletes do it, and like,
I’m tough, I can handle this. It’s fine, it’s really, it’s fine. It’s (beep) cold. – [Danielle] It’s going to be intense and then you’re going to get out and you’re going to be
so proud of yourself. – Great. – You’re gonna be feeling
super alive, invigorated. You’ll feel like Superwoman, I promise. – I am the sun, okay. (groaning) One, two, three. (splashing) Okay. – [Danielle] All the way in. – Oh, it’s not as bad as
I thought it was gonna. – [Danielle] All the way in. Bend your knees and try.
– Oh, they’re bent. – [Danielle] Try and get
yourself lower into the ice. – There’s ice under my butt. (laughing) – [Danielle] There you go, good. – Honestly, my feet are really cold. – Yep, you have the most
nerves on your feet, your hands, and your face. So, that’s the spot where a lot of people have a lot of feeling. So start to slow your breathing down. (beeping) – I don’t like this. (laughing) – It’s okay, you’re doing so good. – How long has it been? – It’s been 50 seconds. – Okay, that’s almost a minute. – The first minute is the hardest. Yeah, keep the focus on your breath, good. There you go. All right, so let’s breath together. – I hate this.
– So, it’s okay. – I hate it.
– You’re okay. It’s okay. Inhale for two, three, four. Exhale, three, two, one. – Now I’m shiver. – You’re good, you’ve got, you’re at 1:20. You have 40 more seconds.
– I don’t think I can do it for the whole two minutes. – You can get out if you want, but I. – Can I leave my arms out? – Yeah, you can, all right,
so let’s breath together. (beeping) – Okay, it’s better now. I’m not putting my arms back in. – Yeah.
– Okay I’ll put my arms back in.
– There you go, see. Yeah, it just takes some
time to get used to it. – It’s knowing it will pass. – Exactly.
– That I won’t have to kill anyone on the set today. – Everything is temporary. Everything is temporary. – This too shall pass! – This too shall pass. – It might not ever, but that’s fine. How long am I at? – You’re at two minutes. (screaming) You can get out. (water splashing) – [Ella] Give me my towels. (triumphant music) – Sink into a squat, yeah. That’s gonna turn on these
muscles in your thighs. Yeah, just move your
weight back and forth. – This is definitely
the hardest on my feet. – Yeah.
– That’s still. Every, I mean everywhere’s cold, but that’s kind of
where I still feel cold, but it was, you know,
crazy to like instantly be that cold. – [Danielle] Yeah. – Like I really had to focus
and slow down my breathing. – Yep, it’s a mind game. It’s 100% a mind game, you
have to use your breath as a tool to hold you.
– Cold. – Hold you in there.
– Yeah. (laughing) (upbeat hip hop music) I learned a lot today about
the power of my breath and my mind. Obviously in yoga, breath
is, breath is yoga. Breathing, there is no
yoga without the breath, but that was definitely the first time I’ve spent that much
time focused on my breath and then I had to get up
and get into an ice bath. My immediate reaction was cold. My breath sped up right away. I was like shivering and breathing fast. I thought my feet were gonna fall off. I couldn’t get my shoulders under. The first minute was very, very hard. I settled in a little bit. I was able to kind of slide
my shoulders under the ice and then as soon as I
got out, I felt better. Right now, I’m definitely like jazzed. I just wanna like dance around
and be all fun and cool. I would do it again. I think Danielle said the
first time in the hardest and I kind of get that,
’cause during those first 10, 30 seconds, you’re
like, “why would anybody “do this to themselves?” And by the end, when you
start to relax a little bit, I think if I got in it
again, knowing that, okay this isn’t the worst
thing I’ve ever done to myself in my whole life was coming, it would be easier to get in again. A really cool experience. It’s really fun to test
yourself in such an easy way. All I had to do was dunk my
little body into an ice bath. The weird or worth it, that’s
what we ask on the show, I’d say it was worth it. It’s a really cool way to
kind of test your limits. There’s very few situations
where you can kind of put yourself in such an
extreme situation so quickly. I feel great right now. Like I said, the
definition of invigorated. I’m still cold. Still haven’t totally warmed up. I’m Ella Dove, and this
is What the Wellness. Want more What the Wellness? Subscribe to our YouTube
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