I Tried a Ridiculous Celebrity Health Routine for 24 Hours

– Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley! And I have heard of tons
of different celebrities endorsing tons of different
weird things that they swear by to achieve their perfect bodies. Whether it’s things that they
eat, or things that they do, or things that they wear,
or whatever it might be. There are some things
that celebrities guarantee will help you, and I think I have found the most ridiculous one,
which leads me to today. I am going to attempt the most
ridiculous health regiment day in the life I have ever witnessed. I don’t know if you know who Grimes is, I don’t really know who that is either. All I know is that
maybe she got in a fight with Azealia Banks, and
maybe she’s dating Elon Musk? Regardless of all of that,
I know she’s a musician, and she’s a little bit out there. And if you didn’t know that already, you may know it by me reading this. In an interview, where Grimes was asked about her training regimen, she said “My training is a 360 approach. “I first maintain a
healthy cellular routine, “where I maximize the
function of my mitochondria “with supplements such as NAD+, “Acetyl L-Carnitine, Magnesium, et cetera. “This helps promote ATP and
it’s incredibly visceral. “From that point, I
spend two to four hours “in my deprivation tank, this allows me “to astro-glide to other dimensions, “past, present, and future. “In the afternoons, “I do a one to two hour
sword fighting session “with my trainer, James Lew. “To wind down from this,
I spend 30 to 45 minutes “on an inclined hike at roughly four “to four and a half miles per hour. “I then spend 45 minutes stretching “before heading into the
studio, where my mind and body “are functioning at peak level “with a neuroplastic goal
between 57.5 and 71.5 AphC’s, “which is my preferred
range for my blood type. “I’ve outfitted my studio “with the highest grade of red light. “It is pretty much 1,000
square feet IR sauna. “Hana then comes over and
we do a screaming session “for 20 to 25 minutes while
I slow boil the honey tea “that maximizes vocal proficiency. “I have also eliminated all
blue light from my vision “through an experimental surgery
that removes the top film “of my eyeball and replaces it “with orange ultra-flex polymer “that my friend and I made
in the lab this past winter “as a means to cure seasonal depression. “I go to bed with a humidifier on.” Okay, I don’t even know where to begin. This is, without a doubt,
the most bonkers answer to what your training
regimen is I have ever heard, witnessed, read, anything. I don’t even know if this
is real, is this a joke? If it is a joke, the joke’s on me, because today I’m gonna try to do it all. The one things I am not about to go do is this experimental eye surgery, where she, like, removes part of her eye, and puts in something else so
that she doesn’t see any blue, and it’s all orange, I’m not doing that. Instead, I have found
these beautiful, sexy, orange glasses that
I’m gonna wear all day. It’s actually really nice. It’s like a sepia filter from life. Can you ah, see? Kind of nice. That’s what I’m seeing. So without further ado, let’s get into it. I feel like after today, I
should feel my best peak self. I will report back at the end. (soft hip-hop music) So first things first, I am going to go maximize
my mitochondria, obviously. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing that all my life to begin with. But, she does a thing, she
takes all these supplements, vitamins, all these things. I ordered these on the internet. (laughs) Famous last words I ordered a
bunch of pills on the internet that I’m just gonna take
because a celebrity told me to. If I die tomorrow, everyone
say thank you to Grimes. Okay so, Acetyl-L-Carnitine. It improves performance and
boosts energy, we love that. Promotes fat loss, supports
the mood, promote, what mood? (laughs) Like a good mood? One capsule a day, don’t mind if I do. Holy shit, this is the
biggest pill I’ve ever seen. Okay, whatever. Don’t try this at home. Next up we have nicotina,
nicotina nicotinamide riboside. Sure. Supports a healthy brain
(laughs) which I’m in need of. Promotes healthy metabolism,
supports mental focus. Like all of these things
sound good, why not? Come on, brain. My one brain cell is
