I’M STARTING OVER! | Kati Morton & Michael Buckley pt 3

(slow sad music) – It’s just amazing how
our unsupervised brain just comes up with all these BS drama, disempowering thoughts, and then we stop and we’re like oh this
is what I want to think. I will tell it what to think. Boom. You know at my last, my
last VidCon was 2016. I was at the tail end
of my YouTube career, I had I was just really still drinking and still just a little bit
uncertain about the future, and now where I’m at is I
moved across the country, I have a thriving life coaching business, I, you know I play all these
recreational sports which – So many sports. – Is my favorite thing
to talk about all day. (laughing) – I play flag football, – You play so many sports. – I play indoor soccer
I play indoor soccer, I play ultimate frisbee, I play kickball. I don’t even recognize
this version of myself, so that’s next thing, I’m 44 years old. A lotta people who watch
you are probably younger and it’s like I just want you all to know it’s like you’re meant to
go through many different. – Yes. – I am nothing at 44 like I
was at 34 and at 24 and 14. – And thank God. – Thank God, you know. – It isn’t it every 7 years your cells – Yeah. – Technically completely turn over so you actually are a
whole new version of you. – Yeah so I jus – What a beautiful thing. – I love that I love that. And people are be like oh I you
see me and I haven’t changed cause you don’t see it
cause it’s internal. Like I am the same, I’m outgoing, I’m very – Well you’re still Michael. – I’m still Michael Buckley, but inside I know how different I am and my interests have evolved
and I’m off of the the you know my life was so
unconscious and unaware of the things I was
doing and then the moment I got off of that I was like I made very, I’m so decisive now, I make
decisions so easily and happily, versus years of just kind of
waiting for my life to unfold, or oh I guess I’ll see
how it goes and maybe I’ll do this versus oh
this is what I’m doing. – Well and I think that’s really important for people to hear because
a lotta times we feel like oh when this happens I’ll feel better. – Which is silly. – When that person apologizes
then I can move on. – Simply not true. – Yes. – You’ll find a new reason not to move on! (laughing) – Exactly cause you’re
just looking for the, cause it’s easier it’s
comfortable where we are and you have to challenge
yourself to to push out of that – Right. – And that’s why I love
your Instagram stories – Thank you. – In general it’s really inspiring. – Thank you. Show up today with grace and compassion and unconditional love towards yourself no matter where you’re at, and do that with everybody around you cause that makes the world
so much easier to navigate, when you give yourself
that grace and that love. (happy music) – So how difficult was
it selling your home, packing up your things, moving
all the way out to Colorado in your car? – Yeah. – I mean I just remember
following on along being like this is a huge transition
for him and I’m excited. – Thank you. – You know scared and excited
in the way that you, you know. That’s just life. – I wasn’t scared at all,
I really it was a happy and easy decision, like it’s funny how so in 2017 it was like that was the year I just became decisive, and
I stopped eating fast food, I stopped drinking soda, I
stopped drinking alcohol, and then I decided to sell
my house and move to Denver, so like everything was just
like an easy happy decision. And versus the years I
think that’s the thing. It’s like being in overwhelming confusion, like that’s where it’s like uh-uh-uh, and then the moment you
make the decision it’s easy. – Yeah. – So it’s like when I quit drinking it was a very easy happy decision. The year before thinking
about quitting drinking, that was terrible. – Yes. – So it’s like the thought
of it was terrible, but then the moment I did it was like freedom and release and oh – Did you read a book? – I read a book cal – What’s the book? – Called Stop Drinking Now
the Allen Carr Easy Way, and it is it’s very you
know cogient therapy and just directing your brain and I saw myself as a drinker
so I behaved as a drinker. – Of course. – And now I don’t see myself
as a drinker so I don’t drink, and also the book taught me again, like when I when you do
anything if you’re going to quit drinking and it’s
like it’s going to suck, or oh my God my life is going to suck, or I’m going to loose my friendships. Right, it sounds dreadful. I quit drinking with great joy, like I saw my life would
be much better without it so now it’s like I always think am I going to approach
it with dread or joy, and if you approach it with
joy everything’s very simple, but if you approach it
oh I’m going to VidCon this is going to suck, I accroach any – Well 100%. – Thing, great joy. – If you wake up in the morning are like today’s going
to be a wonderful day and I’m going to get things
that I want to get done I’m going to feel good about it. – Yes! – I think, and it sounds
silly, but I do that I mean. – I do too. – I know it works and so
I try to practice this. Especially like VidCon,
I’m more on the introverted – Yeah. – Side of things and so I’m always like oh it’s going to be exhausting, I’m like no it’s going to be wonderful. – It’s going to be wonderful. – It’s going to be wonderfully exhausting cause I get to catch up
with people that I like and I get to take breaks when I need. – Exactly. – And I get to control that. – I get to do this
versus I have to do this. – Yes. – Like that’s the simplest mindship. Like I have all things to do, you could go you don’t
have to clean your house. – You don’t have to. You don’t have to pick
