IndyCare Hillsborough | A Retail Healthcare Hub

Foxy's in my blood but it has an involvement since my great-grandfather started practice of 1923 my pharmacies are located next door diversion cares therefore see firsthand potential of combined solution that collaborates with the broader healthcare system our goal is to empower local communities to thrive through exceptional health the vehicle to get there is an independent pharmacy health care hub Indy care delivers on-demand care in empathetic retail experience and a bridge to value-based medicine for us partnering with NV care really changes the game we know patients visit the pharmacy 10 times more often than other providers and Indy care helps us to create a patient-centered hub for collaborative care in the heart of the community well after 35 years in family medicine I've really seen firsthand how challenging and frustrating it can be to navigate our healthcare system any care is an attempt to do that we want to get patients and providers a more empowering experience the US healthcare system is rapidly moving the value and this encourages proactive management of complex patients with chronic conditions CMO is committed to evaluating collaborative care health models like Indy care we believe the evidence was show these models work to improve outcomes and that's good for pharmacy payers and providers and most of all patients

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