getting those two pills and is like girl, what are you giving me? Next up, this is a brand that
I’ve seen at the grocery store so this seems a little less
shady, but it’s magnesium. I take magnesium every
day anyway, so girl, this is not much different. Maybe me and Grimes are a lot
more similar than I thought. One tablet a day, easy enough. I feel like my mitochondria are about to be the
powerhouse of the cell, so body get ready. My day’s about to be lit. Okay, next up we are leaving my home. I can’t believe I’m about
to go outside with these on, but girl, fashion in Hollywood. We’re going to a sensory depravation tank. I did some googling, it seems like a cult, I feel like I’m joining Scientology, or giving my body to aliens. Let’s see what happens! (upbeat electronic music) Okay, so I am on my way. First of all, I can not
(laughs) these glasses! But I’m on my way to the deprivation tank. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t really know what to say, or do, or what I’m gonna be up to
for the next couple hours. We’ll see what happens. So this is the float lab. Oh my god, where am I? So I just got into my locker room for the deprivation tank, honey. We got rules, we’re gonna
shower, we’re gonna get naked, and then I just go in this empty room and just sit there in some guck. I don’t know what I just signed
up for, but it’s two hours. (laughs) (sighs) If this is what celebrities
do, bitch, what the fuck? This is giving me Illuminati orientation, submerge yourself in the
alien guck, and surrender. And bitch I’m ready. (laughs) So I just showered, I’m
naked, I got earplugs in, I’m about to go into that dark chamber. No sound, no sight, no smell, no nothing, sensorys deprevated. Wish me luck. (laughs) If the aliens take me,
they’ve just been real. Here goes nothing. (signal beeping) (laughs) I just got out. It’s been two hours of me laying in I don’t even know what It was. It felt like I was floating in space. It was weird. I cannot imagine doing that
every day for two hours. That was like intense
relaxation, probably good for me. Okay, I need to rinse off, I
will see you guys in a sec. I’m a new man. And just like that,
back to the real world. Okay, so I just left the float lab for my deprivation tank situation. I still feel so fucking weird, ’cause you can’t smell anything,
you can’t hear anything, you can’t see anything. My eyes were like trying
so hard to adjust, and it was like, I kept
like, seeing flashing, and then for a time period I was trying to remember the color red ’cause I can’t even imagine
things, It was very funky. I felt a little bit claustrophobic, I’m not gonna lie to you,
because you’re in this vault, you know it’s like sealed
tight from every angle, and you’re just submerged
in this salt water. For the first couple of
minutes I could not relax, ’cause I was like trying to
float, and like steading myself. And then, as soon as I
started to relax and float, it just felt like I was
like floating in space, ’cause like none of my
muscles where working, nothing was like trying to do anything. Would I do that every day? Girl, I don’t know. (laughs) Like imagine the deepest
nap of your life every day. I’m good, like I don’t think I
would wanna do anything else. I don’t think I would ever be productive. It’s kind of like back
when I was in the room, feeling around, completely
naked, covered in guck, trying to figure out how to come out. Very deep. (laughs) (upbeat music) This next stop is something
that I’ve been worried about ever since I thought I
was gonna do this video. All I know about sword fighting,
there’s two things I know. Number one, my childhood
crush used to be Link from Ocarina of Time. And number two, I loved
the scene of Parent Trap where Lindsay Lohan’s fighting
Lindsay Lohan, and she says, “You wanna know the
difference between you and me? “I know how to fence and you don’t?” She says, “No, I have
class, and you don’t,” or something like that? Oh my god, there’s Swordplay LA. Is it like word play? Work. (medieval music) Okay, so I just got to
Swordplay LA, and this is Mary. Say hello.
– Hello. (upbeat music) (medieval music) This is called a foil. Yes, this is what Lindsay
Lohan used, everyone. – Wow!
– That’s wild. (upbeat electronic music) – Am I beautiful? (laughs) – Go ahead and stab me.
– I don’t think I will. – [Mary] You can, I promise.