up your kids from school. – Nope. – Hire somebody, if you’re that – I’m so fortunate, yes – you get to do all of this. – You are not doing your children any favor if you put them first. If you’re like my children are my life you’re screwed, if you’re like oh my God my husband you’re screwed. You always number one. The kids, the spouse,
the job, they benefit from you being selfish. Um so, yeah I mean that’s the main thing I coach to decided ahead of time, so I know this interview is going to go, because I’ve got my thoughts
and feelings in order. I’m not waiting to see how you treat me, or how the comments come in it’s like, I know it’s going to go great! – Yes. – Cause I decided ahead of time, so moving to Denver, I knew
it was going to go great. Like I left the iPhone store and they said if you don’t like it you can bring it back and I said well I’m going to like it cause I want to like it. – Yeah. – So I mean let me just
think about what that what I just said I want to like
it so I’m going to like it! I’m not going to look for problems. (laughing) – I want to like it, I want to
have a great time at VidCon, so I’m going to have a great, it’s all up to you. – Oh 100%. – Your experience. – Cause our brains seek out what we’re what we’re wanting it to find. Does that make sense? – [Michael] Right, yeah. – You know, if we’re
looking for the negatives – Of course, there it is. – Than we’re going to find them. – There it is. – But if we look for the positives and the smiles and the gestures then we find that and we can enjoy that. – Yeah. – I love it. Well thank you for taking
the time to share your story. – I mean, I would I would talk to you any day of the week for
hours and hours and hours so – I know, I love it. – Thank you. – Do you have any advice for anybody who maybe is in that mucky muck part? – Enjoy the mucky muck part! Like that’s the thing it’s like and that’s why we’re talking about like if you’re waiting to forgive someone or if you’re waiting to change careers, like I always say, you’re
waiting to loose 100 pounds! You’re waiting to find a new boyfriend! You’re waiting to become a YouTube star! You’re doing it wrong, you know all your emotions available at all times! And you know happiness leads to success, not the other way around. – Yes. – So you think I’m going
to like loose weight, get a boyfriend and you
know solve the world – And then I’ll be happy. – And then I’ll be happy,
versus you can be happy – And happiness – And happiness is a lot
easier than we think, too. I think happiness is
not some urban legend of I will do this then be happy. It’s like that’s why when people say to me like oh happy I’m like
happys’s very happy’s fine. – Yes. – It’s the other stuff, like happy you could easily go do
some drugs be happy. (laughing) – Go, really happy is easy – It’s true, happy is easy. – It’s the other stuff that it’s like, so I mean I’m always looking for purpose, I’m always looking for you know just to just different emotions than happiness cause I you know, but yeah
I think enjoy the journey. That’s the thing, it’s like
look at someone like me who is 44 years old and I’ve
had many chapters of my life and I think you just have
to enjoy all of them, because I love messy me. I got a tattoo that says “As Is” because I do, I love myself, I like myself 100% as is and I have
some terrible qualities and I don’t need to go to therapy or life coach myself out of them. I love my terrible qualities – Yeah. – Cause I’m a human being. – Yeah, we’re not perfect – No it’s like I have amazing qualities that I love and I could list off, and I’ve got some qualities
that aren’t great, so I do, I love myself,
I like myself as is, and I give you that same
grace and compassion. I love you, I like you as is. I think so much of our suffering is wishing our spouse was different, wishing our YouTube
audience was different. – Yes. – Whishing it versus I love
and I like you just like this. – I appreciate – It’s okay. – What is is, yeah. – I do so I think that’s my main advice. Love an like yourself 100% as is. You’re not do not wait to loose weight, or find a boyfriend, or find a new job. It’s your 100% awesome
and lovable and worthy, and I know we say that and
if you don’t think that you’re like this is bullshit he she’s a therapist, he’s a life coach. – They’re like next. – But, it is the truth
whether you believe it or not, and someday you might
need to want to hear that and remind yourself and
so I think you’re awesome and I’m so grateful that
you’re watching this video, and I think you know you add great value to the world as you, it’s
like I think that’s the thing. We’re always looking externally
for our internal problems! – Yes. – And it’s like your awesome
and you add great value to the world and if you’re watching this and you want to be a YouTuber, turn on the camera and become a YouTuber! – Yeah, do it. – And if you don’t, that’s okay too, but just ask yourself what
do I want to do with my life, and then do it, really ask yourself. Direct your brain and go for all of it. Now I’m done rambling. (laughing) – No I love it though, but thank you – Thank you. – For sharing your story
cause I think its important people know the mucky muck part’s okay. – Love the mucky muck. – And we all have different journeys. – Yeah. – And I like that you know you’ve birthed a whole new Michael. – Thank you, buckle up. – As we all should, we
change and grow, yeah. – Buckle up. – That’s a good – Michael Buckley Buckle Up. – That’s a good with that yeah trademark. – Buckle up. (laughing) – Well thank you I love you. – Thank you Kati, I love you. – And we will see you guys next time, bye. (outro music) – And remember if you
ask shitty questions, you get shitty answers. How am I going to get through today? Why am I so busy, why
can’t I loose weight, Why doesn’t this person,
if you ask yourself shitty questions you get shitty answers, so ask yourself powerful questions.

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