In Full: Obama Health Care Address

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  1. So I got insurance.
    I need to go to a pulmonologist.
    They tell me the co-pay for the exam is $1,000.
    I need to go to an oncologist for a bone marrow transplant.
    with insurance's well I hope everything works out for you.

  2. Fuck Obamacare!! 80 percent of the people that paid the tax penalty made $50,000 or less. This shit was a scam to begin with. I had at one point and no doctors wanted to take the insurance and the deductible were insane.

  3. As an Independent Contractor – before Obamacare I paid $5K a year with $5K deductible for (catastrophic) Health Care… under mandatory Obamacare the best I could find was $12K a year with a $10K deductible.

  4. man i'm watching this for a uni class and i knew americans were wild, but american conservatives straight up sound like cartoon vilians, the amount of comments that just sound straight evil like "I don't care if children are dying it shouldn't be my problem" or "everyone that needs healthcare it's their fault for being drug addicts or poor"

    like damn and i know 100% that if any of the people bitching about this 8 years ago ever needed medical attention then they were probably all about this program when it benefited them, hell at least 30% or them probably would have loved it if it was any other president they just don't like obama

  5. Even now (2018), every year Obama steals money ($2K) from me under the guise of Individual Mandate (to help those who can't afford it).

  6. Some people are very intelligent, but they make grave mistake concerning health care program. Example: if i tell them that I am the healthiest human in the entire world, they rely on meaningless image//city/street/airports….. poisoning mythology. That is the bad part of the intelligence. They are well away from the real science and fact. Therefore, Trump health care program, i guess, of course i guess, could be better than that of Obama's. However, Obama is as well, one of those and probably above very intelligent humans in this modern time. I respect Obama, but, I don't know any piece about any programs including all health programs, at all. So, please Nil my comment.

  7. OBAMA:
    You should stop referring to "wealthy people" as bad people! Is your tiny little brain already damaged by these 8 years of mess? Wealthy people are among others… The owner of Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, GE, Ford, AMAZON, GOOGLE, keep counting you idiot!
    Those rich people you use in your communist propaganda are hard working, smart AMERICANS!!!! AMERICANS!!!! those who MAKE JOBS, HOMES AND THINGS POSSIBLE!
    STOP ATTACKING THE "WEALTHY PEOPLE" and recognize that what hurts this nation are SCUMBAGS CORRUPTED SWAMPY like the ones you had in your administration!

  8. and the middle class and working poor are sill without insurance due to the costs. 8 years later the deficit is even higher. premiums have increase even more. disrupt the healthcare that most ppl already have yeah you did it even more. you set it up to fail cause you wanted single payer cause your plan was that clinton would be the next president and when your plan failed she could save the day with single payer. which would raise taxes and kill ppl. tax credits dont make me laugh how did that become penalties forthe uninsured.

  9. Look at what Obama says 38:30…. "If you misrepresent what's in this plan we'll call you out" We saw how BO misrepresented all of it. If you like your doctor, if you like your plan, it will be around $2,500 less per year, blah blah blah. The "plan" was to have the American people under his and their thumb.

  10. Obama acts like we need him? I surely don't. .. why is health care premium so much? where does that money go? Hmmmm

  11. I worked 3 job without  qualifying for insurance because the stupid
    Oboma offordable Care! The stupid Oboma offordable Care need to be
    replace! Even the employer that I have worked 4 day per week still not
    qualify for the health insurance because this law allow the company to
    do this! All I need is one job but under Oboma, all the job is part
    time work. Since the Oboma's Health Care was passed, all employers let
    us working part time and I was end up in three different job and none of
    these employers was offer me any health insurance. This stupid law has
    been destroying working American, I am very sick and just wanted to let
    everyone know about this stupid law.

  12. Does this scum shit OVOMIT. have a freaking legacy upon
    this Chicago criminal leaving
    the white house for good,
    that depends on who you might ask I really believe.
    Barffup OVOMIT zombies
    are gonna miss this criminal
    so they don't fucking count!
    what OVOMIT has given us
    is OVOMIT kare ,continue wars,and continued well like
    Bush Wallstreet policies,
    and this lame OVOMIT last
    speech OVOMIT has given
    was a freaking Joke period!

    when will american voting sheepBaaaaaaaasaasssssa!
    seem to wake up here?

  13. The pre Obama American healthcare system was not perfect. It was exponentially better than every large nation healthcare system. Post Obama American healthcare system is exactly the same except for one difference…. The US Federal govt is now in control and has become a gatekeeper. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT… OBAMA AND THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HOW HEALTHY YOU ARE! Break out of the left right political paradigm.

  14. i think obama gana kill soo much know hi is next osam bil ladan.And thear is so much americans whos say obama is american hero.Pfff hi is nothing but big joke.isis is the obamas job.

  15. What a joke! Our healthcare system today is worse than ever, plus even at the time 85% of the populace were satisfied with the healthcare system. The economy is worse and getting help is so much harder to do these days. Plus it only raised the deficit and now the deficit is more than twice as high as what it used to be.

  16. 45:52 Waldorf: Bravo!
    Statler: Encore!
    Waldorf: Bravo!
    Statler: Encore!
    Waldorf: [laughs] He's a credit to his race.
    Statler: What race is that?
    Waldorf: A hundred yard dash.
    Statler: [laughs]

  17. 36:35 Statler: I think that number raises a pertinent question?
    Waldorf: What's that?
    Statler: Why did they do it? [both laugh]

  18. 31:00 Waldorf: Maybe we aught to go on the stage!
    Statler: Yes, there is one leaving in five minuets, be under it! [laughs]
    Waldorf: Don't heckle me you old fool! Heckle him! [points to Obama]

  19. 21:57 Waldorf: I don't think this show is suitable for children.
    Statler's Grandson: I don't think this show is suitable for anybody! [all three laugh]

  20. 21:32 Waldorf: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
    Statler: Why you old fool!
    Waldorf: What?
    Statler: I'm not your son and my name's not Shine!
    Waldorf: And he calls me an old fool!

  21. 21:02 Statler: I think honesty's always the best policy.
    Waldorf: You believe that?
    Statler: No, I was lying! [both laugh]

  22. 17:43 Waldorf: [groans in pain]
    Statler: What's wrong with you?
    Waldorf: It's either this show or indigestion. I hope it's indigestion.
    Statler: Why?
    Waldorf: It will get better in a little while.

  23. 17:21 Waldorf: Here, catch! [throws a life preserver down on John McCain]
    Statler: Nothing will save this show. [laughs]

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