(Tyler laughs) You’re gonna be just fine. I get stabbed probably
hundreds of times a day. – Does it hurt?
– It doesn’t hurt, I promise. I will show you what it feels like, on the opposite on your right. – [Tyler] Are you sure? – [Mary] You’ll be fine, I promise. – [Tyler] Oh. (laughs) For some reason, I thought
that was so much more painful. Okay.
– Ready? Fence. (funky electronic music) – Tap, right side is winning.
– Oh, I got a point! – That was your point, but–
– Yes! – Oh, would you look at that. That was harder than I thought
it was gonna be. (laughs) Thank you so much for teaching me. – Of course. – I feel like I’m not at
all good at this. (laughs) I just finished fencing and oh my god, I like barely did anything and
it was the hardest workout. I am drenched in sweat. I cannot imagine doing that every day. But honestly, I feel like
I got a good light workout, so worth it. (upbeat electronic music) Next up, now that I’m already
exhausted from sword fighting, is a hike, and apparently, she does four to four point
five mile per hour hikes, which according to my app
on my watch, I can track and make sure I’m doing 13
to 15 minute mile hiking, which is a little bit faster
than what I usually do. But I do hike all the time, so I feel like this is
something in my wheelhouse. And plus it’s nice to get some sun, it’s nice to get outside, it’s nice to see some
shirtless man, god is good. We’ll see how this goes. Okay girl, I felt like I was a fast hiker, but according to this,
I’m doing 19 minute miles. So I feel like I have to run,
but how do you run on a hike? Baby, oh no, this is possible. Oh my god, it’s hot out. It is like 90 degrees in
Los Angeles right now. 16 minute mile, I’m out of my range. This is harder than I thought. This is hell. Here we go, gotta get
to the top, no stopping. (upbeat electronic music) Just got to the top of the hill. You can see the Hollywood sign over there, all of Los Angeles. I’m at a 15.5 in a mile. I don’t know how she does
this, but I surrender. Oh, girl. (panting) According to Grimes’ post, this seems like it’s gonna be the last like physical activity of the day. And thank god, because
after fencing, my thighs, after the hike, my legs. And now bitch, I’m going home, and I guess I’m getting in a sauna? At what point of the day do I feel like I’m relaxed or healthy? ‘Cause at this point, I
feel like I’m gonna die. (upbeat electronic music) So I am back at home and I have
survived everything so far. Next up, I have to stretch
for 30 to 45 minutes, it feels like a lot. Though, they say like stretching
is really good for you, so I’ma stretch, I’ma speed this up. (upbeat electronic music) And on that note, my body feels stretched. Ah, oh wow! We did it. Now, according to Grimes, I should be at peak
functioning level for my body, which should mean a neuroplastic goal between 57.5 and 71.5 AphC’s. And honestly, I’m kinda feeling
like I’m within that range. So now that I’m at peak
performance for my body, she says that she steps into her studio, which is an infrared sauna. I can’t do that, It’s
not within the budget. But you know what is? I have purchased my very own
portable sauna situation. I’ve never used it, I just set it up. I can feel the heat radiating from it, so I’m going to submerge myself. Now I haven’t died yet, but heaven help me I may just bake myself to death in my very own personal sauna. Okay, so obviously, I had to
cut ahead, but I am naked, so I’m not gonna show you
what’s up underneath this. But I’ma zip myself in. I feel very strange right
now, but here I am. (laughs) Oh wow, It’s already
very warm, okay, well. Now, there’s little zippers for (laughs) Oh, hello. So this is the new me. (laughs) Now If I where to assume that she’s working for at least an hour, imagine being in a sauna for an, I am sweating, I feel my entire grossness. Oh, this is liquidy in here. I mean, this is nice for relaxing, but imagine having to
work in these conditions. I say, no thank you. But I guess, if Grimes works
in these conditions, I can too, so let’s, what does a YouTuber do? I guess I’ll check my Facebook. (laughs) I just turned on the front facing camera. I forgot that I had these glasses on. While I’m here, I feel like I should see what the fuck y’all think this is about. I just tweeted a picture
of myself currently and I said “What do y’all
think I’m doing right now?” Let’s see what the responses are. First response dying. Well, they’re not wrong. (laughs) Gabrielle says farting. Oh my god, imagine farting
in this, that is so huh. Kristina says, “I have no idea.” And honestly, I appreciate that she doesn’t even
try to figure it out. Like, what the fuck am I up to? (signal beeping) Well, I have sufficiently cooked my body, and I feel like I got some
work done, so, productive day. Oh my god, I feel like I
am yet again being birthed. (exhales) (soft music) Okay, so I have almost completed the day. I am onto what I kind of consider the most intimidating part. I have to, while boiling
tea, scream for 25 minutes. I’m a little nervous my
neighbors are gonna hear. I mean, they’ve heard worse
things coming out of my home, but like, 25 minutes of screaming? Okay Siri, set timer 25 minutes. Okay, boiling my tea, timer is set. How do I even begin? Should I pace myself? I feel like 25 minutes of screaming. (screaming) I was, like, hearing my own
vibration for a second. (laughs) (screaming) Oh my god, ow. (screaming) That was torture. (laughs) I don’t feel good about
that at all, honestly. What’s the point of all
that to injure my troat, so that I need the tea? Because right now, tea does
sound good, I’m not gonna lie. I can genuinely say I’m pretty
sure I hated that the most. I’ve had a very long day of
weird things for my body, but I think what is actually gonna be the most painful tomorrow are
my vocal chords, so cheers! (soft hip-hop music) Okay, you guys. I have completed my day
of torture for y’all. (laughs) She didn’t say anything about
what I’m supposed to be eating for dinner, or anything like that, so bitch, I went and got Chipotle. If that’s not on her to-do list, if that’s not allowed on her
rules, if she didn’t say so, and you know what? I do what I wanna because
my throat deserves the love. Okay, so the last thing that Grimes listed is that she sleeps with a
humidifier, so I got a humidifier. I don’t usually sleep with one, I don’t think it should be a problem. Am I supposed to feel some
type of wave from this? I did read on the internet once that somebody put LaCroix
in their humidifier, and it was just like a lime
LaCroix all throughout the room. That sounds nice. I’ll try that next time, but today, it’s just
some tap water, so nice. So we’ll see how I sleep, but honestly, has Grimes
led me astray so far? Yes, the answer is yes. (laughs) Okay, I’m going to bed. Wish me luck, goodnight. (soft hip-hop music) Good morning! I survived! Am I radiating a different aura? Am I giving off a different energy? I don’t know (laughs) if
I can confirm or deny. Did I waste an entire day? You be the judge. It was a lot. I’m like exhausted from my day
because it was just too much. I don’t know how she’s
able to do all of that, and still want to do anything else, let alone be productive and create, whatever she needs to
be doing with her life. My favorite parts would probably be I loved the sword fighting,
though, that’s like a workout. I also feel like I went to a
very intense concert last night because of all the screaming. My throat (laughs) is not at its peak. But maybe that’s just
what her throat needs. I don’t know, maybe it’s not for me, but screaming for 30
minutes is not the one. Do I wanna do that every day? No. Do I feel like I’m changed for the better? No. Unless you give this video
a thumbs up, then maybe? Would I ever do that again? Grimes, you’re fucking insane. Well, that was a video. If you like this, give it a thumbs up. Whose health regimen
or weird daily routine should I try next? Because I feel like there
are a lot of celebrities that swear by a lot of stuff. So if you know one, let me
know in the comments below, or what’s something you swear by that might be a little kooky and weird? Maybe I’ll do like a video
of all of your submissions, like your weirdest things
that you do every day. That’s a thing, maybe I’ll do that. Okay, that’s all I have
for you guys today. Have a good life. I will see you in a sensory
deprivation tank near you. Bye.

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